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The Best Dog Ramps and Ladders for Boats 2019

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and RampThese little items are great for those of us who enjoy going to the lake or ocean with our boats. Your dog will be sure to enjoy them. While dog boat ramps aren’t super useful on dry land, once you haul the boat out into the water a bit and give your dog a call they’ll soon be on board and shaking the water out of their fur with a vengeance.

Keep in mind these dog ladders are just for boats or docks, for indoor use or loading into vehicles, there are also options available.

Our Recommendation

If your dog is nautically inclined, then get the Dog-on Water Ramp in order to let her get in and out of your boat with ease. It’s simple to connect this inflatable dog boat ramp to your pontoon boat and it makes the best option for a wide variety of different pets without having to worry about anything due to the solid nature of its construction.

Comparison Table

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Dog Boarding Ramps & Ladders
Dog-on Water Ramp
  • Durable and flexible fabric.
  • A dog can enter and leave the boat at will.
  • Molded plastic resin deck.
  • Galvanized/stainless steel fasteners and tubing.
  • Instructions on using the inflatable dog boat ramp included.
Load–A–Pup Boat Ramp
  • Made from aircraft aluminum.
  • Fits all boats with boarding ladders.
  • Powder-coat finish.
  • Wide platform for sitting.
Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and Ramp
  • Suitable for small, sick, elderly or overweight dogs.
  • Sturdy but lightweight.
  • Adjustable for boats with a smaller width.
  • Folds up easily for storage.
Dog Boat Boarding Ladder
  • Ideal for dogs up to 125 lbs.
  • Robust slip-proof mesh.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Fits on most boats.
Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder
  • Durable aluminum and stainless steel built.
  • Design ideal for hunting.
  • Great for large dogs.
Dog Pool Ramps & Steps
Skamper-Ramp Super Skamper Ramp
  • Corrosion-resistant rope and hardware.
  • Metal clips for attaching the ramp to the side of the pool.
  • White and ribbed design to make it easily visible.
Paws Aboard Dog Pool Steps White
  • Chlorine-resistant, stable and long-lasting.
  • No damage to vinyl pool liners.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Shipped fully assembled.

Tips on How to Choose a Dog Boat Ramp or Ladder

Selecting the dog ramp for your boat or dog dock ladder boils down to your canine companion and the place that you want to attach the gear to. It makes sense to measure the weight of your dog to ensure that the boat ramp, ladder or dog stairs for a boat you’ll purchase can hold the weight of your canine buddy. Moreover, given that you will use these features frequently, you need to settle on products that can withstand the pressure being placed on them regularly. For puppies or small breed dogs, a ramp can come in handy as opposed to stairs because they are too small for high steps.

In conclusion, always have an eye on your dog whenever she is in the water. These products are meant to improve the experience of hanging out with your pet but not to keep you from watching them. That said, I hope these reviews help you to choose the best dog boat ramp, ladder or steps for great times in the water.

Individual Reviews of Dog Boarding Ramps

Our Favorite

#1 Dog-on Water Ramp

This boat ramp comes with a strong and flexible fabric referred to as the “superman mesh” where your dog can rest while on the lake or ocean. Its deck is molded plastic resin with through-holes to allow for drainage of water, and ridges for more traction. On any day, your canine companion will enjoy sitting on this dog boarding ramp given that there is nothing her paws or claws can get entangled in.

Apart from the fact this pet ramp is partially made of fabric, it will never get waterlogged, and in turn, mildewed or rotted. All fasteners and tubing on this floating dog ramp are galvanized or stainless steel to keep rust at bay. There is no painted metal on the ramp that can rust either.

This ramp can be easily attached to appropriate points on your boat using a rope from the front edge of its deck. Keep in mind that the exact way you attach this feature will largely depend on your particular boat’s kind and construction. It is an excellent dog ramp for a pontoon boat because it is floatable and can be easily attached to almost anything. By the way, you can attach it to a boat dock as well.

It is suitable for dogs from 10 to 200 lbs. The specifications for this pet boat ramp are:

  • inflated dimensions: 34″ wide x 63″ long;
  • deflated dimensions: 34″ wide x 21″ long x 8″ deep;
  • deck: 34″ wide x 21″ deep;
  • weight: 18 lbs.


Load - A - Pup Boat RampThere is something to be said for a nice ramp which will let your dog get on the boat easily. That something is “Booyah!” since now the two of you will be able to go on aquatic adventures together without you having to worry about lifting your pup out of the water to get her back to the deck.

It’s easy to install, with a fairly large 14”x20” platform that unfolds into the water and allows dogs to reach it with their paws and easily climb back onboard.

It fits well on pretty much any boat ladder, making it a natural extension of the boat itself. It folds up easily against the side for when you’re on the throttle and stays out of the way.

It’s suitable for almost any dog that enjoys the water, so if you’re looking to take your pet out for a fun day in the open water it’s an investment that’s more than worthy for the small hit to your wallet.


Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and RampSmall dogs like the water too, but sometimes they can’t make it with just a regular dog boat ramp. In that case, the Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard has you covered.

You’ll be able to easily attach it to the existing ladder on your boat to allow your canine companion to get in and out of the lake or ocean. You’ll want to be a bit wary of just how large of a dog you let use it, however, it’s definitely situated for small to medium-large dogs.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and RampIt’s made of plastic so it’ll stay above the surface of the water and remain light enough for anyone to maneuver it into position when it’s time to get going.

If you’ve got a furry one whom you want to take on a fantastic ocean odyssey or a relaxing jaunt around the lake we highly recommend it. You might just have found the easiest way to help them get in and out of the water.


If safety is your number one concern, then this cool dog boat ladder by Drifter Marine will be an awesome addition to you and your dog’s adventures on the lake or ocean. It has a 16″x35″ slip-proof mesh platform that your dog can comfortably and quickly climb to get in and out of the boat. Simply hook this boarding ladder on the side of your fishing boat making sure it goes all the way into the water, and that’s it.

Apart from ease of installation on almost any boat, this dog ladder is also foldable and simple to adjust. That means you can carry it anywhere without much hassle, store it away without taking up much space and adjust its legs to fit your boat’s angle when you are in the water. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the dog ramp scratching your boat as there are rubber guards in place just for this.

This dog boat ladder is great for use in the ocean as it stays in place under the water even when waves hit. Even though it is specifically built for use on a boat, it can also be used as a pet boarding ladder on the pool as well – as long as you find a place to mount it or drill it in. This dog ladder will fit the above ground pools the best.


Measuring 24x13x6 inches, this olive drab green two-way adjustable ladder by Beavertail is wonderful for helping your dog to get into the water and climb back onto your duck boat without any help. This boarding ladder’s design is quite nice and the size not too cumbersome. It can go in as much as 10 inches into the water so that it is easy for even a large dog to climb on.

The best thing about this dog ladder is that it’s pretty easy to mount onto your boat and when it is time to keep it away, it folds up to a very small size. The fact that you can fold it up also means that you don’t have to unmount it when you motor your boat – simply fold it and unfold when you get to another hunting spot.

Although it’s designed for water hunting, it can also work well as a dog dock ladder. It’s quite steady – just make sure you tighten the nuts well. Plus, it has rubber arms which makes it safe to use on an aluminum boat – you would hate to find scratches on your boat’s hull after a great day out on the lake.


Individual Reviews of Dog Pool Ramps and Steps

Taking your dog out for swimming is a great fun activity for both of you. Besides that, if your canine friend is elderly or has a problem that makes it hard for them to run, walk, or exercise on land, swimming in a pool can be an excellent exercise for the bones, muscles, and joints without straining the dog too much.

Whenever you take your dog out for swimming, remember to set up a ramp or dog pool steps. These features are a great aid for dogs who have trouble climbing out of pools. Dog pool ramps work pretty much the same as wheelchair ramps used by humans. They help dogs get in and out of elevated places with ease without any pain or strain. With a dog ramp for water, your canine companion will effectively control his/her swimming while avoiding slips into the pool and any resultant injuries.

There are detailed reviews of the best dog ladders for swimming pool to help you pick one for your needs. Go through them to identify the gear you want to let your dog have a good time at the pool while staying safe at the same time.

Our Favorite

With this pool ramp designed specifically for dogs, you do not have to panic on those days when your canine friend falls into a pool. Given that most dogs are natural swimmers, your dog will easily swim to this perforated ramp and get out to safety. You can attach this ramp to any side of your pool using the rope and hardware included into the product packaging.

This lightweight, ribbed plastic dog water ramp stays afloat when in use and comes out of the pool when not in use. It is made from 8-mm recyclable, UV-resistant, box-corrugated polypropylene. It’s good news for you because your ramp will not turn yellow over time.

On purchasing this product, expect inclusions such as a nylon rope, bolts, nuts, and wing strips. Apart from that, you will find an instruction manual with installation description. That said, there is one caveat: this product is not ideal for soft-sided-vinyl, temporary, above the ground pools.

The Super Skamper’s dimensions are 27″x 6″x 14″, and it weighs 6 pounds.

This easy to install 28x18x21 inches dog steps for pool is a wonderful safety addition for any dog owner who has a swimming pool and a pet that loves being in the water. The first step goes about 14.5 inches deep while the second about 8.5 inches once installed. With this PoolPup steps, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting in and out of the water especially when you are not near the pool.

You can use these steps as dog stairs for above ground or inground pool but not as dog boat steps. You can train your dog on how to use the dog steps for swimming pool in minutes so she can use them to get to safety if there is no one around. It doesn’t take much effort to install too, just drill two pins to hold it in place on the deck – you get the drill bit in the packaging. Then you can remove it anytime you want by taking out the pins and pulling it out of the water.

These pet pool steps don’t have holes; so, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s paws getting stuck while climbing up or down into the pool. PoolPup dog steps are also slip-proof  meaning your dog can get on without sliding off. These brand-new dog steps for above ground pool are available on Amazon and come in a beautiful design and white color.


Why Do You Need Dog Water Ramps, Ladders or Steps?

As a dog owner, you would want your four-legged buddy to enjoy time out with you in the water. Dog ramps, boat steps, and boarding ladders are great when you want to take your pet to the lake, ocean or let her enjoy your own swimming pool. Many dogs like going into the water, therefore, providing them a ladder or dog boat stairs helps them to get in and out making it easier and safer for them. Also, dog parents should use dog life vests while spending time on the open water to ensure their pets are safe.

Even if your dog is used to jumping into the pool, having dog pool stairs prevent injury when swimming. Your dog won’t have to deal with bruises and bumps after a day out by the water if you provide her a dog ramp for a boat or dock. These steps or stairs can also come in handy in case your dog falls into the pool accidentally, and you are not nearby. They can climb on to the deck and into safety using the steps.

Your old or injured dog won’t have to miss out on the fun when you go out swimming while a ramp or ladder makes it easier for your dog to get in and out of the water. And if you own a large dog, dog steps for a boat are a relief. You won’t have to pull her from the water. With a bit of training, your dog will climb up to you from the water when you call her.

Most importantly, a boarding ladder or floating dog ramp for a boat, or steps to a swimming pool ensures that your dog has safe and enjoyable time in the water.

If you have an open pool you probably saw wild critters and animals fallen there. Sometimes, it’s too late to save them. Small animals just can’t use pool ladders or even dog steps to get out of water.

This Amazon’s bestseller FrogLog Animal Saving Escape Ramp helps frogs, mice, chipmunks, ducklings, and other little creatures to get out once they have fallen into the pool. Easy to install and totally life-saving. Read happy stories here.


There’s no excuse not to take your dog anywhere they might enjoy, and with the right ramp for your boat you’ll be able to cruise the waves with your favorite animal. They’ll be able to enjoy the water and get in and out of the boat with a surprising amount of ease, and you’ll be able to allow them to get in and out of the boat without any trouble at all.

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