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The Best Dog Treat Dispensers with Camera in 2020

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Dog Sniffing Automatic Treat DispencerTreat-dispensing cameras allow you to interact with your dog while not in the home. Now, these treat dispensers will never fully replace the attention of a human; they will make your dog happier and less lonely.

This article will cover the five best cameras. We’ll also cover some of the benefits of owning a treat-dispensing camera and commonly asked questions.

Furbo Dog Camera & Speaker

Our Top Choice:

Furbo Dog Camera & Speaker is packed with useful features. It tosses treats, recognizes barking, detects humans, sends notifications, and provides real-time communication between dogs and their owners. And, it’s super easy to install!

Comparison Table

Our Rating:
Buy from:
Furbo Dog Camera & Speaker
Furbo Dog Camera & Speaker
  • Extremely wide 160-degree lens.
  • Night vision.
  • 4x optical zoom.
  • Bark sensor.
  • Automatically detects human intruders.
PetChatz HD
PetChatz HD
  • Mounts directly to the wall.
  • Records video of your dog.
  • Spray nozzle for good smelling mist.
  • Excellent customer service.
Petzi Wi-Fi Camera & Treat Dispenser
Petzi Wi-Fi Camera & Treat Dispenser
  • Great price.
  • Wall-mounted.
  • Integrated Amazon Dash replenishment — never run out of treats!
  • Unlimited viewership of the stream.
Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera
Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera
  • Wide-angle lens (110 degrees).
  • 2-way radio allows you to listen AND speak to your pet.
  • Built-in laser pointer.
  • Desktop compatibility.
Petcube Bites Pet Camera
Petcube Bites Pet Camera
  • Cloud-based storage for up to 4 hours of footage.
  • Two-way audio allows you to listen to your pet.
  • Smart alerts indicate barking, meowing, or humans.
  • Wide 138-degree lens.

Benefits of a Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera

There are a bunch of different reasons to use a treat-dispensing dog camera. Here are some of our favorite reasons:

  • Entertainment
    Using a treat-dispensing camera is very entertaining for the owner and the pet. The owners gets to see the happiness in their dog’s face when it receives food — something every owner loves. The dog gets to eat a tasty treat. Everyone is happy with these cameras.
  • Automatic Feeding
    All the cameras on our list have the option to automatically dispense treats. This means you don’t have to constantly open your app to dispense treats. Though we must admit that dispensing treats while watching is quite fun.
  • Dog Training
    You can also use a treat-dispensing camera to train your dog. It’s actually much easier than it sounds. For instance, if you have a camera with bark detection, you can tell your dog to quiet down once they start barking. They will usually be confused since they can hear you without seeing you. However, they will eventually stop barking. You can give them a treat as a reward for not barking. This method works surprisingly well for training your dog to stay quiet. Some dogs will figure out that barking rewards them with a treat, but most dogs don’t figure that out.
  • Record Videos
    You can record video of your dog acting up. Trust us, your dog gets into trouble when you’re away. Many dog owners have been surprised that their pooch misbehaves once left alone.
  • Reduce Your Anxiety
    Many pet owners get anxious when they leave their dog home alone. Fortunately, a pet camera can alleviate some of the anxiety. The treat-dispenser alleviates even more anxiety since you can feed your dog with it. Now, it might not be the best source of food, but it will provide enough food for them to make it until you can get home.
  • Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety
    You would be surprised how anxious some dogs get when left alone. Dogs will often bark, search the house, and generally worry about your well-being while away. The speaker allows you to talk to them and should calm them down until you return home.

Individual Reviews

Our Favorite

#1 Furbo Dog Camera & Speaker

Furbo Dog Camera & SpeakerAs you can see from the above list, the Furbo is jam packed with features that you wouldn’t expect on a dog camera such as a wide-lens camera. Other features we like include the Amazon Echo compatibility, compatibility with any small treat, and a speaker that allows your dog to communicate with you.

The wide lens of the Furbo, in particular, is super nice. It allows you to see a bigger area, which means you’re more likely to see your dog. Don’t underestimate the value of that feature in a big room.

Perhaps our favorite feature is the bark sensor. Anytime your dog barks a notification will be sent to your phone. This makes it different than most dog cameras that send you general sound notifications. Those notifications have a tendency to send lots of false alerts. The Furbo is very accurate at identifying the different sounds that occur in your home.

Furbo Dog Camera & SpeakerThe advanced AI on the Furbo can even detect humans. This means you can use the Furbo as a general burglar camera AND a pet camera. It’s a win-win with the Furbo.

Final Verdict
It’s a good pet-dispensing dog camera AND a good burglar camera. We can’t really find anything wrong with it. Price, features, camera quality, and installation are all excellent. Some people complain that they must use a smartphone or tablet to operate the camera, but practically everyone has a smartphone.

We highly recommend considering the Furbo as your next pet camera purchase because of all the features. However, if you do not have a smartphone, you should purchase a camera that is desktop compatible.

PetChatz HD Pet Treat CameraThe PetChatz HD is a little different than the other cameras on our list. It allows your dog to communicate with you by more than audio. This dispenser has a screen so your dog can see your face.

Here are some other key features that we like.

First, this camera mounts directly to the wall so your dog can’t knock it over or interfere with it in any way. That’s a good feature, but it’s not an uncommon feature. The uncommon feature of the PetChatz is the ability to record video of your dog. This isn’t a super useful feature. Though catching your dog doing some funny stuff while you’re away is very entertaining.

Next, the spray nozzle on this pumps out a nice smelling scent. This might be nice for your dog. Though we find it more useful for humans. If you see your dog has had an accident, you can spray the scent and make your home smell good for your arrival. Unfortunately, you still have to clean up the mess.

PetChatz HD Pet Treat CameraFinally, your dog can actually see you on the digital display. They also have a speaker and microphone that allows them to communicate with you. And yes, dogs can see the display and should recognize you once you start speaking. You and your dog can have lots of fun with this camera!

Final Verdict
This is our favorite treat-dispensing dog camera with a monitor for your dog. The only two downsides are the price and that you must use PetChatz dog treats. Using other treats will actually void the warranty.

We still believe the benefits of allowing your dog to see you and the spray nozzle are worth the higher price. However, the final decision truly depends on how much you value your dog seeing your face.

Petzi Wi-Fi Camera & Treat DispenserThe Petzi treat-dispenser camera is a good affordable option — it’s the most affordable unit at the time of writing. This model cuts out all the bonus features to lower the cost while still delivering value where it counts. Here are some of the features that we like.

First things first, the Petzi is the lowest priced option on our list. If you’re looking for the best-priced camera, this is the camera for you. It has more going for it than just the price though. It’s wall-mounted, like the PetChatz, so your dog can’t knock it down.

One of the more unique features is the integrated Amazon Dash replenishment feature. Basically, the system automatically reorders pet treats when it detects that you’re about to run out. You can use any type of pet treat smaller than a quarter too, so you can give your dog their favorite treat. This also works great if you have a dog that requires a special diet.

Petzi Wi-Fi Camera & Treat DispenserFinally, multiple people can access the camera. All they have to do is download the Petzi app on their phone. Everyone in the family can watch the dog while out of the house — a feature not available on all pet cameras.

Final Verdict
Overall, it’s a quality product at an even better price. We only have two (minor) complaints: the camera is only 720p and some customers have experienced hardware problems. Fortunately, Petzi customer service is top notch and quickly fixes any problems that may arise. You also get cool features like automatic replenishment and unlimited device access to the camera — your entire family can watch your pup!

Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet CameraThe Pawbo+ pet camera is a top-notch camera full of features. It’s comparable to the Furbo camera. Here are some features that we like.

As you can see from the table above, this camera has more features than many of the other treat-dispensing cameras on our list. Our favorite feature is the built-in laser pointer. Your dog definitely won’t be bored play with it. Plus, the laser pointer works great for entertaining a cat if you have one. Cats love laser pointers.

The lens on the camera is considered ultra-wide at 130 degrees. That is still narrower than the Furbo, but 130 degrees will allow you to see a huge area. It works fine for all but the widest rooms.

This also has a 4x optical zoom that allows you to really zoom in on your dog’s activity. The only problem with the zoom is that you can’t move the camera to follow your dog around the house. To be entirely fair, all the cameras on our list have that problem. The technology for movable cameras is still a few years out in the pet camera market.

However, you can connect multiple cameras together. For instance, you could put a camera in every room of your house and switch between them to find your dog. Personally, we don’t find this necessary with a treat-dispensing camera since your dog will almost always come for a treat. You can also call your dog by using your phone’s microphone if they don’t come for a treat.

Final Verdict
All in all, we like the Pawbo+ and have nothing against it. It’s slightly more expensive than the Furbo. Though it does have more features than the Furbo such as a laser pointer, desktop compatibility, and the ability to record videos. If those features are important to you, especially desktop compatibility, we recommend purchasing the Pawbo+ rather than the Furbo.

Petcube Bites Pet CameraLast on our list is the Petcube Bites Pet Camera. This might be the last camera on our list, but it is still a feature rich treat-dispensing camera with an ultra wide lens.

Some of the features that we really like include 4 hours of cloud storage. Petcube doesn’t even require a subscription to see the footage. The wide-angle lens is nice, you can see more of your room. The 3x zoom means you can zoom in your dog if he/she is standing far away. However, you can’t move the camera to track your dog.

Two-way audio is a nice feature. Not everyone wants it, but some people really like it since you can hear barks. It’s especially useful if you need to monitor your dog’s snoring.

Petcube Bites Pet CameraAs for treats, you can load up any treat that fits inside the dispenser. You can also adjust the distance that the treats are thrown, which makes it much more fun for your dog.

Finally, the smart alerts are convenient. They are especially convenient because once movement is detected a recording automatically begins. This way you can see everything that your dog does.

Final Verdict
Overall, we’re a fan of the Petcube Bites. It’s mounts on the wall, it has night vision, and has two-way audio. The price is acceptable for the amount of features that you get too. Our only complaint is that some people find setting it up difficult, but that isn’t a problem unique to the Petcube.

Installing a Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera

Installing these dog cameras requires a little more thought than you probably think. It’s not the process of setting it up that is difficult. The hard part is determining the best spot to place the camera.

In our experience, installing the camera near your dog’s bed is ideal. If your dog doesn’t have a bed and just sleeps wherever, you have more issues. In that case, we recommend installing the camera in your main room or near the food dish.

For the most part, it isn’t very important where you install a treat-dispensing camera since you can call your dog over for a treat. Though we still recommend installing it in a location that doesn’t always require you to call your dog.

One final tip, make sure you install the camera high up if it’s a wall-mounted camera. Dogs sometimes like to jump up and they can knock down the camera. Some dogs like to lick the lens for some reason, which is very annoying because you can’t see anything until you clean the lens. Dog slobber can also damage the camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my dog see me on the digital display?- Yes. Dogs can certainly see you on the display. Though a bigger and brighter display makes it easier for the dog to see you.

How loud are the speakers?- They are about as loud as placing your phone on speakerphone. Your dog will most likely hear you unless you have a massive home.

Can my dog hear me?- Yes. Your dog will recognize your voice over the speaker.

What types of treats can I use?- Most of the dispensers allow you to use any treat that fits. We recommend dry and hard treats as they are less likely to jam the dispenser.

Can the dispenser automatically dispense treats?- Yes. All the pet dispensers can be set to automatically dispense treats.

Can I install this outside?- You could. However, they aren’t waterproof nor are they weatherproof. It voids the warranty on many of the dispensers as well. We don’t recommend installing any of the dispensers listed outside.

Will my dog get scared?- It depends. Your dog will mostly be confused since they can hear your voice without seeing you. Some dogs will even run around the house looking for you. Most dogs get used to it fairly quick — especially since treats come out of the camera.

Will the dispenser throw the treats at the dog?- Some dispensers throw treats at the dogs. Others simply drop the treat underneath the dispenser.

How will my dog find the treat?- You can call them over and then dispense the treat. Your dog should see the treat fall. They will eventually learn that the treat-dispenser drops treats.

How many treats do the dispensers hold?- This depends on the dispenser. They hold enough to last a few days to a few weeks depending on how often you give your dog treats.


All in all, our favorite camera is the Furbo. It’s a good priced camera that has all the features that you need — camera, dispenser, bark detector. If you have a bigger budget, then you can purchase an even higher quality camera such as the Petchatz. It has a digital display so your dog can see your face. Finally, if you absolutely need desktop access to the camera your best option is the Petchatz. It’s not that much more expensive than the Furbo, but it does have desktop compatibility.

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