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The Best Dog Ramps and Ladders for Boats 2019

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and RampThese little items are great for those of us who enjoy going to the lake or ocean with our boats. Your dog will be sure to enjoy them. While they aren’t super useful on dry land, once you haul the boat out into the water a bit and give your dog a call they’ll soon be on board and shaking the water out of their fur with a vengeance.

Keep in mind these are just for boats, for at home or loading into vehicles, there are also options available.

Our Recommendation

If your dog is nautically inclined, then get the Load-A-Pup Boat Ramp in order to let them get in and out of your boat with ease. It’s simple to connect to your boat and makes the best option for a wide variety of different pets without having to worry about anything due to the solid nature of its construction.

Our Favorite

Load – A – Pup Boat Ramp

Load - A - Pup Boat RampThere is something to be said for a nice ramp which will let your dog get on the boat easily. That something is “Booyah!” since now the two of you will be able to go on aquatic adventures together without you having to worry about lifting them out of the water to get them back to the deck.

It’s easy to install, with a fairly large 14”x20” platform that unfolds into the water and allows them to get purchase with their paws and easily climb back onboard.

It fits well on pretty much any boat ladder, making it a natural extension of the boat itself. It folds up easily against the side for when you’re on the throttle and stay out of the way.

It’s suitable for almost any dog that enjoys the water, so if you’re looking to take your pet out for a fun day in the water it’s an investment that’s more than worthy for the small hit to your wallet.


Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and Ramp

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and RampSmall dogs like the water too, but sometimes they can’t make do with just a simple dog step or ramp. In that case, the Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder has you covered.

You’ll be able to easily attach it to the existing ladder on your boat to allow your canine companion to get in and out of the lake or ocean. You’ll want to be a bit wary of just how large of a dog you let use it, however, it’s definitely not for even medium-large dogs.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and RampIt’s made of plastic so it’ll stay above the surface of the water and remain light enough for anyone to maneuver it into position when it’s time to get going.

If you’ve got a little one whom you want to take on a fantastic ocean odyssey or a relaxing jaunt around the lake we highly recommend it. You might just have found the easiest way to help them get in and out of the water.



There’s no excuse not to take your dog anywhere they might enjoy, and with the right ramp for your boat you’ll be able to cruise the waves with your favorite animal. They’ll be able to enjoy the water and get in and out of the boat with a surprising amount of ease, and you’ll be able to allow them to get in and out of the boat without any trouble at all.

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