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4 Ways Dogs Contribute to Your Health and Happiness

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Every expression originates from some form of the truth, and the expression that dogs are man’s best friends proves that. Though hopefully, we all have friends besides our animals, dogs bring such love and joy to our inner worlds. They are fiercely loyal to us and can always be counted on to raise our spirits when we are down. The support is not just in the way we feel but also in the hard facts, which can be seen throughout various healthcare website designs on this topic. Here are four incredible ways dogs contribute to our health and happiness. (They are also reasons why if you don’t have one, you should highly consider it!)

They provide a sense of security

Two Happy Dogs on GrassDogs have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years, literally. One major way they impact your health mentally is by providing you with a sense of security. This security can be both physical and emotional. Dogs are intelligent animals with heightened instincts and senses that help protect their owners. Many police forces even have K-9 units that help stop or solve crimes humans could not have done alone. There are also numerous stories of dogs saving their owners in various emergency situations as their reaction times are much faster than humans’. These facts make dog owners much more comfortable and mentally secure, especially those who are older or may live alone. In times of stress, dogs can provide an outlet to relax.

They encourage a more active lifestyle

Due to the exercise required (and bathroom location outside), dog owners tend to naturally be in better shape overall. Having a dog forces an owner to exercise, which benefits both their health and happiness. Taking walks outside will become a standard routine. Both the fresh air and the time spent moving benefit your body, mind, and spirit. Beyond walks, many owners take their dogs on various adventures. These may include trips to parks, bike rides, and even hikes. If you own a dog, you will most definitely manifest healthier and more active habits.

They make you chemically happier

While the benefits of owning a furry companion show immensely on the outside, they also shine through on the inside. When humans bond with their dogs, a hormone called oxytocin gets released. This is a love and bonding hormone that makes both humans and dogs feel good. Even momentary happiness can make a huge difference in someone’s life. This is only further supported by the success of dogs as therapy animals in nursing homes, hospitals, and schools.

They help children build immunities

Happy Family With Two DogsAdult dog owners aren’t the only ones who benefit. Children can gain a big advantage as well from having furry siblings. Those who grow up with dogs tend to have lower chances of developing certain conditions like eczema, asthma, and other allergies. The bacteria dogs carry as well can also help build up various immunities through exposure to germs. There have even been some studies to show that improved gut health has been present in those children that had dogs as babies.

Many people choose to get a dog without realizing the multitude of ways in which dogs can positively impact the health and happiness of their owners. While there are many reasons to get a dog, these are the most prevalent ways in which having a dog can benefit you. Dogs provide a sense of security, encourage a more active lifestyle, can make you chemically happier, and can even help children build up immunities. These furry friends become more than just our pets or household playmates; they become members of our family.


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