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Embrace Pet Insurance Review

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Embrace Pet Insurance logoGetting a good insurance cover for your pet is always a good idea. It will save you the unexpected medical costs or the temptation to ignore a sick pet just because you don’t have money for the vet. Embrace pet insurance leaves behind no room to take care of your pets. Furthermore, you get a complete reimbursement for behavioral training, preventative vet care, and grooming without any added costs. A pet owner pays a monthly-based premium to Embrace to cover the pet’s insurance expenses in case of emergency medical conditions.

There is little difference between the average insurance from this pet insurance concerning how they work. Pet Insurance provides customized plans for pet owners. It is possible to make a customizable Embrace insurance plan that reflects your financial concerns overpayment of premiums. Embrace has a complete insurance support system. Therefore, you get help through each step of the way without any complications.

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Breaking Down Embrace Pet Health Insurance

A common headache for most health insurance is finding a vet that accepts the specific insurance. It becomes troublesome when facing a large bill, but the vet refuses to accept the insurance payment form. It is different when making use of pet insurance by Embrace. We break down what to anticipate through our Embrace pet insurance reviews.

Vetinary Staff With Dog And Cat In SurgeryYour pet can get affordable health care at Embrace without constant worries over whether it is compatible with pet insurance. There is no need to stress whether your particular vet will vouch for the Embrace insurance payment system. Follow through with completing the treatment process until your pet is fully recovered.

It starts with filing a claim form for the Embrace insurance. The submitted form to Embrace includes all the insurance financial details covered following your visit to the vet. You can file for the Embrace claim form even after two months into your policy year. The vet staff will fill the claim form depending on the vet visit’s nature, whether for a pet accident or illness.

Afterward, you will need to attach an invoice alongside the claim insurance form. The invoice should include all the treatments paid for your pet during the vet visits. You can finally send the complete claim form through email of their Embrace App for further guidance.

Embrace will reimburse the funds after approving the claim form. The Embrace reimbursement criteria can be direct or through a cheque. It takes between two or three business days to support the claim form. Complicated claims can take up to a week. The reimbursement depends on the structure of the plan. Some significant parts of the coverage include:

  • Deductible – This refers to the payments made before a bill before the insurer’s final price.
  • Reimbursement level – Upon payment of the deductible, the bill’s percentage will be reimbursed by Embrace.
  • Annual max – It refers to the maximum amount that Embrace pays to the pet owner in terms of the accumulated medical bills in a year. Any costs that surpass this are payable from the owner’s pocket.

You will find different coverage plans to choose from at Embrace. The best part is that you have the liberty to upgrade or downgrade on any coverage plan you select within the policy. You can rest assured that once Embrace covers you, your pet is secure for life. Even when your pet’s health starts deteriorating due to age or illness, the coverage still counts.

Some restorative treatment procedures that fall under various coverage plans provide coverage of a complete host of medical treatments to surgical procedures. Another significant benefit of using Embrace is that you get full reimbursement for all your exam fees during your vet visits.

You can find different coverage plans for your pet’s age, coming into consideration. You get a comprehensive plan for you to have a cat or dog with 14 years of age. However, having an older dog or cat above 14 years means you can qualify to get the accident cover.

You can find helpful online resources at Embrace to help you in settling in with pet insurance. Embrace lists some of the typical dog breeds and their insured medical conditions. You get a clue of which state to cover your dog for. It is a helpful tool in helping you get the proper coverage for your cat or dog.

Rewards Program for Embrace Wellness

Our Embrace pet insurance reviews show that the insurer offers a broad spectrum of reward programs for pet owners to make the most from their service. It is an addition to your policy that forms part of preventative care. Some additions to the reward programs include flea medication, vaccinations, wellness exams, and microchipping.

What Is Covered?

Embrace provides a clear picture of all medical conditions that it covers and others it does not cover. The company highlights different coverage options available for the pet owner. Furthermore, it helps define the various eligibility criteria used for earlier treated conditions under the specific plan.

Case of Accidents

Worried Woman Looking At Bill In Veterinary SurgeryMature pets can reap the benefits from this one of a kind coverage plan. Some range of accidents falls typically under the cover, including being hit by a running car or ingestion of foreign objects. The plan fulfills a full reimbursement to the pet owner. The overall charges include payment of a one pay payment annually for the deductible. Unfortunately, when your pet goes through an accident, the play reimburses 90% of all the incurred vet bills.

Constant Diseases

Before jumping onto this coverage plan, it is essential to note that the coverage does not cover earlier conceived disorders. Therefore, it is vital to check first your pet’s medical history before applying for the coverage. However, the coverage plan covers all types of illnesses that your pet could suffer from.

Dental Related Issues

Do you wonder why your pet looks unsettled at some points? It might be due to constant dental pains that give your pet sleepless nights. When visiting a vet, you will realize that dental work will end up costing an arm and a leg. Embrace insurance caters to a comprehensive line of dental issues that range from gingivitis, extractions, root canals, and periodontal diseases, among many more.

Cancer and Other Chronic Related Conditions

Cancer treatment for a pet at a vet is a complicated process that leads to high bills. It ranks among the top expensive medical procedures for pet owners. You need coverage covering the initial parts of consultations while progressing the disease’s incumbent stages to carrying out complete research. The pet insurance hands you the ease of payment while going through the emotional and challenging process. It gives you the comfort to go through various treatment plans without worrying over the considered plans.

Conditions Not Under Coverage

It is a surprise that the disorders that fall under Embrace’s coverage are relatively short compared to the list of conditions covered. You can depend on Embrace to cover all services and treatments needed to maintain your pet’s overall health ad state. However, the plan does not include any cosmetic services, preexisting medical conditions, whelping, and breeding.

What’s the Overall Cost of Embrace Pet Insurance?

Before you get the particular payment process for the premiums, you must consider various factors. You are highly likely to get a different payment plan depending on your dog’s age before making the insurance. The overall costs for both a cat and a dog can be higher depending on your planning coverage’s nature.

dog under vaccination in clinicIt is a wise recommendation to seek a quote from Embrace before purchasing a particular policy. You can compare the available insurance plans to find one that works perfectly for you. It would help make thoughtful thoughts into your affordable finances and the desired insurance coverage you are seeking.

Different insurance policies must be backed with serious considerations by the owner. It is highly advisable to opt for one that covers both accidents and illnesses. It is vital to note that these insurance policies do not provide full coverage for general checkups and general health care by vets. The only benefit you can reap from such coverage includes the accidents.

Illnesses are further limited in terms of different disorders that fall under the coverage spectrum. You can find a customizable plan that works best for your cost. In case you can manage monthly fees, you can subscribe to one. However, if you prefer taking the burden off your back, you can subscribe to the annual costs. Each insurance payment plan is specific to the insurer. You dictate the payment of insurance premiums for your coverage to avoid checking at the end of the month.

One major takeaway for the first time policyholders is that pet insurances are way different from standard health insurance. Human health insurance pay fees upfront. However, pet insurance makes full payment for the pet owner upon completing the full treatment procedure. Some pet owners end up lamenting when filing for a reimbursement policy that is not eligible for coverage. It is advisable to go through the contract first before purchasing a specific plan.

Is This Insurance Worth the Hustle?

The answer to this question depends on your situation and your pet. If you never attended a vet before and can handle all expenses, you are fine. You can pass without looking at it. However, if you have financial constraints and want to protect your furry friend, it is genuinely worth every sweat.

Pet Insurance Claim Document Form ConceptYou might not cough up much at the vet when your pet has an ear infection or an upset stomach that causes constant vomiting. Imagine if your pet gets involved in a grisly accident that needs immediate surgery. It will end up costing much more than your overall savings for such situations. When you are low on finances, the only viable option is putting your furry friend down.

However, you do not have to go through that heart-wrenching moment by yourself. Imagine all the moments your cat or dog brought you. Do not consume heavily in debts while looking for finances to cover the medical bill. Take the first initiative to have your pet insured against any harm, both accidental and disease-related.

The average costs for a monthly plan for Embrace are affordable for most pet owners. Furthermore, you get a far less chargeable amount when you opt for the annual coverage plan. In addition to the reimbursement level and deductibles, you end up paying a far less high price instead of choking money from your pocket.

Embrace keeps you secure in times of severe cases for your dog, such as sprains, cancer, acute kidney failure, seizures, and a fractured pelvis, among many more. It prepares you for unexpected circumstances that you will not be financially prepared for.

Most beginners feel like it’s a burden to pay premiums like their monthly bills. It does not have to be the case for you. You can choose the annual payment policy that takes your monthly burden off. You get to receive full cover throughout the year without struggling with medical expenses for your dog.

You cannot disown the efficacy of having insurance amid an unexpected occurrence like an accident. The only downside to the insurance is that it does not cater to pets with earlier diagnosed conditions. You will receive no reimbursements from Embrace when you go for your standard checkups. You will have to dig deep into your pocket to cater for the accumulated medical bills. Embrace will step in later to cover all the finances used during the treatment process. It starts with thinking about how much you have to cater to your furry friend’s accumulated medical expenses.

FAQs About Embrace Pet Insurance

Here is a breakdown of some of the commonly asked questions with regards to pet insurance for pet owners:

What Is Not Inclusive to Embrace Pet Insurance Coverage?

Our Embrace pet insurance reviews show that it is vital to note that the insurance avoids walking on murky waters when offering coverage. Therefore, it places certain limits when it comes to the extent of the coverage. Some excluded instances that won’t make the coverage include:

  • Preexisting conditions
  • Regular checkups
  • Grooming
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Behavioral issues

Which Pets Does Embrace Cover?

Team of smiling veterinarian with animals at success pet ambulanceEmbrace covers a wide range of dog and cat breeds. However, the coverage does not include exotic pets for pet owners such as rabbits. Some common cat breeds that fall under the insurance cover include:

  • Bengal
  • Sphynx
  • Maine coon
  • Domestic short hair
  • Ragdoll

Some typical dog breeds that fall under the insurance coverage at Embrace include:

  • Bulldog
  • Beagle
  • Poodle
  • Labrador
  • German shepherd

What Are Some Features of Embrace?

Embrace caters to a wide range of services that cut across its coverage plans for different pet owners. Some notable features from the insurance include:

Wellness Plan

The general coverage by Embrace is far from a standard insurance product. It is similar to a bonus system that handles the typical care and training charges. You can have additional options for the policy.

Genetic Conditions

When your furry friend is a victim of conditions such as hip dysplasia, it becomes easy to discover the proper coverage for such a condition. The Embrace list covers a wide range of genetic disorders that fall under its coverage.

Preventable Conditions

Other coverage plans inclusive of the Embrace insurance include preventable diseases prone to pets. Some notable additions to the list include fleas, parasites, and ticks, among many more. All these conditions fall under the overall coverage.

Behavioral Conditions

Embrace covers a list of behavioral conditions under its coverage. For example, anxiety and depression are some notable behavioral conditions that fall under the insurance plan. However, it is worth noting that the condition should not be preexisting.

Payment Policies

Sometimes paying monthly charged premiums can take a toll on your overall finances. Embrace tries to soothe your overall payment process while availing various payment options. You can find different viable payable options that make the payment options for premiums easy.

Embrace Pet Insurance Waiting Period

Subscribing to the insurance cover comes with different waiting periods. A simple claim form from an insurer can last a total of two days. It takes much longer when filing a claim due to an accident. The insurer must investigate the incident to prove the validity of the request.

Other related disorders take much longer, up to six months. It is because Embrace must prove the condition is not earlier diagnoses for the pet. Upon approval of the claim, you get the full cover for your pet. It can last for up to two weeks when you have a medical report highlighting your pet’s medical history.

Who Should Subscribe to Pet Insurance?

The best-suited person this market opens to is one with a constant worry of making a vet visit soon. When you cannot handle the overall costs regularly, you should think of alternative finance sources like this. Different suited categories of pet owners include:

Pets With Breed Disorders

This finance route is highly advisable when your pet becomes prone to get a diagnosis for a breed-related disorder. Their portfolio includes a myriad of related conditions in both cats and dogs in their insurance coverage plans.

Young Pets

Our Embrace pet insurance review shows that you pay low premiums at Embrace when you insure a small beagle in your home. The older your dog gets, the more the tips keep increasing. Therefore, make it a point to ensure your pet while at a tender age without risks to accidents or illnesses.

High Medical Bills

If you are a pet owner worrying over how you will manage the escalating medical bills, it is worth considering Embrace’s pet insurance. It will save you the need to go deeper into debts or put your pet down when the bills start to come.

Who Should Not Use Pet Insurance?

It is highly recommendable to compare the Embrace premium prices before signing up for one. Different pets cost different premiums. It would help if you insured your pet for a probable cause, whether a car accident or illness. Here are categories of pet owners who should not seek a policy from Embrace:

Owners With an Emergency Fund

The essence of Embrace insurance is to remove the financial burden of high medical bills in cases of emergencies. If you have some funds set aside for any emergencies, it is not worth taking your pet’s Embrace policies.

Pets With Preexisting Conditions

Most pet insurances decline to insure pets with preexisting conditions. Embrace pet policy does not provide an insurance plan for dogs with preexisting conditions. Therefore, it is not valuable to purchase an insurance policy that will end up rejected by Embrace.


Do not hesitate to show some love for your furry friend through our Embrace pet insurance reviews. Do not let the fear of soaring medical bills take away your moments with your pet. You can still afford the medical expenses by seeking the various insurance policy on offer at Embrace. You get full assurance of a complete reimbursement after spending dollars during your vet visits at Embrace. Try registering with Embrace and get a quote from their website. Reach out to the Embrace pet insurance contact to read through the policy requirements before selecting your preferred coverage.

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