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The 10 Best Dog Sweaters of 2020

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Best Dog SweatersWe often ask why we need dog clothes. Like it or not, clothing is a kind of human invasion of the animal’s comfort zone. In this regard, you can understand the opponents of dressing pets. But! Man has long invaded the laws of nature, and modern dogs and cats are different from their ancestors. We have developed breeds that need additional care and protection from cold and dirt. That is why you need to find the best dog sweaters to ensure the comfort of your pup.

Most of the pets lack a warming undercoat; there are bare breeds; there are those that have hair instead of wool. We have developed miniature breeds on short legs, which are wildly cold, and their organs are at risk of frostbite and all the diseases resulting from this. Hence, we are responsible for what we have done, and therefore we are obliged to do everything possible so that our animals are safe. Thus, dog clothing is a necessity, a way to take care of your pet.

KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie Pet Clothes Sweaters with Hat

Our Top Choice: KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie

Do You need a stylish dog? The best option is a KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie. It’s comfortable and warm clothing for your dog or pup(You can buy choose one of the 6 sizes. Back has a hole for leash and kangaroo pocket can be great for dog treats.

Comparison Table

Product Information
Our Rating:
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KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Sweater
KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Sweater
  • The trendy look of plaid design
  • Plush lining to ensure warmth of the dog
  • Protects from windy weather
  • Brand Name - KOOLTAIL
  • Sizes - XS to XXL
  • Colors - 3
  • Price - $$
Mihachi Dog Sweater
Mihachi Dog Sweater
  • High-quality fabric provides warmth to the dog
  • An elastic leash is easy to put on
  • Six color options to your taste
  • Brand Name - Mihachi
  • Sizes - XS to L
  • Colors - 4
  • Price - $$
FAMI Turtleneck Classic Straw-Rope Pet Dog Sweater
FAMI Turtleneck Classic Straw-Rope Pet Dog Sweater
  • Suitable mostly for small dogs
  • Warming fabric for dogs that do not have fur
  • Suitable for nights and easy to put on
  • Brand Name - FAMI
  • Sizes - S to L
  • Colors - 5
  • Price - $
BINGPET Turtleneck Dog Sweater
BINGPET Turtleneck Dog Sweater
  • Has a stylish holiday print with a bone
  • Made with elastic acrylic material
  • Keep warms in the fall and the winter
  • Brand Name - BINGPET
  • Sizes - XS to L
  • Colors - 4
  • Price - $$
Fashion Focus On Pet Dog Clothes
Fashion Focus On Pet Dog Clothes
  • Sweater Design Designed for Small Dogs
  • Sweater warms the whole body of the dog
  • Soft and fleecy protection against cold
  • Brand Name - Fashion Focus On
  • Sizes - XXS to Xl
  • Colors - 11
  • Price - $$

Is There a Need to Purchase Dog Sweaters?

Clothing for dogs is a useful tool for the care of our pets. While most suits and overalls are made for small pampered decorative dogs, now, more often, you can see a dressed Doberman, collie, or Labrador. Such clothes are not only protection against wind and frost for dogs without undercoat (German boxer, bull terrier, Staffordshire terrier, pug, pinscher, and others), but also a real-life buoy for owners of dogs of long-haired breeds (Pekingese, Spitz, Collie, Spaniel). Now they don’t have to bathe their dogs after every walk in the rainy and slushy – wash their paws and wipe the jumpsuit.

What To Look for When Selecting a Look for Your Dog?

Whatever thing you choose for your pet, the most important thing is that it must comply with the rule of a combination of comfort, quality, beauty. Support for a pet means comfort in wearing and proper thermoregulation at any time of the year. Clothing should not hamper the frequent movements of the animal. For example, KOOLTAIL Plaid is the best example of comfort and quality. The fabric is comfy and easy to machine wash.

Dog SweaterThe design of the sweater is very thought out. The suite is comfortable to put on, and there are leash holes at the back. The shirt will not twist and cause discomfort to your dog. It will not only look stylish but will also be warm because the sliver has a plush lining.

Take into account the active lifestyle of pets, the frequent washing of clothes, when picking a proper material of the best dog sweaters. Given these factors, you need to choose things from high-quality and durable fabrics that do not cling to the coat, do not lose color, and do not deform after frequent washing. When buying raincoats, pay attention to the waterproofness of raincoat fabric. The ideal raincoat should be impregnated, with glued seams and accessories made of stainless materials.

What are the Cons of Online Shopping for a Dog?

When buying clothing for your dog, of course, it is advisable to take it with you to the store. If this is not possible, you need to know the weight of the doggie (for small dogs) and the volume of the chest (for larger ones). Clothing should be bought exclusively in the presence of a dog. When buying dog clothes, fitting is crucial to make sure your pet is comfortable; the clothes are not too spacious or tight, the seams or straps do not crush anywhere.

What Type of Closing is Best for Your Pup?

Some owners prefer coveralls or jackets for jumpsuits. Such clothes may not be the best choice for winter. The coat almost does not cover the belly and groin of your pet, protecting only the back and sides, and the legs generally remain open. As a result, some parts of the body become excessively warm, while others remain open. This can lead to colds or joint problems.

Doesn’t Clothing Blocks the Harness Access.

Properly sewn clothing for the dog has well-thought-out openings near the neck so that the clothes do not interfere with the leash, causing discomfort and uncomfortable sensations. So make sure that this item in the design of clothing for the dog is mentioned and a solution is found.

How to Make Sure It’s Easy to Put on?

Make sure that the sweater, jumpsuit, and that you do not buy, easily dressed on your dog. Ideally, there should be a button or zippers on the back, a wide neck, so as not to put pressure on the ears when dressing and all other details common to children’s clothing. The clothes should be well fixed and not twisted during the movement of the dog.

Mihachi Dog Sweater - Winter Coat Apparel Classic Cable Knit Clothes for Cold WeatherHow to Check that Dog’s Clothing is Good?

Naked dogs (Chinese crested, for example) and long-haired breeds (Maltese lapdogs, Yorks) need to pick up clothes with a smooth lining of viscose or silk, with neat seams. Otherwise, the new thing will rub the skin or severely confuse the coat. For any breed, it is better if the clothes are fastened with a zipper. “Velcro,” when the dog turns sharply, unfasten and, besides, quickly clogged with hair and stop working.

You can choose any color of clothing piece; all colors to a dog are absolutely the same – the main thing is that the owner likes it. But the fabric should be light and pleasant for the dog. That is why fur is often used in clothing for animals.

Does all Dog’s Clothing Easy to Wash? 

Ideally, to quickly clean the dog’s clothes, which are likely to get dirty after the first walk, there should be a machine wash option. Carefully watch that the fabric’s material is pleasant for the dog to avoid discomfort and allergy to synthetic materials. Ensure that the fabric does not shrink after washing and does not deform,  that you wash your clothes following all the rules for caring for this fabric.

Top 10 Sweaters for Your Cub to Keep it Safe and Warm

KOOLTAIL Plaid Dog Hoodie Pet Clothes Sweaters with HatProduct Information

Brand Name – KOOLTAIL
Sizes – XS to XXL
Colors – 3
Price – $$

Want to create a cool look for your dog? This fashionable check shirt will make your dog a chic urban mod and is one of the best dog sweaters. The main thing is to choose the right shirt size. The material consists of cotton and polyester, which provides elasticity to the fabric, which will not interfere with the dog to move actively. This model is available in six sizes, and you can choose the perfect fit for your pet. The sweater is tight and will not let the wind through, so walking in windy weather will be more pleasant.


  • The trendy look of plaid design.
  • Plush lining to ensure warmth of the dog.
  • Protects from windy weather.


  • Excellent material quality
  • Easy to wear
  • There is a hole for the collar and leash
  • Machine wash
  • Easy to wear


  • Difficult to choose the right size

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Mihachi Dog Sweater - Winter Coat Apparel Classic Cable Knit Clothes for Cold WeatherProduct Information

Brand Name – Mihachi
Sizes – XS to L
Colors – 4
Price – $$

A fashionable and stylish summoned coat for your dog will create a cute look but also protect the dog from dirt, cold, and wind. So you can take long and comfortable walks in the fall and winter without fear that the dog will freeze and become sick. Associated with high-quality terylene threads, it will be super comfy and soft for the dog. You will be pleased to hold the dog in your hands, and you will not be afraid of its discomfort. Ideally, it is suitable for a home than for walks in the park, because the fabric quickly deteriorates. Suitable both for small and medium dog sweaters are easy to take care of and clean. The collar is elastic, it is effortless to put on, and a place for a leash is thought out.


  • High-quality fabric provides warmth to the dog.
  • An elastic leash is easy to put on.
  • Six color options to your taste.
  • There are openings for the legs, but the legs remain open.


  • Ideal for winter and fall
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Warm and protects from the wind


  • Fabric stretches over time

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FAMI Turtleneck Classic Straw-Rope Pet Dog Sweater ApparelProduct Information

Brand Name – FAMI
Sizes – S to L
Colors – 5
Price – $

A classic, non-annoying print will appeal to you and will warm your dog. The primary material from which the turtleneck is made, acrylic, is soft, pleasant to the senses, and does not irritate your dog. It will keep dogs with little fur warm and give comfort and protection to your small dogs. Unfortunately, this model is designed exclusively for small dogs.


  • Suitable mostly for small dogs.
  • Warming fabric for dogs that do not have fur.
  • Suitable for nights and easy to put on.
  • A classic and restrained style, available in different colors, combining comfort and beauty.


  • Knitted and stylish
  • Dog sweaters for small dogs
  • You can sleep in it


  • Not suitable for large dogs

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BINGPET Turtleneck Dog SweaterProduct Information

Brand Name – BINGPET
Sizes – XS to L
Colors – 4
Price – $$

It is a little more delicate and brighter version of a knitted sweater for your doggie. The same acrylic that your dog likes and positively perceives. The deer print makes the look of your doggie more festive and fun, so it is ideal as a gift. A hole for the leash, which facilitates comfort when walking your dog, is also there. The sweater is elastic, it is effortless to put on the dog, and it will not prevent your dog from moving. Besides, the sweater is easily machine washable with a soft wash. He will warm, protect the dog from pollution and thorns, as well as make the dog stand out on the street.


  • Has a stylish holiday print with a bone.
  • Made with elastic acrylic material.
  • Keep warms in the fall and the winter.
  • Ideal attire for outside walking.


  • Hole for a collar
  • Machine washable
  • Bright print


  • The price is high

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Fashion Focus On Pet Dog Clothes Knitwear Dog SweaterProduct Information

Brand Name – Fashion Focus On
Sizes – XXS to Xl
Colors – 11
Price – $$

A soft wool model that is explicitly modeled for small dogs to protect them from damp weather. In it, the dog will feel protected from the cold, snow, and wind. A variety of colors will help you choose little dog sweaters that will look cute on your doggie. Also, the fabric is easily washed and dries within a few hours.


  • Sweater Design Designed for Small Dogs.
  • Sweater warms the whole body of the dog.
  • Soft and fleecy protection against cold.


  • Quick machine wash
  • Stylish and beautiful look
  • Easy to measure the size


  • Not suitable for large dogs

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Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Clothes for Dog Cat Puppy Hoodies Coat Winter SweatshirtProduct Information

Brand Name – Scheppend
Sizes – XS to 9XL
Colors – 10
Price – $$

If you like walking in sportswear, you can buy a pair of jumpsuits for your dog. It’s not only dressed easily but also protects the dog from the wind and bad weather. You can easily find the size that suits your dog, thanks to the detailed table. Choose the color that you like best, and walk with your dog in the mornings and evenings, standing out on the site.

The jumpsuit is sewn with ultra-breathable fabric, it has a fleece lining, so it will not overheat, but will keep warm in the fall or even on cool summer evenings. There is a hood, and the volume is easy to adjust, as the jumpsuit has a button closure. Overalls are also durable and robust, but they must be washed manually in cold water for long-term wear.


  • Creates a stylish sporty bow for your dog.
  • Cotton fabric creates comfort.
  • The jumpsuit is conveniently sewn and easy to put on and take off.


  • super breathable fabric
  • insulation lining
  • adjustable buttons


  • Handwash only

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SCIROKKO Turtleneck Dog Sweater - Classic Cable Knit Winter CoatProduct Information

Brand Name – SCIROKKO
Sizes – XS to L
Colors – 2
Price – $$

It is a fashionable and bright classic-knit sweater that will warm your dog in cold weather. These female dog sweaters provide additional neck protection, but this will not interfere with the leash because the sweater’s design took this into account.


  • Warm fabric that will help you survive the cold months.
  • Can be worn both at home and on the street.
  •  Additional neck protection.
  • A popular type of knitting with silver wire.


  • Cute and comfortable style
  • Suitable for dogs of different sizes
  • Affordable price


  • Easy to get dirty

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CHBORCHICEN Small Dog Sweaters Knitted Pet Cat Sweater Warm Dog SweatshirtProduct Information

Sizes – S to L
Colors – 9
Price – $$

Nine color options will help you choose the perfect and stylish acrylic sweater for your dog. It is a budget but quality option to protect your dog from cold weather. Sweaters are only suitable for small pets. The strand is ordinary but comfortable and does not pinch the dog. If you are cutting your doggie, it is best to buy a sweater for her to help her keep warm in bad weather.


  • More than nine colors.
  • Nice price for high-quality tailoring and sweater.
  • Ideal small dog sweaters.


  • Easy to wash
  • Keeps warm
  • Quality acrylic


  • Need to adapt cutouts for legs and leash

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BINGPET BA1002-1 Security Patterns Printed Puppy Pet Hoodie Dog ClothesProduct Information

Brand Name – BINGPET
Sizes – S to XXL
Colors – 4
Price – $$$

Do you want a cute personal guard? Buy a sweater with a stylish print in the shape of a hoodie. Your dog will be in warmth and comfort, and you will be pleased with your dog’s style. A huge advantage is the quality of the fabric and the variety of sizes.


  • Sizes allow you to choose a sweater for both small and large dogs.
  • Easy to machine wash and dry, easy to clean.
  • Tight fit and funny bow for your dog.


  • Machine washable
  • Hoodie
  • Variety of sizes


  • Hard to choose size

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JIATECOO Classic Plaid Dog Sweater - Puppy Festive Winter Warm Cute ClothesProduct Information

Brand Name – JIATECOO
Sizes – S to L
Colors – 1
Price – $$

If you like Christmas outfits and organize one for your pet, this is the ideal option. A rich, eye-pleasing knit and color scheme will delight you, and soft material – your dog. Scottish cage on your dog immediately brings the atmosphere of the holiday. It is easy to put on a dog, ensuring protection from the cold.


  • It’s easy to walk the dog, as there is a connector for a collar.
  • Easy to wash and dry in a washing machine.
  • Holiday Outfit is a real eye-candy for its owner.


  • Machine wash and easy care
  • Softness and comfort of the material
  • Holiday outfit


  • High price

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Dog Sweaters: Is it All about Style?

Owners not accustomed to dog sweaters look with disdain on those people who torture their pets with clothes. But they are not always right in their assumptions. Very often, clothes are the only way to provide comfort to your dog in an unusual climate for her, to protect her from illnesses and injuries on the street. Rain, snow, windy weather is unpleasant not only for you but also for your pets. But still, there are still many questions regarding pet clothes, since for us this is an unusual and strange thing. We tried to answer some of them.

Why Do You Need to Buy Dog Clothes?

The answer depends on what function the clothes use for your dog. It may seem to you that the dog quickly gets used to the natural conditions, but being a pet, it will be just as difficult for you in the rain, it will be cold in winter, and it will get dirty in the mud. Dog coats and sweaters can help protect your dog from rain and snow, especially if snow is an unusual occurrence. This is also an effective way to protect your dog from excessive dirt on the streets and roads. The most common features of dog clothing are:

  • Improves the quality of life of animals;
  • Protects from the cold;
  • Protects from getting wet, making the walk fun even in the rain;
  • Do not let the dog catch a cold in windy weather;
  • Protects from ticks and parasites;
  • Protects wool from thorns and weeds;
  • Protects the delicate skin of naked animals from burning in the sun and overheating.

SCIROKKO Turtleneck Dog Sweater - Classic Cable Knit Winter CoatCan My Dog Wear the Sweater All Day Long?

Until the pet is accustomed to dog coats and sweaters, she will not want to wear a sweater. Gradually increase the length of wearing the outfit to thirty to forty minutes. Until the dog becomes accustomed to wearing clothes, do not try to take her out for a walk outside. This will lead to unnecessary stress, attempts to throw off an incomprehensible accessory. And later, you can leave clothes on the dog for as long as she is not tired of herself.

Does My Pup Need Pajamas?

Whatever the clothes, it is better for the dog to rest from her in a dream. Most likely, the dog will not be comfortable sleeping in the tissues attached to it, it may get entangled in them, or they can squeeze. Therefore, do not put it on clothes that can hamper movement and interfere with it.

Do Small Pups Need More Dog Coats and Sweaters than Large Dogs?

Long-haired dogs need clothes not so much to protect them from the cold as from the dirt they collect on themselves while walking. Jumpsuit perfectly solves this problem. By the way, some go further: in order to rid their pet of dirt that accumulates on the wool between the pads of the paws, they acquire special shoes for dogs.

How to Trick a Dog into Wearing Sweaters?

For dogs of medium and large breeds, you can simply use ordinary human clothing, which does not even need to be altered. So, sometimes you can find Rottweilers or Dobermans in men’s sweaters. For small dogs, children’s things are suitable.

The most interesting thing is that over time, the dog gets used to his dog sweaters, and he begins to like it. And whether the dog will wear clothes, it is evident immediately – by its reaction. If the newly dressed dog is calm, she liked the clothes. If she turns around, gets nervous, wants to get rid of her clothes – she’s interfering with her somewhere, and you need to choose something more convenient: size.

BINGPET BA1002-1 Security Patterns Printed PuppyDog Sweaters Are Must If You Have a Small Cub

Dog sweaters are not only about the weird owner’s urge to decorate their pet, but a practical decision to protect and take care of your four-legged-friend. Of course, the dog will need some time to get used to it, but a good jumpsuit protects and warms the entire body of the dog, not restricting its movements and not preventing it from relieving itself. All clothes need regular washing, so wash your jumpsuit after every walk through the mud. But don’t worry – good overalls dry out in half an hour.

As a rule, a dog jumpsuit is sewn from three layers of fabric – a soft lining, warm padding polyester, and waterproof raincoat fabric. The size of the overall is not fixed and can be adjusted using the buttons and Velcro sewn into it. Summer overalls are sewn from knitwear and protect the dog from dust, ticks, and thorns. So make sure you take proper care of your dog. Make sure that he is in comfort, and your walking outdoors is safe, warm, and full of fun!Need something interesting for your dog? Read about dog life jacket.

Images credits: Amazon.com

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