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The Best Dog Houses in 2020

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dog palace nsulated dog houseIt can be hard to find the perfect home for your dog, which is why we find ourselves looking through the hundreds of available options in order to find the best place for them to rest their weary canine heads and dream about chasing rabbits. Or whatever it is that dogs dream about.

Thankfully for you, we’ve gone through the effort of tracking down the best options currently available, and there’s certainly something for everyone here.

How To Pick the Ideal Dog House

dog palace nsulated dog housePicking out the ideal dog house can be something of a chore if the above didn’t give you a good indication of what you’re already looking for then let us help to simplify the choice for you.

There are three primary things you’ll need to take into account when you’re looking to pick out the dog house that’s best suited for both you and your canine.

  • The Size of Your Dog: This is the most important consideration, a dog house which is too small isn’t going to be of any use to either of you. Make sure there are a couple of inches on each side of the dog and that they don’t have to bend down and crawl through the door or you might have just bought an expensive lawn decoration.
  • The Climate You Live In: In colder climes, it’s especially important to make sure you pick out a heated or well-insulated dog house. Your pooch gets cold too, no matter how thick their fur is, and you want them to be warm and cozy while they’re not in the house. Adding a heated pad is also something to consider if the region you call home is super cold.
  • The Place You Want to Put It: Make sure you have a place in the yard, or even in the house for smaller options, that you want to place the doghouse in mind before you make your final purchase. A good doghouse can actually add a lot to a yard if strategically placed, but the important thing is to make sure that you have the space.

Once you have all of these in mind, you should have a good idea of what you need out of the house.

Dog Sitting in a Dog House

The thing is, a good dog house is one that either you or the dog loves, the recommended one is one that suits both of you completely. Take your time, and look for the following in any dog house you’re considering:

  • Durability- Most dog owners don’t need to be told that their beloved pets can also be extremely destructive. Wooden houses will tend to fair better than plastic or resin ones in this case, but you also need to make sure it can stand up to the weather as well since it will be out of doors for extended periods.
  • Raised Floor- Raised floors are the best, hands down. They keep bugs, water, and excessive heat out of the house which will make your animal more comfortable. Crowned floors work well as well, but flat floors are best used on concrete or indoors.
  • Ease of Assembly- If you’re not particularly handy, then you’re going to want to make sure that the dog house that you pick out can be put together easily. Most will require at least a screwdriver, but some are “snap-together” plastic which makes putting the house up super easy.
  • Ease of Cleaning- How easy the dog house is to clean is another thing that you’ll want to keep in mind. Dogs have their own distinctive odor and on occasion you’ll have to clean them out, while substances like Microban can keep it down you’ll still want to be able to give it a wash on occasion.
  • The Look- Of course, a dog home which is an eyesore isn’t going to make you happy, so it can be important to make sure you pick out one that looks the way you want. This is secondary to factors keeping your pet comfortable, though, for obvious reasons.

Our Recommendations For Each Category

Wooden Dog House

Wooden Dog HouseThe Petsfit Wooden Dog House makes for an attractive addition to your backyard, and you’ll find that your dog feels right at home within it. It’s made of natural cedar, with an attractive finish and a good-looking white trim that will help to make it stand out no matter where you might live.

The overhanging roof will help to protect your dog’s home from inclement weather and is actually covered in roofing tiles which will help to further keep the rain out. It also has plastic legs to elevate the bottom and keep it out of the mud.

It’s safe to say this dog house was designed with your dog’s comfort in the weather outside of it, making it a fantastic outdoor dog house.

Wooden Dog HouseThe interior is a fairly spacious 38”x44”x41” as well, making it suitable for a wide variety of dogs. Just be sure to measure yours before you make the order. It comes in two smaller sizes as well, just in case you have a tiny dog but still want the best outdoor dog house you can find.

Even better, it’s super easy to assemble and even comes with pre-drilled holes so you can add the included doggy flap to allow for more security for your animal.

If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor dog house to keep in the backyard, look no further, the Petsfit Wood Dog House is well designed, attractive, and even comes in at a great price.

Insulated Dog HouseIt gets cold outside when we’re farther situated from the sun, and our dogs feel it too no matter how luxurious their fur coat is. If you’re looking for a great way to keep Fido warm while you’re away the Dog Palace Insulated Dog House is one of the best options you’ll find anywhere.

This canine crash pad features real ECL insulation to keep the interior nice and cozy no matter what the weather outside looks like, and has a spacious interior dimension of  24”x35.5”30.5” which is sure to fit most dogs.

The unique visuals of this winter dog house bear a little bit of talking about as well, while the polystyrene might not be able to match the beauty of actual wood, the cute barn aesthetic definitely makes up for it.

It comes with a jointed, plastic door flap as well, allowing your dog to easily get in and out while the door closes the cold out behind them. Add in a window so they can see out, and you’ve got a champion of canine comfort available to you.

If you want to make sure that your dog stays comfortable throughout the year the Dog Palace Insulated Dog House will let you rest at ease knowing they’re sitting in a dog house that’s keeping things just right.

Igloo and Winter Dog HouseIgloo style dog houses make for an attractive addition to your yard, and you’ll find that dogs love them for the easy access they provide. The design also makes for a good deal of warmth, and the best of them is definitely the Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban.

This winter dog house requires no tools to install and comes in three different sizes, one of which is sure to contain canines of every size and breed. Even truly massive dogs need not to be left out in the cold if you go for the largest option.

Make sure you size the house appropriately for your dog, too small and they’ll be uncomfortable, too large and they won’t be able to take advantage of the fantastic warming features of the igloo design.

The house itself features Microban which is a bacteria-resistant coating to keep down the smells associated without our favorite pets.

K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Dog BedAdding to the convenience for those of us who own dogs, the entire system requires no tools. A simple snap system allows you to connect the two pieces and give your pet their own warm, winter abode.

If it’s particularly cold where you are, try adding the K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Heated Dog Bed. This electrically heated dog bed will add to the warmth and comfort of your dog’s home for a minimal price.

When paired together, you’ll find that you have the ultimate heated dog house. Something that will keep your canine warm and happy through the long winter months.

Always-Quality Indoor Outdoor Dog HouseNot everyone’s favorite dog is a truly massive mutt, and thankfully there are tons of options out there for all of the smaller dogs that have come into our hearts. The number of options can be boggling, if you have a small dog, however, you can quit thinking about it and buy the Always-Quality Indoor Outdoor Dog House.

This small dog house is perfectly suited for terriers and toys and comes in at a low price which will also leave your wallet feeling thankful. It’s a well thought out house, despite the lack of cost, featuring an elevated floor and sturdy plastic construction.

All you’ll need to do when it arrives is grab a screwdriver and you can get right to making a fantastic little home for your dog. It’s light enough you’ll be able to move it wherever you wish as well, even after it’s been fully constructed.

The interior is a little bit more than 21”x18” so it’ll be a cozy fit for your pup. Since it can be moved so easily, it even makes a fantastic puppy dog house.

If you want to make sure that your small dog has somewhere to lay their head when they get tired, the Always-Quality Indoor Outdoor Dog House is exactly what you’re looking for.

Suncast DH250 Dog HouseSome of us just have a love for larger dogs, although the definition of what exactly a large dog is will vary from person to person. Thankfully, there are options available so that even larger pets don’t have to sit around in the backyard unprotected. Enter the Suncast DH250 Dog House and it’s bigger brother, the Suncast DH350 Large Dog House.

The former is suited well for any canine up to 70lbs, while the latter is made for dogs who are even bigger. They’re pretty much the same house, so which one you go with will depend on the dog.

These plastic dog houses are lightweight and all you’ll need to do to assemble them is snap them together. This makes them easy on you, as well as a nice home for your dog. The molded home-style aesthetic is definitely the cherry on top, making them look like a miniature house.

The floor is crowned, helping to keep moisture, bugs, and anything else which might irritate your dog outside where they belong, and the kits even include a vinyl door to make for a complete doggy home.

They’re made of durable resin, and as long as you’ve assembled them correctly they should be able to take care of even the most boisterous pet.

If you have a large dog, you’re not going to find anything near comparable at the same price as these resin dog houses from Suncast.

Merry Extra Large Solid Wood Dog HouseSome of us own truly massive dogs. It can be hard to find any kind of dog product that’s suitable for their massive musculature and generally enormous selves. Fortunately for these people, someone out there heard the outcry and has delivered us the Merry Extra Large Solid Wood Dog House.

It’s the perfect extra-large dog house, coming with two entrances and solid wooden construction that is sure to stand up to even the antics of enormous pets. It’s not just solid either, it’s also an attractive option that will look great in your yard. Once you’ve assembled it, you might wonder how you ever did without it.

We don’t need to tell you, but this dog house is big. The exterior dimensions reach 73”x39”x42”, with the interior footprint measuring 30”x30”x42” on each side.

You could probably leave out the center divider on assembly if you have a behemoth of a dog, but this makes it perfect for those who own multiple large dogs.

This wood dog house will surely stand the test of time, and the wood itself will act as a natural layer of insulation to keep them cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and all around carefree and joyous with their newfound home.

Whether you have one massive mutt or multiple large dogs, the Merry Extra Large Solid Wood Dog House is a fantastic option to make sure that they can have a comfortable place to rest when they’re outdoors.

Making Sure Your Dog Uses the House

Insulated Dog HouseYou’ll also want to consider how much experience your animal has had with dog houses in the past, some dogs will simply refuse to use any dog house and end up with an expensive place for the raccoons to hoard the neighbor’s cat food instead of a cozy home for your dog isn’t the “optimal finale”. 🙂

Often, you’ll be able to coax even reluctant dogs into a dog house by using techniques similar to what you’d use for crate training: offer them a treat every time they go into the house. Once they associate entering the dog house with a reward, you’ll find them doing it all the time and when they’re left outdoors they’ll quickly discover the benefits the shelter offers them.


Dogs are naturally den-dwelling animals, and providing them with a solid house is one of the nicest things you can do for their mental health. With the right one, you’ll have a semi-permanent fixture that gives your dog the amazing shelter he deserves, and they’ll quickly learn to love it. If you haven’t made this investment in your pet’s happiness yet, give it a shot and you’ll see just how important it really can be.

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