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The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds in 2019

Durable Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed for Small, Medium, Extra Large to Big jumbo size dog with 2 Layers Washable CoverDid you know that they make dog beds out of orthopedic memory foam now? You can purchase one of these useful, modern beds and give your aging dog a break from their daily aches and pains, or even just to provide the absolute best comfort for your beloved canine companion. As with any purchase for your animals, you’ll want to find exactly the perfect one to keep your pet happy. Before we dive right into reviews of six of the best dog beds available, let’s take a look at exactly why you might desire an orthopedic pet bed for your animal.

Reasons for Buying a Memory Foam Dog Bed

As with any newer technology, you want to be assured that what you’re buying isn’t just another gimmick. These beds have real benefits for your dog, so let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Comfort: Most of us who’ve slept on a real memory foam bed could tell the difference come morning. They’re comfortable and provide great support for those sleeping on them, and your dog will enjoy the benefits of one just as much as you do.
  • Older dogs: Gaining canines often suffer from lots of problems stemming from their advanced age in dog years including muscle loss and arthritis. If you have a dignified dog who’s pushing into his golden years, you’ll find that they absolutely love the extra support and their sleep will be more restful and allow them to be more active during the day.
  • Injured Dogs: If your pet has suffered an injury to his joints or muscles at some point, it’s quite likely they suffer from aches and pains. By giving them a comfortable, supportive environment to sleep you’ll find that they are much better off throughout the day.

As you can see, the benefits are quite real, and your dog will surely appreciate them. For dogs suffering from hip dysplasia or arthritis, in particular, a memory foam dog bed will greatly improve your friend’s quality of life.

Comparison Table

Product Name
Editor´s Rating
Big Barker Mini
K9 Ballistics Round Orthopedic TUFF Bed
Best Value for Money
Milliard Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed
Five Diamond Collection Shredded Foam
Durable Orthopedic Pet Bed
Our Choice
K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bed

A Quick Choice

If you’re pressed for time, we would like to be so bold as to simply recommend the K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bolster Bed. This bed is made of real memory foam, comes in a variety of sizes ranging from toy poodle to mastiff, and is one of the highest quality available beds on the market. It’s sure to meet almost any pet owner’s needs in a sure and decisive fashion.

But if you’re looking to make your own educated purchase using the information we’ve given you so far, we’re about to review for you six of the best orthopedic pet beds on the market, so read on and you’re sure to find something that will meet both you and your dog’s exacting standards.

Individual Reviews

As we previously noted, there’s an absolute glut of beds available, and not all are what they seem. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of it for you, all of these beds are of good to amazing quality and all of them feature real memory foam. If you’ll read on, you’re sure to be able to find the bed that’s perfect for you.

Big Barker Mini

Big Barker Mini - 4" Pillow Top Dog Bed with Headrest for Small and Medium Sized DogsIf your dog enjoys a pillow while it rests, you’ll find that the Big Barker mini might just be the perfect option, especially if they suffer from aches and pains. This attractive bed comes with a built-in pillow, and your dog is sure to get great quality sleep while using it.

It comes in three attractive color variations, a stately khaki, a darker chocolate, and a rich burgundy and one of them is sure to make the perfect accent with your furniture in whatever room you choose to place it in.

Big Barker Mini - 4" Pillow Top with Headrest for Small and Medium Sized DogsThe microfiber cover can be removed for easy washing as well, making sure that you’ll be able to keep it looking and smelling great with minimal effort. Since it’s microfiber you’ll be able to just wipe most of the hair of it, and the material is designed to mimic smooth suede in order to ensure a fantastic tactile feel.

The memory foam itself is guaranteed to hold 90% of its shape for ten years, meaning you probably won’t have to replace this for a long time to come. Since it will last most of your dog’s lifespan, this may just be the last bed you’ll have to purchase for your dog, even if you start them on one as a puppy.

Big Barker Mini - 4" Pillow Top with Headrest for Small and Medium Sized DogsThe only real drawback to this option is that it only comes in two sizes and the larger is only suitable for smaller-medium sized dogs since it is thirty-three inches long. But if you’re looking for a high-quality pad with a pillow for your small to medium dog to lay his head on, you and your canine will fall in love with the Big Barker Mini and you’ll be pleased with your purchase for years to come.

K9 Ballistics Round Orthopedic TUFF Bed

K9 Ballistics Round Orthopedic TUFF BedK9 Ballistics makes some amazing orthopedic dog beds, and the TUFF is no exception. This round pad is sure to please any dog that likes to sprawl out or ball up, and you’ll be amazed at the wide variety of options available with its purchase.

The TUFF comes in with four different size options ranging from twenty-four inches to a jaw-dropping fifty-four inches, so no matter what the size of your dog you’ll have an option available that will be suitable for your canine’s needs.

K9 Ballistics Round Orthopedic TUFF BedThe owner who’s conscious of interior decorating will be amazed to know that it comes in a stunning seven different colors, each of which looks great. If you’re concerned about how the bed will look with your furniture, you’re sure to be able to find an option which will perfectly highlight your room.

You’ll also be glad to know that the pad itself is a composite of two different grades of memory foam, made to support and comfort your pet in the best manner possible. If you have an aging dog, you will definitely be impressed at just how much more spry they seem since the support will keep the normal pressure points from being interfered with during your dog’s slumber.

The bed cover is waterproof inside and out as well, so in the event of the inevitable, you won’t have to worry about the memory foam. Since you can easily remove the cover as well there shouldn’t be any concerns about keeping it clean either.

K9 Ballistics Round Orthopedic TUFF BedIt isn’t the best option for dogs who truly love to tear things apart, but it is one of the more durable beds on the market and should stand up to a good amount of wear and tear.

The TUFF dog bed is a great option for any pet owner, especially for those dogs who prefer to sleep on just a pad. Coming in a variety of styles and sizes, you’ll easily be able to find one to suit both your aesthetic needs and the size required by your canine companion.


Milliard Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed

Milliard Premium Dog BedFor the dog owner who just can’t afford a huge dent in their wallet, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this budget bed from Milliard Premium. It’s certainly not an inferior option, and it comes in sizes which will accommodate most dogs, the main thing lacking here is a range of colors since it only comes in a smooth white.

The cover is completely machine washable and will remove easily when it comes time to get the smell and stains out. It comes off with a zipper as well, so it’s quite convenient when it comes time to clean.

Milliard Premium Dog BedThe pad is only two inches thick, however, so if your dog requires a great amount of support you may want to look elsewhere. That said the foam has been certified by Certi-PUR US so it’s most certainly still a high-quality pad for your canine. There’s still a lot to be recommended here for dogs with less severe aches and pains, or even just your canine in general.

The reason the pad looks thicker is because it’s actually a composite of the high-quality memory foam and standard polyurethane foam. The latter adds another two inches of height to this orthopedic dog bed and makes it lighter on the wallet.

Milliard Premium Dog BedEven though it’s a budget option, the interior of this Milliard Premium product is lined with a waterproof material to protect the valuable foam from your pet’s accidents and improving the longevity of the bed.

If you’re a dog owner on a tight budget, you might have just found the right option for your dog. While it’s not highly recommended for dogs with serious joint problems, most canines will be able to make themselves right at home on this pad and greatly increase the quality of their rest which will make both of you quite happy.


Five Diamond Collection Shredded Foam

Five Diamond Collection Shredded Memory Foam BedThis product is a bit different from the others on this list. While most memory foam beds come in as a single piece or composites formed to mimic one, this one is filled with shredded foam.

It comes in four different sizes, and you’re sure to be able to find one to meet the needs of all but the most massive of canines. It also, unfortunately, only comes in two different colors, but on the bright side both of them are classy looking browns with one being a few shades lighter than the other.

Five Diamond Collection Shredded Memory Foam BedBecause the foam is shredded and tucked within the casing, you might find that this orthopedic dog bed isn’t suitable for all dogs. The ones that like to chew, in particular, will soon have the padding strewn throughout your house. You’ll also want to go for a more solid pad if your pet is a senior, as those offer considerably more support.

Just like any high-quality dog bed, you’ll find that the microfiber, pseudo-suede covering is easily machine washable after removal. You’ll easily be able to keep the smell down and the stains gone – without worrying about damaging the microfoam.

Five Diamond Collection Shredded Memory Foam BedThe cover is also waterproof, adding a further layer of protection to the foam within. Dogs do their business in bad places once in a while, but with this fantastic bed, you’ll easily be covered.

If you have a dog who enjoys pad types and isn’t too rough on their furniture you might want to take a closer look at this great bed. It’s waterproof, washable, and filled with enough foam to make for a mildly supportive environment which is sure to provide them with high-quality slumber throughout the day and night.


Durable Orthopedic Pet Bed

Durable Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed for Small, Medium, Extra Large to Big jumbo size dog with 2 Layers Washable CoverThis enduring, generic option comes in a wide range of sizes which should be able to accommodate anything from a Jack Russell to a mastiff. The biggest bed comes in at a staggering 54” long, so you’ll know your massive mutt is quite capable of getting some comfortable sleep and rest once you have one of these in your home.

It also comes in a variety of colors, with five different options to choose from. You might want to take a close look, however, as the different colors also come in different materials so you’re sure to be able to find exactly what meets your needs. Micro-suede is probably preferred for an indoor bed, but if your dog likes to take naps in the backyard you can get much tougher denim or canvas options.

The bed’s cover also removes for easy washing, so you can keep it clean and provide your furred friend with a neat sleeping environment. The pad is also highly waterproof, no need to worry about the inevitable spills and accidents that might occur around it, you can rest assured that the thick memory foam pad is optimally protected.

Durable Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed for Small, Medium, Extra Large to Big jumbo size dog with 2 Layers Washable CoverThe best feature of this waterproof dog bed is definitely the fact that the high-quality foam pad is a full four inches deep, so it’s suitable for dogs with especially painful joints.

If you have an aging dog, or one with early, genetic joint problems this bed comes highly recommended. The massive sizes you can purchase it in make it absolutely perfect for those big dogs that often develop problems with hip dysplasia in middle age, and with four inches of foam underneath them, they’ll greatly appreciate the purchase and their improved quality of life. Don’t be concerned about the lack of a brand attached to this memory foam dog bed, it’s a winner for sure.


K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bed

K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bolster BedWe already recommended this dog bed, as a careful reader knows, but we’ve saved the best for last. The K9 Ballistics LUX bed lives up to its name, your dog will easily be able to sleep in luxury using this fantastic bed.

It has raised sides, so it’s absolutely perfect for the dog who likes to sleep curled up and the interior faux-fleece is a fantastic addition which is sure to both keep your dog warm and provide an extra level of comfort. The memory foam pad is a fantastic five inches thick, so it’s suitable for a dog with any level of joint discomfort or age.

K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bolster BedIt comes in three attractive color variations as well, so you can match it off with your décor. But even more impressive than the colors is the fact that the largest of these beds is sixty-eight inches wide – making it absolutely perfect for those lovable large breeds which can be hard to find the correct bed for.

It also comes in a tiny eighteen-inch model which makes it perfect bed for puppies or toy breeds, this memory foam dog bed is suitable for any canine which you might have taken in to your family.

K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bolster BedAs with any high-quality bed, you’ll find that it’s easily machine washable and boasts a surprising level of resilience to fluids, making this a lasting investment in your dog’s comfort.

We cannot recommend this bed highly enough, it’s suitable for all sizes and comes with one of the thickest foam pads on the market. It looks fantastic, and you’ll rapidly find your dog falling in love with a superior sleeping place which will provide support, comfort, and pain relief for years to come.


What am I Looking For?

Durable Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed for Small, Medium, Extra Large to Big jumbo size dog with 2 Layers Washable CoverJust like purchasing any dog bed, there’s a number of things to keep in mind to ensure that both you and your dog are one hundred percent satisfied with your purchase. It’s an unfortunate reality that anyone with a sewing machine and a few bags of cotton balls can stitch something together and call it a dog bed, but let’s make the choice much simpler for you. In the following few points, we can quickly educate you on what exactly you need to make sure that you receive the best orthopedic dog bed possible.

  • Size: As with any purchase of a dog bed, the first thing to do is to make sure that you can find one that fits your dog. After all, it does you absolutely no good to have a Chihuahua sized bed if you own a Great Dane. You may even want to measure your dog while lying down in order to ensure an absolutely great fit, especially since sizes frequently aren’t standardized between brands or even the products within the same brand. If your canine is particularly massive you might want to check out our guide for that.
  • Real Memory Foam: Unfortunately, a lot of companies just claim whatever they want. You’ll want to ensure that the bed is made of real memory foam, especially if you’re getting it for a dog with hip dysplasia or aching joints. Subpar replacements can lead to wearing out earlier, or even not receiving any of the benefits that are claimed.
  • Thickness: You’ll want to make sure that your pad is at least three inches thick, although for a senior dog the often-quoted number is five. The thicker the pad is, the more support and comfort your pet will be able to receive from it.
  • Durability: Even if your dog isn’t overly destructive (in which case we have a guide for that), they do have a tendency to wear things out. Real memory foam can be rather expensive, so if you know your dog likes to drag things around and try to roll over them until they’re flat, make sure that you get one that’s sure to remain in once piece for a long time.
  • Water-resistance: If your dog is prone to accidents, you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes open for a waterproof option in order to ensure the damage to the bed doesn’t end its lifespan prematurely.
  • Styling: As dog owners, most of us know the peculiarities of our dogs sleeping positions. Each dog seems to favor a few different positions, and if you know these you’ll be better able to pick a bed that suits your canine perfectly. Dogs that sleep curled up in a ball may prefer rounded beds while a sprawled out pooch will certainly enjoy a more open mat-style of bed.
  • Cost: The devil of it all is that a high-quality dog bed costs money. This really shouldn’t be your first consideration if you have an aging or injured dog, but realistically most people will have to take this factor into account. We’ll note below which beds are an exceptional value for the money.


If your dog suffers from achy joints, or even if you just want to provide them with the absolute best quality rest they can receive for their entire life, making an investment in an orthopedic dog bed is an absolutely sound investment. Once you’ve made an informed purchase for your canine companion you’ll immediately see results as they act more lively during the day and sleep better throughout the night. Far from being a simple luxury item, you just might find that they’re a lasting deposit into your dog’s health.

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