Review: Snoozer Cozy Cave

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Does your dog have a habit of burrowing under blankets? Want to provide them with a bed that will keep them warm, cozy, and secure all night? The Snoozer Cozy Cave has a unique design that makes it especially well-suited for those intrepid canine tunneling machines that may have trouble finding a way to sleep securely on the usual fair of pads or bolster beds.

Bed Highlights

  • Unique Design: This bed is simply one of the most unique products on the market. It comes with an attached cover for your pet to burrow under. It’s ideally suited for those dogs which can’t get enough of the feeling of being under blankets.
  • Comfortable and Warm: The inner lining of this one is made of faux sheepskin which is both a tactile delight for your dog and amazingly warm. The material is also fairly durable and should hold up to the normal doggy shenanigans.
  • Removable Cover: You can remove the cover for easy machine washing with the heavy-duty brass zipper. This makes things convenient for the owner when it comes time to eliminate rancid smells and suspicious stains.
  • No Electricity: This makes a great option for those who want their dog to stay warm, but can’t spend the time to observe an electric heating pad all day. Keep your dog safely snuggled and warm with no extra hassle.

A Unique and Cute Design

The main draw of this bed is, of course, the unique design. The cover is held in place by a rigid interior, so you won’t be left with a floppy mess of fabric on the floor. If your dog likes to spend his time under the covers, this may just be the best option for you.

The design offers plenty of unique advantages over a standard dog bed, including protection from drafts while they’re under the blanket. The reality of the situation is that you’ll probably enjoy this bed just as much as your dog, there’s something to be said for the visual appeal of your dog snuggling in and under this bed. It can make for a truly complete experience since both of you will enjoy it.

The main problem here is that there aren’t a lot of options available, so be sure your dog will fit before you make the purchase. If your dog fits in size and personality, though, you’ll never regret spending the money.

The fact that it’s fully machine-washable adds another layer of convenience for the dog owner. Accidents happen, and when they do you’ll easily be able to get this bed clean without having to resort to extreme methods.

Pet owners with nervous dogs might also find this to be an ideal option. Your dog will be able to hide during his rest, which is something that a lot of dogs prefer. The unique advantages afforded by the innovative design are simply out of this world.

Product Conclusion

For nervous or burrowing dogs, the Cozy Cave is an amazing option. There’s nothing quite like it on the market. Breeds like dachshund will particularly enjoy being able to tunnel, and nervous canines will love the added security. If you think that your animal is a good fit, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with this great dog bed.

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