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The Best Chew Proof Dog Beds: Review 2020

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Elevated cooling pet bed by 2PETDoes your beloved canine companion keep chewing new beds to pieces? Do they consistently cause your wallet to shrink as they eat their sleeping places? You’ll be glad to know that there’s a wide range of chew proof dog beds available for those animals which refuse to lose that bit of their wild side. We’re here to explain to you how to pick out the best and most chew proof dog bed in order to ensure that your friend can have a sleeping place that will last longer than a few days, hours, or minutes as the case may be. We’ll also gladly show you some of the best which are currently available on the market so that you can make an informed choice.

Tough Toys For Chewers

Which Dogs Need Chew Proof Dog Bed?

You might be asking yourself what kind of canine would need something extra-durable. There are a couple of answers:

Puppies, of course, chew on just about everything. It can make a mess, and be extremely frustrating for a new dog owner when their new member of the family keeps eating everything in sight. The small investment in a chew proof dog bed with superior durability can keep these incidents to a minimum and you’ll save money since you won’t have to be regularly purchasing new beds.

Some dogs just never stop chewing up everything in sight, and you’ll have issues with their destructive tendencies throughout their life. This can add up to a lot of property damage, but with careful consideration of the bed, you’re going to purchase for your mischievous canine you’ll be able to knock at least one thing off the list of stuff that gets rapidly destroyed.

Kuranda Dog Bed - All Aluminum (Silver) - Ultra Duty Outdoor Bed - ChewproofA few breeds in particular just remain non-stop chewing machines, and if you have one of them you’ll be glad to know that there’s a variety of chew proof dog beds readily available online to meet the needs of even the strongest, most determined dog’s gnawing.

If your dog has these destructive tendencies, you’ve probably watched in horror as your animal has devoured a brand new chew proof dog bed as soon as it’s been put down. Fortunately, there’s an answer and you can stop the frustration with a chew proof dog bed.

Even better, by their very nature, most of these beds are impermeable to water and easy to clean. Just to be clear, no bed is truly indestructible, but most of these will take much more time and effort than your canine will be able to put out before falling to pieces and you can scratch regular trips to find new bedding off of your to-do list.

Top 4 – Best Chew Proof Dog Beds

Without further ado, let’s dive in headfirst and take a look at four of the best options on the market. They all have their plusses and minuses, so keep in mind the information we’ve given you thus far and you’ll soon find yourself finally getting the edge over your canine’s destruction.

Our Recommendation

If you don’t have time to read through all of the following, we’ll boldly present the best option for your chew proof dog bed needs right here. The Kuranda Ultra Duty Outdoor Chew Proof Dog Bed is something that most of us who have dogs with a need to feed on furniture will find quite useful.

Best of all, you can just lay any blanket down on top of it, or spend just a little bit of money in order to get a fleece cover that will fit perfectly although for our determined canine artists of destruction it will likely end up shredded, but the frame will live on for as long as you may need it.

Kuranda Dog Bed - All Aluminum (Silver) - Ultra Duty Outdoor Bed - ChewproofThis isn’t so much a complete bed as it is a raised frame, but all you’ll need to do to complete it is throw a blanket down. The frame itself comes in four different colors and five different sizes. The largest of these sizes is absolutely massive at 50”x36” making this an ideal platform for just about any dog you might own.

The all-aluminum frame is one of the best parts of this whole deal. Only the most massive, burliest, determined chewer is going to break it anytime soon. If you find it breaking in short order you may want to have a vet check out your pet, because it’s quite possible that you accidentally adopted a bear. Even in that unlikely scenario, this chew proof dog bed is covered for a full year by a warranty.

You’ll also find that this chew proof dog bed is easily washable, the almost tear proof nylon is smooth and waterproof so all you’ll need to do is hose it down and it’ll be good as new. Since it’s made of aluminum you won’t even have to take particular care of drying it since it won’t easily corrode.

Kuranda Dog Bed - All Aluminum (Silver) - Ultra Duty Outdoor Bed - ChewproofThis elevated chew proof dog bed is a particularly great addition for the large, heavily furred dog as the air passing underneath will keep your pet cooled throughout the seasons. The fact that the nylon suspends your pet above the ground also adds a limited amount of orthopedic value, although not as much as an actual memory foam pad.

If you’ve got a dog that is an absolute terror on beds, and you want to be able to dispense with having to regularly replace their sleeping place, you’ve found the right product. It’s suitable for pretty much any dog, can be placed anywhere, and with a simple addition will provide your pet with a great, durable place to sleep that’ll last for years and years to come.

BRINDLE Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet BedNot all chew proof dog beds are created equally, and as we said there’s a wide variety of pet beds that can stop your determined digging and chewing dog from continuing his terrifying reign of devouring pet beds. This is the most unique option on the list, and it’s a great option for those smaller dogs which don’t have quite the jaw power of their larger cousins.

It comes in three different sizes and three attractive color configurations as well, so there’s a level of customization to this that you should be quite happy with.

The bed itself is a memory foam mattress covered in a durable cloth cover which can be removed for easy washing and is sure to last a long time. This durable covering makes for a lot of protection from your canine’s digging tendencies and should hold up to smaller dogs’ chewing as well.

BRINDLE Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet BedThe bed itself has all the usual orthopedic qualities associated with memory foam and is a composite of 2” of memory foam and 2” of backing, sealed in a watertight package so that you won’t have to worry if your dog makes a mess of things.

One of the best parts about memory foam is that it tends to keep its shape over a prolonged period instead of sagging as the stuffing gives out. Older dogs will be especially appreciative of the material as well since it will help them with the aches and pains their hard-going doggy lifestyle has left them with.

If you’re looking for something that will keep your dog comfortable, and also keep you from having to repeatedly replace it, this may be the option. It’s not completely indestructible, but this high durability dog bed will make a great option when your dog isn’t a complete monster.

SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed Elevated Pet Cot with Canopy Luckily for those of us with destructive pets, there’s a number of these elevated beds available within the marketplace. This one features a mesh and durable 1680D Oxford fabric grid which is sure to keep even the largest, furriest canine feeling cool and delighted wherever you may decide to place the bed.

It comes in two different sizes, with the largest being a fairly impressive 48” in length so it’s suitable for almost any dog that falls short of Godzilla in stature. It’s available in calm brown or gray colorations as well so you can pick whichever might suit your fancy.

The frame is made of steel, so it’s sure to be able to stand up to your animal’s chewing as time goes on. It also makes this chew proof bed a bit heavier than you’d normally expect from a dog bed, but there’s plenty of open space here that keeps the bed as a whole manageable to move around.

SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog BedThe elevation upon the fabric material here also offers some orthopedic benefits for your dog. If your dog is aging and beginning to show some signs of wear on their joints, this chew proof dog bed will help to alleviate the aches and pains they might feel after a long, well-deserved nap.

This dog bed is one of the easiest to wash off, all you’ll need is a hose and possibly a scrub brush if your dog has really been on a streak of accidents. The canvas cover doesn’t make this a waterproof dog bed but the mesh will allow for quick drying and great air circulation. You’ll want to make sure to dry it off, though, since a steel frame might rust after repeated exposure to water.

For the dog owner who’s looking for something simple to keep their dog well rested, while maintaining a superb level of durability this is a fantastic option. It’s especially well-suited for warmer climates and heavily furred dogs since the material will breathe and keep them cool as they slumber. The removable canopy will provide comfortable shade for your dog if the bed is placed outdoors. Great for camping!

Pawhut Elevated Dog Bed / Pet CotFor those of us with a tighter budget, something durable comes with the additional feature of not breaking the bank with repeated buys, but there’s also budget options available within this niche off pet beds as well. The Pawhut Elevated Dog Bed might not be the fanciest one on this list, but it certainly fits the bill for those of us concerned about our tight budgets.

It comes in four different sizes, with the largest being a generous 36” long. It may not exactly be suitable for a mastiff, but for the majority of dogs, it will be able to serve just fine. It also comes in a blue or red color, so you can pick the one which matches your general aesthetic tastes.

Pawhut Elevated Dog Bed / Pet CotThe frame for this chew proof dog bed is made of PVC, which is a suitable option for the majority of dogs. If your dog has a particularly powerful set of jaws this might not be the best option available, especially since the plastic might tear in unpredictable and jagged ways. That said, most dogs will be able to gnaw to their content on it without any risk of injury or breaking the frame.

This elevated pet bed design is great for cooling off your dog, and it comes with a couple of mesh windows in the durable nylon covering to allow for the best air circulation possible. This can be vital depending on the breed of your dog, especially in warmer parts of the planet.

This versatile, functional bed is probably the most viable option for those who don’t have a whole lot of cash to spend on a pet bed, and it’s sure to last for a long time. Your pet will greatly enjoy the elevation and cooling features, and you can rest easy knowing it will last for years.

How To Choose The Perfect Unchewable Dog Bed

Elevated cooling pet bed by 2PETThe amount of choices in the market, even in specialized niches, can make your head spin. When you’re looking for a tough dog bed for your conniving canine you’ll have a number of things to keep in mind apart from just the durability. Once you get a good grasp on all of this though you’ll be able to make an informed purchase and get the bed that exactly suits the needs of both you and your canine.

  • Size. You’ll want to make sure that the size of the bed is suitable for your dog of course. Many tough beds come in a variety of sizes, but some others might be available in only one or two. The bed, even if completely indestructible, won’t be of much use for your dog if he can’t fit in it.
  • Style. Different dogs prefer to sleep in different positions. If you keep track of it, you’ll be able to better provide a sleeping area for your dog that they are sure to love. Dogs that sleep curled up, for instance, might greatly enjoy a raised edge for their sleeping while a dog that sprawls excessively may be better suited for a simpler flat pad. Many of these durable beds are elevated, and if your dog has a thick coat you’ll want one that can allow air to flow freely underneath.
  • Material. Most unchewable dog beds are made of some pretty heavy duty materials, for obvious reasons. The material will still effect the weight of the bed and possibly it’s ideal usage, however, so it’s an important consideration.
  • Aesthetic. Your dog may be color blind (at least reputedly so), but you’re certainly not. The pet owner who’s conscious of their interior decorating scheme may want to make sure that it fits in. You’ll obviously want to keep this as a side consideration, but if there are multiple beds which might suit your masticating mutt you’ll certainly want to be able to pick one that goes with the décor.
  • Cost. In an unfortunate twist of fate, we don’t just get all of the things that our pets need for free. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to go with a cheaper option as long as it still provides for your dog’s needs.


As you can see there’s a range of highly durable dog beds which can meet almost anyone’s needs. Once you take into account your dog’s size and temperament and selected the perfect bed for your companion you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that there’s one less thing around the house that they can easily destroy. Most of these indestructable dog beds offer other benefits as well, and your careful and informed purchase is sure to keep you happy for a long time to come.

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