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The Top 5 Pure Balance Dog Food Review 2020

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A quick scrutiny of the dog meals section in your local pet dish retail store will leave you spoilt for choice. Understandably, there are tons of mutt meals, each selling its unique nutritional benefits to the potential buyer. So, if you have not done some serious fact-finding, it will undoubtedly be challenging for you to select the “top-rated” brand among the many. Worse still, it might be hard for you to tell any differences among the available products, a feat that’s quite straightforward for animal nutritionists and veterinarians.

That said, this post steps in to save you from countless rounds of trial and error when it comes to dog dishes by introducing you to a tried-and-proven brand of commercial mutt meals, i.e., Pure Balance dog food. So, exactly what is Pure Balance? It is a range of mutt meals availed by Walmart since 2012, intended to address the perpetual need of mutt breeders to offer organic, equalized, and top-notch meals to their animals. Pure Balance has been well received by consumers, not only because of its nutritive value but also for its reasonable cost and reliability.

With that cleared out, this article examines Pure Balance in-depth, providing detailed reviews of five dog dishes in the Pure Balance mutt meal collection. Apart from that, there’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide, customer opinions on Pure Balance, suggestions on where to buy Pure Balance meals, among other useful information.

Our Recommendation

Pure Balance Grain Free DogFood Chicken & Pea Recipe

Pure Balance Grain Free DogFood Chicken & Pea RecipeThis grain-free formula is made from organic ingredients and made in the USA. In fact, Pure Balance food contains from adequate quantity of proteins, fats, thanks to the chicken, which is the main ingredient. As mentioned earlier, this is a null-grain dish – it does not contain any corn, flavors, wheat or soy. So, it’ll be a great option to feed your dog and boost the immunity of your mutt.

Comparison Table

Product Information
Our Rating:
Buy from:
Pure Balance Grain Free DogFood Chicken & Pea Recipe
  • Weighs Four Pounds
  • Grain-free
  • Real Chicken Meat Is The Underlying Content
  • Pure And Simple Contents
  • Feeding Guide
  • Brand Name - Pure Balance
  • Weight - 4 lb
  • Main Ingredients - Chicken, Pea
  • Price - $$
  • Breed Size - All Sizes
  • Lifestage - All Lifestages
Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Natural Salmon & Pea
  • Rich In Antioxidants
  • Real Salmon Is The Chief Component
  • Zero-grains
  • All-natural
  • Brand Name - Pure Balance
  • Weight - 24 lb
  • Main Ingredients - Salmon, Pea
  • Price - $$
  • Breed Size - All Sizes
  • Lifestage - All Lifestages
Pure Balance Grain Free Small Breed Chicken & Garden Vegetables
  • Zero-grains
  • Kibble Form
  • Natural Components
  • Brand Name - Pure Balance
  • Weight - 3*4 lb
  • Main Ingredients - Chicken, Vegetables
  • Price - $$
  • Breed Size - Small Breed
  • Lifestage - All Lifestages
Pure Balance Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Dry Feed For Mutts
  • Authentic Chicken Combined With Brown Rice Composition
  • Packed With Vitamins, Omega Acids, Veggies, And Fruits
  • Sold In A 30-pound Bag
  • Brand Name - Pure Balance
  • Weight - 30 lb
  • Main Ingredients - Chicken, Brown Rice
  • Price - $$
  • Breed Size - All Sizes
  • Lifestage - All Lifestages
Pure Balance Wild & Free Bison & Pea Recipe
  • Thirty Percent Protein
  • Bison And Venison As Principal Meats
  • Contains Powdered Peas For Vegetable Protein
  • Available In 24-pound Packaging
  • Brand Name - Pure Balance
  • Weight - 24 lb
  • Main Ingredients - Bison, Pea
  • Price - $$
  • Breed Size - All Sizes
  • Lifestage - All Lifestages

Why Go for Pure Balance Dog Nourishments?

Dog In A Funny HatThe first reason to consider Pure Balance dog food is premium standards. This dish is created from approved contents of a superior standard, case in point, real chicken, veggies, salmon, bison, and grains such as brown rice.

Another good reason to purchase Pure Balance mutt dishes is the different variations available. For instance, regarding the meal category, Pure Balance is available as a wet dish, dry dish, and all Pure Balance. Moreover, regarding ingredients, several blends exist for you to pick from, case in point, chicken & brown rice, lamb & brown rice, etc. And if nothing else, both grain-free and grain-inclusive options are available.

Pure Balance mutt dishes are also an excellent choice due to their availability. Currently, customers can buy these treats at over 2,900 of the 4,769 Walmart stores in operation. As such, you can always get a bag of this delicacy for your faithful companion the next time you go shopping at a Walmart near you.

Going for this brand is also a sensible move since it is reasonably priced. See, even though foods in this sequence are ultra-premium, they are quite pocket-friendly, making them appealing to the majority of mutt breeders.

Last but not least, Pure Balance foodstuffs are often user favorites and have top ratings. It is no wonder you will seldom come across a negative pure balance dog food review.

Why It’s Essential to Feed the Perfect Dish to Your Mutt

The integrity of the diet that your mutt eats is directly related to their well-being. For this reason, it is a smart idea always to ensure that the perfect diet is available to them. In this regard, animal nutritionists or veterinarians are quite handy as they’ll help you know the ideal diet for your dog. After all, what worked for your past pet will not necessarily work for the present one, and just because your neighbor’s dog is doing well on a certain diet will not guarantee the same for yours.

Most people, experts, and dog breeders alike agree that mutts require a protein-rich diet. This way, they can develop lean muscles and a healthy amount of fat to be used as a source of energy. Apart from that, though the opinions are divided on this one, good mutt diets should offer carbs. As for humans, carbs are an excellent source of energy for dogs. Nonetheless, veterinarians caution against availing carbs to these animals haphazardly. They advise that only carbs from digestible sources, e.g., legumes and starch-rich veggies, should be fed to mutts.

That said, feeding your mutt a dish that is right from them will help prevent cases on allergy, diarrhea, discomfort, among other adverse effects.

Feeding a Small Pup

Puppies should be provided with food that is right for their stage of life rather than a general diet. This way, they can grow and build muscle appropriately and stay healthy all through. And if nothing else, providing the ideal dish shows that you care for your four-legged companion, sparing them from having to be taken to the uncertain conditions of an animal shelter.

An In-depth Review of 5 Highly-rated Pure Balance Mutt Dishes

Before we get on to the reviews, it is essential to answer common questions regarding Pure Balance. Firstly, where is Pure Balance dog food made? This dish is made in the USA using contents sourced from several parts of the country. Secondly, who makes Pure Balance dog food? As of today, Walmart has not revealed the manufacturer of Pure Balance mutt foodstuffs.

Lastly, is Pure Balance a good dog food? By examining the contents in this line of mutt dishes, it safe to conclude that this is quite a useful product for your four-legged companion. All contents are premium, meaning that your animal will only get the cream of nutritional value.

With that out of the way, below is a detailed Pure Balance dog food review. This final list was created after spending over 72 hours tracking down the highly-rated selections among the many in this collection of Pure Balance foodstuffs.

Our Favorite

The Top Pick – Pure Balance Grain Free DogFood Chicken & Pea Recipe

Pure Balance Grain Free DogFood Chicken & Pea Recipe Food for DogsProduct Information:

  • Brand Name – Pure Balance
  • Weight – 4 lb
  • Main Ingredients – Chicken, Pea
  • Price – $$
  • Breed Size – All Sizes
  • Lifestage – All Lifestages

This grain-free formula is hands down the ultimate product in the Pure Balance dog food collection. It boasts of organic and simple yet high-quality ingredients that are sure to nourish your animal whenever they take a bite. Staying on the contents, what stands out for me is the fact that this Pure Balance foodstuff packs adequate amounts of protein, thanks to the chicken being the main content. Apart from that, this meal has significant amounts of vitamins and useful supplements derived from carrots and peas. For this reason, this meal is sure to boost the immunity of your mutt while also ensuring that all internal processes within your animal are optimal.

As mentioned earlier, this is a null-grain dish, meaning that there’re no traces of corn, wheat, or soy. And if you’re still worried about the integrity of this nourishment, it helps to know that it does not contain any fillers, human-made flavors, or shades.

Standout features:

  • Weighs four pounds;
  • Grain-free;
  • Real chicken meat is the underlying content;
  • Pure and simple contents;
  • Feeding guide.


  • Supports healthy digestion;
  • Abundant antioxidants;
  • Natural contents;
  • Suitable for pups and adults;
  • Fortified with vitamins and supplements.


  • Should be introduced gradually.

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Pure Balance 24 Pounds Grain Free Formula Natural Salmon & Pea Dry Dog FoodProduct Information:

  • Brand Name – Pure Balance
  • Weight – 24 lb
  • Main Ingredients – Salmon, Pea
  • Price – $$
  • Breed Size – All Sizes
  • Lifestage – All Lifestages

If you are seeking a fish-based diet for your four-legged companion, this salmon and pea variation offers an excellent choice. It is a dehydrated mutt meal, with salmon as the main ingredient and veggies such as peas and carrots as the complementary ingredients. Many dog breeders continue to prefer this line of food because it is friendly to sensitive dogs, given that it has no grains as primary contents.

This food is sure to provide your mutt with bursts of energy thanks to the significant fiber content provided by the peas. And when it comes to eyesight, the carrots in the food provide useful beta-carotenes to augment your mutt’s eyes. But all said, perhaps the best thing about this meal is that it offers what your animal really needs without providing an excess of anything. As such, your dog gets all the nutritional value from this dish without getting prone to diseases that come with excessive consumption of proteins, carbs, etc.

Standout features:

  • Rich in antioxidants;
  • Real salmon is the chief component;
  • Zero-grains;
  • All-natural.


  • Promotes muscle development;
  • Suitable for sensitive mutts;
  • Fiber-rich;
  • Boosts eyesight.


  •  It has to be moistened for pups.
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Pure Balance Grain Free Small Breed Chicken & Garden VegetablesProduct Information:

  • Brand Name – Pure Balance
  • Weight – 3*4 lb
  • Main Ingredients – Chicken, Vegetables
  • Price – $$
  • Breed Size – Small Breed
  • Lifestage – All Lifestages

If your animal is the tiny breed, then this is the nourishment you need to buy. This grain-free formula comes in kibble form to make it easy for your little four-legged friend to indulge. It’s a preferred dish option among many mutt lovers since it is all-organic and offers tons of vitamins and supplements. It’s the perfect foodstuff to introduce to your mutt’s eating plan if you are keen on seeing them turn out more muscular and stronger. Such results are easy to realize since chicken, a major provider of good protein is the underlying content in this dish. It is also quite easy to administer since all you have to do is to pour the contents into the feeding bowl.

Standout features:

  • Zero-grains;
  • Kibble form;
  • Natural components.


  • Kibble form makes it ideal for small mutts;
  • Useful vitamins present;
  • Easy to administer.


  •  Only suitable for tiny dogs.
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Pure Balance Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice RecipeProduct Information:

  • Brand Name – Pure Balance
  • Weight – 30 lb
  • Main Ingredients – Chicken, Brown Rice
  • Price – $$
  • Breed Size – All Sizes
  • Lifestage – All Lifestages

This chicken plus brown rice recipe is a variant of Pure Balance dry dog food that is both healthy and flavorsome for mutts of all kinds. The standout component, which is chicken, is derived from true poultry. This Pure Balance preparation includes brown rice as its second addition, an item that is well-known for providing animals, and even humans, with the much-required fiber for a healthy digestive system. Your mutt also gets a healthy amount of carbs from the peas in this chow. Carrots plus a variety of fruits and herbs make up the remaining compounds used to make this Pure Balance delicacy.

This recipe gives your dog everything they need for a healthy body while keeping things that aren’t so good for them, like wheat and corn out. The manufacturers have also ensured that this chow is as earthly and pure as possible. No preservation chemical, synthetic dyes, and unnatural flavors are infused into this food.

Standout features:

  • Dry feed for mutts;
  • Authentic chicken combined with brown rice composition;
  • Packed with vitamins, omega acids, veggies, and fruits;
  • Sold in a 30-pound bag.


  • High in essential fiber;
  • Large bag for an economical price;
  • No chemicals used for coloring or flavoring;
  • Processed within the United States.


  • Single meat (chicken).
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Pure Balance Wild & Free Bison, Pea & Venison Recipe Food for DogsProduct Information:

  • Brand Name – Pure Balance
  • Weight – 24 lb
  • Main Ingredients – Bison, Pea
  • Price – $$
  • Breed Size – All Sizes
  • Lifestage – All Lifestages

In the category of zero chemical and grain meals that are abundant in protein, this specially-formulated chow for mutts competes at the top. This Wild & Free Bison, Pea & Venison Recipe has at least thirty percent protein and is packed lots of high-nutrient peas, beet, fish and chicken meals, flaxseed, and an array of vitamins. All these compounds are specially blended to fulfill the nutritional standards laid down by AAFCO.

The abundant calorie and protein compositions in this Pure Balance chow make it quite suited to large or highly active mutts. However, Pure Balance recommends it for mutts of all kinds of stages. While maintaining the naturalness and simplicity that is synonymous with the Pure Balance identity, this one is cooked for somewhat delicate dogs. Try this Pure Balance product if your pooch has shown a reaction to most types of brands.

Standout features:

  • Thirty percent protein;
  • Bison and venison as principal meats;
  • Contains powdered peas for vegetable protein;
  • Available in 24-pound packaging.


  • Ample, premium-quality protein;
  • Great for mutts with sensitive stomachs;
  • Promotes healthy skin & coats;
  • No grains or flavorings.


  •  Not available in larger pack sizes.
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Complete Guide to Buying Pure Balance

Pure Balance dog food is a much-known brand and, therefore, encompasses tens of options. As such, figuring out which Pure Balance product to pick for a pup/ mutt might not be straightforward. First, check out the Pure Balance dog food review above to discover the standout products from Pure Balance and what you get from them. Moving on, here are several things that could assist you in making a better buying decision:

Pure Balance Categories of Pooch Meals

Before heading on to purchase Pure Balance dog food, you must be aware of the various types that are on sale. The Pure Balance line consists of dry as well as wet food for canines. The dry kibble is packed in bags and the wet delicacies in cans/ tins.

Within these categories, you will also find:

  • Grain-free variants- these don’t contain grain-based components. Here, you can find a selection of meats, including chicken, lamb, salmon, and beef.
  • Poultry-free variants- this one contains no chicken or chicken meal among its ingredients. It’s a terrific option for canines that are sensitive to poultry meat.
  • Puppy food- it is made especially for young dogs of all breeds.
  • Food for small breeds- formulated and blended for easy consumption by smaller dogs.

What Goes Into Making the Food 

What’s contained in a particular Pure Balance chow should guide any person’s decision on whether to buy or not. Pure Balance, like other reputable brands in the dog feed market, uses top-quality items to make its products. The dominant pure balance dog food ingredients include:

  • Meat proteins: Pure Balance uses real meat sources for all its offerings. However, the type of animal used depends on the specific recipe you buy. Some of the animals used in making the Pure Balance brands we’ve picked in our review include chicken, salmon, turkey, and bison. However, you can also find beef and lamb.
  • Vegetable-based proteins: you will also find plants that contain high proteins in the majority of Pure Balance products. The most common plant-based protein in these foods is peas. Peas are an excellent replacement for grains as they contain carbs, fiber, and resistant starch as well.
  • Resistant starch & Carbohydrates: carbs, too, are essential for a fully-balanced dog meal as they excellent sources for energy. Resistant starch is known for being beneficial to digestion and excellent improver of insulin sensitivity in humans plus animals. Pure Balance contains potatoes, peas, and other fruits and veggies that have such compounds.
  • Vital Minerals: lastly, all Pure Balance offerings are packed with vitamin supplements plus minerals such as Vitamin E, Zinc, Thiamin, Sodium selenite, Copper Proteinate, riboflavin, etc.

Why Does Your Mutt Need All These Nutrients?

All these nutrients make up a well-rounded and healthy delicacy for your mutt. And, animals require a nourishing diet to retain healthy coats and skin, keep muscle weight, and keep the right body mass. These compounds also promote the internal wellbeing of your animal. They support the heart, immune functions, and other vital organs. Most of all, they ensure that your canine is happy and active.

Your Mutt’s Type, Reproductive Health, Activeness, and Age

Every pooch is unique, and so are their needs. Before you choose a Pure Balance product, consider the breed of your dog (are they naturally large or small?), whether he/ she is a pup or fully grown, their reproductivity, and activity level. There are different Pure Balance products to cater to different kinds of dogs.

Cost of the Product

Though made from premium items, Pure Balance foods are way cheaper than most of the other high-quality products in the market. However, each Pure Balance product has a unique purchase value depending on the ingredients and size. So, you can choose the one you like depending on the budget you’ve allocated.

Ask Your Veterinarian for a Recommendation

So, is Pure Balance dog food good? If your pet has some health issues or you are simply not sure how this food will affect them, visit your vet for advice. Your vet will be in a position to recommend a terrific Pure Balance product as they understand the medical history of your animal.

What Do Customers Say Concerning Pure Balance Mutt Foods?

In writing this Pure Balance dog food review, we considered the experiences and feedback of people who’ve tried out Pure Balance on their pets. Check out what some Pure Balance dog food reviews to know what consumers think:

Awesome Value and Top-Quality

“I am pleased with Pure Balance. Their products are made from high-quality animal and plant sources. The value is great.”

Great and Wonderful Foods

“I have tried several foods for my dog chichi, but nothing seemed to work for her. That’s until I stumbled up Pure Balance. This brand has a nice selection of flavors. Chichi loves it.”

Reasonable Pricing

“Pure Balance is cheaper than many premium kibble foods I have tried before. And, the reasonable pricing and wonderful quality make their products worth it.”

Boost Pet Skin Health

“My dog’s skin and fur are much healthier since I started using Pure Balance six months ago. No more itching.”

An Excellent Brand

“I have two large mutts that just love Pure Balance. I have tried two flavors with no rejection. Excellent products for sure.”

Where Can You Buy Pure Balance Mutt Food Products?

Pure Balance dog food is available in many places. You can walk into your nearest Walmart store and purchase it. However, if you much prefer to get it delivered to your home address, you can order it online on Amazon. All the variations of Pure Balance are available on Amazon as well.

Putting It All Together

If you’ve been wondering where to get a premium mutt food brand for an economical cost, Pure Balance will definitely give you terrific value. Its products are sourced and processed within the United States, made from naturally-grown/ bred things, and are found online and in Walmart. Also, there’s no history of Pure Balance dog food recalls. This Pure Balance dog food review identifies the five standout varieties you can purchase from Pure Balance. It also provides a buyer’s guide to assist you in making the right selection. So, is Pure Balance good dog food? Try out any of these variants and share your experience.

Are You Looking for More Healthy Food Products for Mutts?

If you are searching for eye-opening details like these on other healthy meal brands for mutts, you’re in luck. Explore our different reviews of brands in the healthy mutt food industry to discover more.

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