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Best Electronic Dog Door – Detailed Reviews and Purchase Guide

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Dog Goes Through The DoorPets need frequent access in or outside the house. However, this might be disturbing when you aren’t around often. That’s the point the electric gate for dogs comes in place. The items’ main advantage is the way they enable your pet to frequently move in or out of the house without your assistance.

However, due to the current market saturation, finding the best item with ease is growing hard. You, therefore, need genuine electronic indoor dog gate reviews that will help you when making a purchase decision. Here, you are assured of more than item depictions.

You get to learn the ideal factors that determine a straightforward purchase, the frequently asked queries about the products, as well as know the number one recommended item for purchase. That way, panic, and regrettable shopping will remain a thing of the past to you.

Best Electronic Dog Door – All You Need To Know About Our Top-Notch Items

Most items under review are categorized as electronic. They, however, differ in mode of operation due to the differing sensors fused. Some offer better responses than others, and there are generally top products in quality and resilience.

Automatic Dog DoorOther items have double flap entry points or sliding doors. However, Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door is the best item overall. It is made in the US, and quality is the least of your worries. It locks when closed to keep off rodents and human beings.

Likewise, a battery-less sensor triggers the door, and it is an easy fit for the dog’s collars. There are different sized collars to make your selection easy. The door closes slowly to ensure the pet isn’t hurt in the process. I highly recommend the item for purchase as it is made to meet your needs beyond imaginations.

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Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door
Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door
  • Auto-lock
  • Magnetic sensor
  • Battery-less and watertight sensors
  • Door install
High Tech Power Pet Electronic Pet Door
High Tech Power Pet Electronic Pet Door
  • 4 access controls
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Door and wall install
  • Weather and airtight
  • Directional sensing
PERFECT PET the All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door
PERFECT PET the All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door
  • 2-inch thick insulation
  • Adjustable frames
  • Available in 4 sizes
SureFlap – Sure Petcare – Microchip Pet Door Connect
SureFlap – Sure Petcare – Microchip Pet Door Connect
  • Microchip sensor
  • Compatible with Sure Petcare app for remote control
  • Low battery indicator
  • Single-button programming
Power Pet Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door
Power Pet Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Ultrasonic connect
  • Fully automated
  • Tempered glass
PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog and Cat Door – Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel
PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog and Cat Door – Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel
  • Wall installation
  • Telescopic tunnel
  • Controlled access
  • Energy efficient
PetSafe Electronic Smart Door
PetSafe Electronic Smart Door
  • Smart key function
  • 4 automated lock controls
  • Easy programming
  • Battery-powered
Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door
Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door
  • Flush-fit installation
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Locking cover
  • Adjustable magnetic seal

Electronic Dog Door Reviews

Under this section, you will find individual item depictions with detailed pros and cons analysis. Each item’s unique features are enlisted so that you pick the ideal piece with ease. Besides that, the items have been arranging in the order of popularity to ease your selection.

Best Automatic Dog Door Overall: Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door

Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat DoorFull automation makes the device seem to be ideally made for your needs. A battery-less sensor adds to the item’s unique modifications as it is made for the collar. It doesn’t activate the door anyhow since it must be attached in the collar to work. It is likewise watertight to prevent damage.

There’s a size for every pet. Upon using the entry point, the door closes slowly to ensure the pet won’t get injured. However, the item’s design has brought about the product’s only drawback.

The door easily malfunctioned after using it for a few months, and it no longer shuts via gravity. Also, the motor needs frequent repair as it, at times, may leave the entry point open after your pet has gained access.

However, when ideally functioning, the item keeps your house and interior safe as it locks when your dog enters. This works best to prevent rodents or other intruders from gaining access to your home.

Automatic locking and availability in different sizes make the product among the best choices accessible for purchase. The piece is likewise efficient and highly effective, which makes me highly recommend it for purchase. That said, the door under review measures 10 by 8 inches.


  • Accessible in differing sizes
  • Safe
  • Shuts via gravity
  • High quality


  • Easily malfunctions causing the door to shut with a bang

High Tech Power Pet Electronic Pet DoorThis automatic dog door for sliding door is motor-driven with high-frequency ultrasonic sensors activators. It is likewise efficient with many control options available to ease the item’s operations.

The piece is ideally sealed to ensure cold air or water won’t find its way inside. It locks to keep your home safe of intrusion. It is also made to give your dog accesses only when they are directly approaching the vent.

This ensures a wandering dog won’t easily gain access through the portal. There are two sizes to pick from. It is the best electronic large dog door measuring 12.25 by 16 inches and offers access to pets below 100 pounds.

This automatic dog door with collar is suitable for door or wall installation. Included in purchase are the materials needed for a door install. The collar is adjustable and lightweight.

An installation manual is in provision. The door is fused with 4 access controls, and it locks slowly thus reducing the risk of hurting your pet.


  • AC/DC powered
  • Door installation manual and tools are conveyed
  • Locks for safety purposes
  • The collar is sent after door purchase


  • The item is only accessible in two sizes

PERFECT PET the All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog DoorThe item’s friendly cost and unbeatable quality make it the ideal bargain. It is also energy-efficient as it contains 2 flaps that work best to prevent interior temperatures alteration when you open the portal.

Concerning item’s efficiency, it is available in 4 sizes to ensure you don’t miss the ideal fit for your pet. The product is backed by a 1-year warranty against all defects. It offers the ideal insulation and helps keep your house warm even if it is opened frequently.

The frames are adjustable, and they are close to 2 inches thick. This extra large electronic dog door measures 9.75 by 17 inches. This electronic dog door flap is better suited for door installation even though there’s a wall kit sold separately. I highly recommend it for purchase due to its low cost, high efficiency, and unbeatable quality.


  • Energy efficient
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cost-effective


  • Not automated

SureFlap - Sure Petcare - Microchip Pet Door ConnectThis is the most exciting product under review. With the item, remote control over your pet’s door becomes a possibility, all in the account of the advanced tech used. Here’s a chance to know your pet’s pattern and behavior. Let’s get down to this microchip pet door reviews and see how well it fits your needs.

This electronic dog door with sensor is, by no doubt, the most intelligent and efficient in terms of use. It scans your dog for the embedded implant before allowing access. The item can store up to 32 identities and ensure stray dogs stay away from your house.

This wifi controlled pet door can be operated via Sure Petcare app. It is likewise easy to set up, as there’s only a single programming button. SureFlap electronic pet doors for small dogs measure 6.7 by 7 inches.

SureFlap heavy duty wifi dog doors save you a great deal of electricity as it is powered by 4 non-rechargeable batteries. The batteries are highly effective and stay in use for up to 1 year before replacement. However, the cells last depending on how extensively they are used.

The manufacturer has issued 3-year protection against all defects. That said, there is an indicator that flashes when the battery gets depleted. This notifies you that it’s the right time to buy new cells.


  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Remote controls
  • 3-year warranty


  • Small-sized

Best Electronic Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door: Power Pet Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door

Power Pet Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet DoorThe item is elegant, resilient, and made of top-quality materials. Where quality, elegance, and tech blend, there’s no doubt, that perfectness is created and this electronic patio pet door is luckily no exception. However, this comes at an extremely high cost.

This electronic pet door for sash windows is fully automated with ultrasonic sensors. It is wind tight and weather proof.  The glass used is tempered, and it’s surrounded by a heavy-duty aluminum frame.

Worry no more about the item’s installation, as the process takes only 60 minutes of your time. The robust frame protects the glass from breaking and keeps it in place as desired.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Stylish
  • Easy to install


  • Exorbitant price

PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog and Cat Door - Pet Door with Telescoping TunnelThis wall install is accessible in a variety of sizes to match your pet’s height. Many fear the complexity of wall installation but the manual in provision offers relief to your fears. With the manual, there’s no need of hiring experts to do the task on your behalf.

The item has a telescopic tunnel fits in a 4.75 to 7.25 inches thick wall. For anyone who has walls exceeding those measurements, they will be compelled to purchase extension kits at an extra cost.

The door is made for the harsh outdoor conditions and it is energy efficient. This medium electronic dog door entry point is 8.25 by 12.25 inches. It can, therefore, only offer access to pets below 40 pounds.


  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suits relatively thick walls


  • Plastic frame
  • Requires separately purchased extensions for walls beyond 7.25 inches

Best Electronic Locking Dog Door: PetSafe Electronic Smart Door

PetSafe Electronic Smart DoorThe item is quality guaranteed. It measures 11 by 16 inches, and suits pets below 100 pounds. This smart home dog door is easy to put in place, and there’s a manual for the same. It is most suitable as a door install irrespective of the material making it.

It is, however, ideal for 1.5 to 2 inch thick doors. You can also purchase a wall install though it’s separately sold. This automatic pet door with timer has 4 auto-lock controls. It is conveyed with an already programmed smart key and can hold up to 5 records.

This makes it suitable to use in houses with several pets as the smart keys can be easily customized. Programming after installation takes minutes. The item is battery powered. This brings about the item’s only con as the batteries are not included in the purchase.

However, the smart key features enable customization, thereby preventing stray dogs from accessing your house.


  • Customizable intelligent key inputs
  • Easy to install
  • Quality assured


  • Batteries aren’t included

Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet DoorThe door is among the popular items accessible, and it has received generously positive reviews from previous customers. It is highly efficient when it comes to energy saving. This double flap door is ideal for optimal insulation.

There are 4 sizes available, and this is the largest of the 4, measuring 12 by 13 inches. Besides double flapping, the device has adjustable magnetic seals to ensure it remains sealed even during strong winds.

The door is sturdy and extended to fit up to 8 inch thick walls. The frames are heavily built to last ages. It’s a flush fit installation with a locking cover. However, the door’s relatively high price is a big challenge to those under budget limitations.


  • Remains shut even during strong winds
  • Fits up to 8 inch thick walls
  • Ideal energy saving


  • Highly-priced

Electronic Pet Door Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best item in a saturated market is tough without having a brief understanding of the equipment. This is why I found it vital to briefly elaborate on some of the key features to check for when buying the ideal electronic patio dog door.

  • Size

You need a fitting door, one where your pet will go through with minimal straining. It, therefore, goes without saying that it’s essential to know your pet’s height. Having known the right size, you can now purchase a slightly bigger door. This extra high entry point helps give some allowance when the dog grows big.

  • Safety

Do not let dog doors be your house’s weak point. Go for safe options or deploy additional security features to secure your home. This should be essential, especially due to the risk of having human intruders in the house.

Lucky you, these all have been covered by the modernized electric pet doors. They now contain a lock to keep your interior secure, safe, and intrusion-free. How well the lock works depends on the item’s quality.

  • Energy efficiency

Convectional doors would remain open for long, and this would, without doubt, alter your interior temperature conditions. During winter, cold air could easily sweep in, and you would be required to increase the heating machine’s power to keep the temperature as desired.

This mainly would result in excessive energy consumption. However, automated dog doors only open for a short time and close as soon as your pet has gained access. This means your in-house temperature remains undeterred.

  • Type of sensor

So which sensors do you want to use? Does your pet has an embedded chip. If yes, a microchip sensor is your ideal option. However, there are other choices available, and they differ in matters of efficiency. For instance, magnetic sensors don’t differentiate your dog from others. Ultrasonic sensors are also an option, while radiofrequency ones are the best to consider if you are under a strict budget.

  • Wall or door installation

Wall installs are a bit complicated, and they may end up lowering your home’s value due to the “drilling damage.” On the bright side, temporal doors are suitable for anyone living in the rentals.

However, door installs are the best option to consider, as the process isn’t much tiring. Additionally, such won’t require any extra tunnel extensions. The door frame should also be a consideration. Aluminum and steel frames are sturdier and resist breakage as compared to plastic ones.


Understanding an electronic dog door is essential before purchasing. With the upcoming electric gates frequently asked queries, you’ll certainly get the answer to your pressing questions.

  • How do you secure a dog door from an intruder?

For extra-large dog doors, this might be a problem. However, modern pet doors have added security features such as a key or combination lock. These are the type you need to consider for purchase even though they negatively limit your pet’s ease of access.

  • What is the best dog door for cold weather?

The best dog doors for cold weather ought to have the ideal features for prevention against altering the interior temperature. Go for devices that are windproof, have a magnetic seal, and double door flap. These provide optimal insulation. Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door is the best in this kind.

  • Are dog doors a security risk?

Definitely no. Most dog doors are fused with security features such as a lock, and they aren’t the weakest points for your home access.

  • Do dog doors decrease home value?

Having pets can relatively decrease your home value due to damages they may cause at times. When mounted on the wall, dog doors will likely lower your house value.

  • How much does it cost to install a doggie door?

The average cost of a dog door installation is $290. This is enough to install a 12 by 15 inches aluminum frame and a 9 by 12 inches flap in a wall.

  • How big of a dog door do I need?

The flap should be 1 inch higher than the dog’s height, and the stepover should be around 3 inches.  A low step-over is essential as it remains comfy after dogs grown old.

  • Can a dog door be installed in glass?

Control Panel Of Automatic Dog DoorYes, there are different types that can be installed on a glass sliding door.

  • What is the largest dog door?

PERFECT PET the All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door is the largest dog door under review. It measures 9.75 by 17 inches, though there’s its super large size measuring 15 by 23.5 inches.

  • How do I teach my dog to use a doggy door?

Schedule frequent training sessions. Decide whether your pet will get in or out. Get some scented treats. Stand on the door’s opposite side. Lift the flap. Call your pet. Reward them if they get it right.

  • Are dog flaps burglar-proof?

Yes, modern dog doors are fused with additional locks to keep off intruders.

  • Can snakes go through doggie doors?

No. This is because a dog door opens for a short time to grant your pet access and then closes. They are also activated using sensors, thereby keeping other pets off.

  • Can a person fit through a dog door?

Yes, it is possible for a human to fit in through a dog door. However, there are additional security features to consider in order to make your dog entry secure.

Best Automated Dog Doors at a Glance

As I wrap up my comprehensive electronic dog doors reviews, I hope you are now best suited to make the right purchase. Remember to consider size and safety mainly when making your purchase.

That said, I want to briefly state the number one recommended item for purchase. Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door is the best item overall. It is made in the US, and it locks when closed to keep off rodents and human beings.

The door is triggered by a battery-less sensor that’s easy to fit on the dog’s collar. The collars are available in differing sizes for your selection conveniences. The door closes slowly to ensure the pet isn’t hurt in the process.  I highly recommend the item for purchase as it is made to meet your needs beyond imaginations.

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