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13 Best Dog Halloween Costumes

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1. Lion Mane – Our Top Choice among Large Dog Halloween Costumes

lion mane dog costume

Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs

Lion mane is a hit among dog carnival outfits. It is great for short-haired breeds like Labradors. They have the most genuine lion-like look wearing this headpiece. Opt for one of two color varieties.

2. Spider  – One of the Best Small Dog Halloween Costumes

california costumes pet spider costumeCalifornia Costumes Pet Spider Costume

This one-piece costume will turn your fur baby into a giant fluffy spider. Available in medium and large sizes but looks especially irresistible on small dogs.

3. Dinosaur Costumes for Dogs

california costumes pet stegosaurus costumeCalifornia Costumes Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Full-body costumes of animals for dogs are the funniest! We vote for dinosaur costumes this Halloween. It will make a relict reptile out of any dog breed because it covers the pet all around leaving the minimum original surface visible. 

You can find a range of such outfits for sale – from shark to cow costume. Available in all sizes from the smallest that fits even cats. 

4. Front Walking Jumpsuits  – Cute Dog Halloween Costumes

rubies party supplies pirate costumePirate by Rubie’s Party Supplies

The evergreen trend of Halloween costumes for dogs is the front walking costume. You’ve seen all those funny videos with pups dressed like pirates, cowboys, and other characters. Typically, these outfits have short “arms” and legs made of dog’s front paws. Celebrate Halloween by dressing your puppy in one of scary front walking costumes. There are werewolf, killer, evil clown costumes, etc. You can opt for a panda, mailman, or spaceship front walking costume as well.

5. Trending Food – Hot Dog Halloween Costume

hot dog costume

Frisco Hotdog Dog & Cat Costume

The food trend will never go out. Get your dog a taco or hotdog costume for a Halloween party and you will love it! We recommend an outfit consisting of one piece fabric cape with velcro fasteners around the neck and chest. It’s the best way to dress your pup for a Halloween party without excessive annoyance of the pet.

6. Funny hats – Our Top Choice among Cheap Dog Halloween Costumes

rubies viking hat for petsViking Hat with Braids for Pets

Even if you’re tight on a budget, you can dress your pet for the party using carnival headpieces. We love this Viking hat with red braids because it makes the whole look even without additional accessories.

7. Funny Clothes for Your Canine Ladies – Disney Dog Halloween Costumes

rubies Disney princess dog costumeSnow White Disney Princess Dog & Cat Costume

Your furry girl deserves the best dress for the party! Try the fancy dresses designed especially for dogs. There are Disney Princess full outfits and various other lovely characters. Bonus: your pup can wear such costumes for any occasion further on.

8. Formal Dog Tuxedo Costume – Ideal Option among Big Dog Halloween Costumes

grooms tuxedo for dogs

“Yappily Ever After” Groom’s Tuxedo for Dogs

For canine gents, we offer the great tuxedo costume. The black and white outfit with a bow tie will look super cute on every male dog from tiny Chihuahuas to Labs. We’ve chosen this elegant look for Halloween but it will come in handy for any special event in your pup’s life. Highly recommended.

9. Other Animals Costumes for Dogs

frisco octopus dog costumeFrisco Octopus Dog & Cat Costume

Ohhhhhh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Become a happy parent of an octopus or lobster on this Halloween night! Choose these funny looks of marine creatures for small or medium dogs. There are other animalistic costumes too.

10. Spooky

front walking killer clown dog costume

Front Walking Killer Clown Dog & Cat Costume

The next character we choose is Killer Clown front walking costume which is a perfect fit for Halloween. Extremely funny for every dog breed! 

11. Spooky Costumes for Dogs

frisco headless rider dog costumeFrisco Headless Rider Dog & Cat Costume

The costume of a Headless Rider is another Halloween outfit we find a really great option. It is actually a fabric figurine of headless Jack-o’-lantern attached to a black cape with velcro fasteners. It’s more suitable for dark colored pups.

12. Prisoner

frisco prisoner dog costume

Frisco Prisoner Dog & Cat Costume

One more carnival costume classic is this prisoner’s robe for canines. The headpiece is included.

13. Space Theme – Dog Halloween Costumes Star Wars

Star Wars Darth Vader pet costume

Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume With Removable Cape

Celebrate the favorite Star Wars and space trend wearing the costume of the film characters. You can also opt for spaceship outfit. This is not much of Halloween but great overall. 

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