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Susan Davis

Lead Writer

As a retired veterinarian, Susan doesn’t just know what dogs want… she knows what they need. Having found herself discontent with retirement, she founded DogsRecommend in order to keep helping animals.

She finds herself still active in the rescue community and can be found most mornings walking her two rescues, Bryce the Pitbull and a feisty greyhound named Ollie. Add in a couple of cats and she has a complete, furred family in her home.

She has always enjoyed writing in her spare time but finally found a way to blend her passions into one complete mixture through the internet. There’s not a lot which can stop this lady when she sets her mind to something.

Her enthusiasm and enjoyment of pet-related puns is boundless and she can often be found researching and tinkering with her next article when she’s not volunteering her time or playing with her own pets.

If there’s one thing she knows, it’s dogs and she’s the brains behind the operation.

You can reach Susan at
[email protected]

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