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Terms and Conditions of Use

When you use DogsRecommend.com, you should use it with the following conditions in mind. This section outlines the disclaimers, rules, and limits we interact with our readers through. Continuing to use our website is a confirmation that you are in legal compliance with our terms of use.

Your privacy is crucial for us. We go a long way to ensure that we protect it. As such, we have included the Privacy Policy page to explain some actions we undertake when you visit our website, the little information we gather, and what we do with it.

We Are Not a Professional Veterinary Advice Resource

Even though we have a large bank of veterinary and animal care information on our website, we are still not a substitute for the provision of veterinary advice. Please talk to a professional regarding the serious health matters with your pet. Our information or tips should not be a replacement for visits to the vet. Use it in conjunction with what your vet advises.

Our DMCA Notice

DogsRecommend.com contains content like text, images, or video that could sometimes relate to other content in third-party platforms. We are against copyright infringement and will try our best to ensure that we don’t walk down this path to start with.

However, if it is brought to our knowledge that some of the content in our website infringes the copyrights on another party, we will do what it takes to reconcile the issue or take the content down.

We put measures in place to ensure that we use material only under the Fair Use Directive, the Creative Commons Code, and other public domain allocations.

If you feel that something on our website contravenes your copyrights, please notify us via email. We prioritize on copyright infringement claims. We will work to solve the matter fast. You can send us an official and legal DMCA claim.

User Contribution to Our Website

We occasionally get third party contributors to submit content to our website. It could be in the form of comments, reviews, or even blog posts and image submissions. We go through submitted content to ensure it is in line with our policies but still retain intervention to a minimum not to suppress their opinions. You can get in touch via email if you want to contribute or issue some of the contributed content.

Who Are Our Contributors?

Our contributors are regular readers like you who submit posts and comments or dedicated writers who manage reviews and other content on DogsRecommend.

Our Third-Party Links

We use third-party services to monetize our website. These could be affiliate links or other display advert links. We may also have links to related information on third party sites for informational purposes. We don’t have any control over the target website’s information or behavior, and you are under their policies once you visit them.

We Reserve the Right to Change Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

We have the right to amend this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time. We will put updated info at the end of these pages if we make changes and/or communicate it to our registered users via an email or a notification on the website.

Last Edited on September 4, 2020.