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Washable Whelping Dogs Pads 2021

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The Best Dog Whelping PadsFull of joyful anticipation about the imminent appearance in the family of a small four-legged pet, we forget that we need to prepare for all possible incidents it can cause. Being unprepared can lead you to frustration and feeling helpless while trying to raise your dog. First of all, this applies to toilet training. Neglecting this stage, your dog will not control itself, which can completely ruin the impression of your new status as a dog owner.

EZwhelp Machine Washable

Our Top Choice: EZwhelp Machine Washable

This whelping box is made for large dogs(in the biggest size) and will be a good choice for pens or whelping boxes. Corners are rounded, which minimizes curling and help pads lay neatly against the box.  Right this pad minimizes leaking, the bottom is waterproof.

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EZwhelp Machine Washable
EZwhelp Machine Washable
  • Non-marking color, which is perfect in the interior and will not leave spots
  • Long-lasting diapers that withstand reusable washings
  • A laminated coating that protects the laminate and surfaces from scratches and liquids
  • Water-resistant and highly absorbent
  • Brand Name - EZwhelp Store
  • Sizes - Small to XL
  • Weight - 2.4 Pounds
  • Price - $$$
Pet Parents Pawtect Pads Washable
Pet Parents Pawtect Pads Washable
  • Reusable linings for frequent use
  • Two pieces in a package will help replace them during washing
  • Advanced technology such as StickyPaw and WickQuick, the best materials for the absorption of liquids
  • Two-year warranty on all products, because the manufacturer is confident in the quality
  • Brand Name - Pet Parents Store
  • Sizes - Small to XL
  • Weight - 2.1 Pounds
  • Price - $$
Paw Legend Waterproof
Paw Legend Waterproof
  • It is ideally washed and does not require complicated procedures
  • It’s a great option when you need waterproof and stable material to train your puppies
  • It removes unpleasant odors and controls leakage of liquids
  • Brand Name - Paw Legend Store
  • Sizes - 30 x 32 Inches
  • Weight - 1.91 Pounds
  • Price - $
Drymate Whelping Box Liner Mat
Drymate Whelping Box Liner Mat
  • Easy to wash in a machine
  • Ideal for pregnant dogs
  • Easily absorbs bad odors
  • 666
  • Brand Name - Drymate Store
  • Sizes - Large and XL
  • Weight - 3.4 Pounds
  • Price - $$$
SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad
SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad
  • Easy to wash in the washing machine, durable
  • Ideal for use as a training ground
  • Economic and ecological decision to make If you care about the environment
  • Brand Name - SincoPet
  • Sizes - Medium to XL
  • Weight - 2.3 Pounds
  • Price - $$$

What the Whelping Pads Are: Reasons to Use

Pads are rugs of various materials and sizes, designed to care for dogs of multiple dimensions. They are often used for small unaccustomed dogs, pregnant and old dogs, and are also placed in the area for the dog’s entertainment if any. Here are a few goals for which you can and should buy pads:

  • To train puppies to the toilet

Often this is what becomes a real challenge for many breeders. As a rule, kennels give out puppies at the age of 3-4 months, and the dog “begins to perceive the person “deliberately” and learns to train at an older age. Thus, at home, you get a sweet creature without the ability to control the “toilet issue” process. It is in this situation that pads for dogs will help you out. The trick is that manufacturers add special impregnation to the pads, which arouses interest in the puppy and, thus, the dog gradually learns to steadily walk “out of a need” only in a specially designated place.

It is also important to note that many professionals accustom babies to pads even in the kennel, so you get a puppy already trained to the “toilet,” and it remains only to preserve this “tradition” by providing the baby with pads in his new home.

  • Dog Laying on The Whelping PadTo organize a home toilet

In this сase, we are talking about decorative breeds of dogs that can do without walking on the street and, like cats, always go to the toilet at home. In such a situation, a special bath for dogs is necessarily used, but pads for dogs are also widely used to facilitate cleaning and eliminate unpleasant odors.

  • For non-walking or sick animals

Unfortunately, our pets are sick, and sometimes a situation arises when the dog cannot go for a walk. Pads can help you out, which, for example, can be placed under your pet without causing it discomfort. Pads will also be useful when visiting a veterinarian and accompanying your pet to the clinic.

  • For long journeys

When you need to travel long distances somewhere, pads for dogs will allow you to easily organize a toilet for your pet right on the way and thereby save you and your pet from several troubles.

Best 2020 Whelping Pads to Protect Your Floor from Puppy’s Pee

A high-quality, reasonably selected pads will serve you for a long time, helping from a variety of problems that arise when caring for a dog. Pads absorb moisture and remove odors and improve the dog’s adjusting to a specific place and get used to the toilet. It reduces your housework and simplifies the care of small pets.

EZwhelp Machine WashableProduct Information

Brand Name – EZwhelp Store
Sizes – Small to XL
Weight – 2.4 Pounds
Price – $$$

Perhaps Ezwhelp is one of the best options on the market. All the technologies necessary for long-term and high-quality use are combined to provide a high-level material for a pad. Firstly, you can choose the most convenient size of the pad for your dog. The pad’s material is laminated, with rounded ends that will ensure a stable position on the floor or walls of the box.

These whelping pads for dogs are reusable, have absorbent and odor-removing properties necessary when training a dog for a potty or pregnant dogs. Multifunctional bedding is ideal for training small doggies, like bedding in a pregnant dog’s bed, it is convenient to place it both in the bed and in the play area.


  • Non-marking color, which is perfect in the interior and will not leave spots;
  • Long-lasting diapers that withstand reusable washings;
  • A laminated coating that protects the laminate and surfaces from scratches and liquids;
  • Water-resistant and highly absorbent.


  • Whelping pads washable always looks like new
  • A variety of sizes that suit different types of dogs
  • Brand Protected Quality
  • Perfect for pregnant dogs
  • Rounded corners


  • A bit overpriced

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Pet Parents Pawtect Pads Washable Dog Pee PadsProduct Information

Brand Name – Pet Parents Store
Sizes – Small to XL
Weight – 2.1 Pounds
Price – $$

Judging by the majority of reviews, these whelping pads washable can be called the best in the fight against third-party odors. It is all thanks to the special shape of the pads. This brand also uses WickQuick material, which significantly increases the level of fluid absorption inside the pad. Therefore, these bedding are ideal for small pets or placement in the play area.

The material itself can be labeled as the premium level. It is ideal for both puppies and adult dogs. They are professional washable whelping pads that can be used in periods after surgery during and after childbirth and for raising small puppies. These are reusable pads that will help you save a lot of money in the future.


  • Reusable linings for frequent use;
  • Two pieces in a package will help replace them during washing;
  • Advanced technology such as StickyPaw and WickQuick, the best materials for the absorption of liquids;
  • Two-year warranty on all products, because the manufacturer is confident in the quality


  • Waterproof and anti-slip technology
  • Suitable for dogs of all types
  • Environmentally friendly, suitable for reusable use
  • Withstand numerous washings


  • Expensive to purchase because of quality and brand

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Paw Legend Waterproof Reusable Dog Pee Pads Super AbsorbentProduct Information

Brand Name – Paw Legend Store
Sizes – 30 x 32 Inches
Weight – 1.91 Pounds
Price – $

The material of these whelping box pads is made of super-absorbent fibers, so you can not worry about your floor. Pad will serve you for a long time because they are made with moderate classical color tones that do not deteriorate during washing.

An ideal helper to train your puppies and protect the floor and furniture from destruction. At the same time, this is a very economical product that will help you achieve maximum benefits at minimum cost.


  • It is ideally washed and does not require complicated procedures.
  • It’s a great option when you need waterproof and stable material to train your puppies.
  • It removes unpleasant odors and controls leakage of liquids.


  • Low price for this quality
  • Durable waterproof material
  • Holds a large amount of liquid
  • Ideal for countless uses


  • Overtime can bend over the glam

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Drymate Whelping Box Liner Mat, Washable and Reusable Puppy PadProduct Information

Brand Name – Drymate Store
Sizes – Large and XL
Weight – 3.4 Pounds
Price – $$$

It’s an ideal sanitary product that absorbs liquids and odors. At the same time, the mats themselves are quite long-lived and quickly adapt to different sizes: you can trim the edges without the risk of damage to the material and put them in a box of any size.

The fabric is quite soft, but does not leak liquid and remains confident support for small puppies. At the same time, they do not require special care – they can be easily washed in hot water and a washing machine without risking spoiling the material and properties.


  • Super strong and durable even if your dog is temperamental;
  • Do not require extra care: easy to clean and wash in the washing machine;
  • Reliable materials that can be used for somewhat temperamental pregnant dogs.


  • Easy to wash in a machine
  • Ideal for pregnant dogs
  • Easily absorbs bad odors


  • Can be slippery for newborn puppies

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SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad Free Puppy Grooming Gloves QuiltedProduct Information

Brand Name – SincoPet
Sizes – Medium to XL
Weight – 2.3 Pounds
Price – $$$

This fleece whelping pads are made from 4-ply material and carefully selected materials to improve comfort for you and your puppy. You will not only forget about unpleasant odors but cleaning the dogs will become less unpleasant. The density of the material helps to absorb liquid at the highest level, as well as the content of the lower layer will provide an anti-slip effect, necessary for the feeling of safety of your puppy. The diapers themselves are reusable and will last you a long time, performing both the function of saving and caring for the environment.


  • Easy to wash in the washing machine, durable;
  • Ideal for use as a training ground;
  • Economic and ecological decision to make If you care about the environment.


  • Super absorbent materials
  • Suitable for puppies of any size
  • Protect parquet and home from liquids


  • 100% polyester – may not be very pleasant for the puppy

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KOOLTAIL Washable Pee Pads for Dogs - Waterproof Dog Mat Non-Slip Plaid Puppy Potty Training PadsProduct Information

Brand Name – KOOLTAIL
Sizes – Medium
Weight – 2.3 Pounds
Price – $$

It is an economical option for small dog owners. The litter has several protective materials that help absorb odors and liquids. All contents are also non-toxic, so your dog does not risk having an allergic reaction.


  • Easy to wash in the washing machine;
  • Can be easily reused multiple times;
  • Absorbs a vast amount of liquid professionally;
  • Do not need ironing or dry cleaning.


  • Multiple litters in one set
  • Ideal for training puppies
  • Have a breathable waterproof film


  • Only one size that is suitable only for puppies and small breeds

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Washable Pee Pads for Dogs Whelping Reusable (2-Pack) Quilted Large 35 x 31 Extra Absorbent Layered Waterproof MatProduct Information

Brand Name – Humble Pet Co.
Sizes – Large
Weight – 2.4 Pounds
Price – $

This lining fully complies with all its characteristics specified in the description. It is durable, waterproof, super absorbent, and easy to clean. At the same time, the litter has a cute appearance and thorough materials. Lining life extended with GSM, which provides superiority over competitors.


  • It has four-layer material that perfectly absorbs any liquid in high quantities.
  • It has a waterproof screen and non-slip coating, so your puppy will not experience discomfort.
  • It is a cute pattern that will delight your look and perfectly pair with toys and puppy equipment and create a playful mood.


  • Viscose layer that blocks odors
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Material durable and non-perishable


  • The price is too high for the product

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Upgrade Non-Slip Dog Pads Extra Large 65 x 48, Washable Puppy Pee Pads with Fast AbsorbentProduct Information

Brand Name – Peepeego
Sizes – 65 x 48 Inches
Weight – 2.4 Pounds
Price – $$$

The durable material will be challenging to tear for your pets, even if they have sharp nails. At the same time, thanks to the anti-slip system, puppies will be comfortable playing and crawling on the mat. There are several types of boxes for puppies, which you can choose according to the dog’s size.


  • Non-slip material, pleasant to have in your house, as it provides safety for your puppies and your furniture.
  • Ideal for older dogs or several puppies who still need to be learned where to pee.
  • Increased quality for impermeability of smell and leaks.


  • Anti-slippery technique
  • Ideal for large dogs
  • Retains shape after many cleanings
  • Keeps dry and perfectly absorbs liquids


  • High price compared to simply washable pads

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Sszhen Whelping Box Liner Mat,Washable and Reusable Puppy PadProduct Information

Brand Name – Sszhen
Sizes – Medium to Large
Weight – 1.8 Pounds
Price – $$$

Ultra-large, this pad is perfect for pregnant or large dogs. You will be able to adapt the size to your personal needs, as the waterproof properties will remain in effect even when cutting the fabric. Also in this litter is used anti-slip material, which will ensure the safety of your pet.

At the same time, traces will remain on the surface of the fabric after absorption of the liquid, so that you understand when you need to change the litter. At the same time, the bedding is easily washed and dried in the washing machine.


  • Effectively absorbs fluid throughout the day;
  • Does not require long-term efforts for washing;
  • Remain wet spots to remind you when there’s a need to replace and wash it.


  • Ideal as a pillow for large dogs
  • Non-slip bottom for dog security
  • Absorbs liquids of huge volumes and does not pass smells


  • Expnesive due to size

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Upgrade Non-Slip Dog Pads Extra LargeProduct Information

Brand Name – Peepeego
Sizes – 72 x 72 Inches
Weight – 3.76 Pounds
Price – $$$$

It is one of the most technologically useful and practical pads for your dog. A pleasant light gray color will remain as new with proper care for months after purchase. Thanks to high soaking technology, you will only need to change the litter every few days, because the material can hold up to 6 cups of liquid.

At the same time, the material is also durable and does not pass odors. You can use this pad more than 300 times with constant washing.


  • Perfect for home, cars, and playpens;
  • Suitable for a pregnant dog thanks to its durable material;
  • Maximally absorbs liquid and moisture, remaining dry for more than a day;
  • The size can be adapted to the space you need.


  • Suitable for training puppies
  • Perfectly protects leather surfaces and parquet
  • Easy to wash in warm water
  • Eco-friendly and economical


  • Very large, need to be trimmed

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The Reasons Why Mon Dogs Dig up the Whelping Pads

An instinct awakens in dogs, which tells them to organize their nest, which becomes the lining. At the same time, you will notice that the dog begins to tear and dig down the pads because the instinct tells her to refresh the nest and dig to the cooler ground so that she is comfortable surrounded by small doggies, and they do not overheat it with their bodies.

Make Sure Your Pregnant Dog Feels Safe: Which Whelping Pad Is the Best

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most critical period in the life of an animal and, of course, its owner. Pads for dogs will help to keep clean the place where the puppies are if you use them as extra bedding. A pregnant dog will tear and dig up the bedding, so your goal is to buy a soft and comfortable but not the most expensive option because you will be sorry that the dog did not appreciate your taste in choosing the most beautiful bedding.

The best to buy a few, but pay attention, not to the look, but the materials. They should not locate harmful components, be soft, and preferably extra absorbent. Also, the lining itself should not be many times larger than the dog, because it will not feel comfortable and will avoid its place looking for something more secluded.

Why Multilayer Pads Are True Helper for You?

Pads for dogs exist in different sizes, which makes it easy to choose the best option for your pet. As a rule, pillows have a multilayer structure:

The top layer is a high-strength liquid-permeable fabric (mainly polyester fabric) with a quick-drying function. Next is a layer of a mixture of polyester with viscose fabric, then a layer containing a membrane and, as a result, a polyester fabric. This pads structure can also be called non-filling, this type of pads allows you to repeatedly use the pads, keeping moisture in the inner layers, leaving your pet’s paws dry and absorbing up to 2-3 liters of liquid.

Many Dog Whelping PadsAlso, as a separate subspecies, gel pads can be distinguished. Specially designed and perfectly absorbent gel pads for dogs are designed primarily for use in toilet trays. The top layer of such pads is made of a hypoallergenic non-woven material with an embossed surface. It does not allow the liquid to spread on the sides. Such a layer quickly absorbs moisture, which allows the pads to remain dry.

The absorbent layer of fluffy cellulose with an SAP absorbent turns the liquid into a gel and ultimately retains the smell. The lower, waterproof, and non-slip coating protects against the flow of fluid from the pads. In addition to trays, such pads are perfect for puppies or as temporary pads for transporting animals.

There are also pads with additional antibacterial impregnation, a sticky bottom layer for attaching to the floor or surface of the tray, with a built-in indicator of humidity and degree of filling.

What’s the Role of Laminated Pads?

In stores, you can find a variety of bedding, outwardly not notably different. But after reading the name, you can already distinguish some of the features of the litter. First of all, laminate flooring for dogs usually guarantees ultra-absorbability and waterproofness. Offspring will be a barrier between your floor and moisture, absorbing and protecting it from moisture damage, and will also protect it from scratches.

The laminate helps protect your floor from regular moisture and scuffing. Unfortunately, such laminate pads are often quite slippery and uncomfortable for dogs, so check this litter for an extra layer of slip.

Why There Must Be a WICKQUICK Anti-Tracking?Why There Must Be a WICKQUICK Anti-Tracking?

If these words are indicated on the packaging, this means that the materials in this lining were used with a unique improved technology that helps to absorb and retain moisture as much as possible, in more significant quantities than ordinary fabrics can afford. Thus, this minimizes the risk of fluid spreading around the house, and everything remains in one litter until you wash it. This fabric also dries faster and absorbs any liquid, controlling the spread of unpleasant odors.

What Is STICKYPAW Technology?

As we already mentioned, many waterproof materials that need to be used in the house to protect the laminate from destruction by a liquid are rather slippery. That is why you need to look for STICKYPAW technology in the backing plate – this is the foundation that will ensure that the bedding is completely glued to the floor, preventing it from slipping and reducing the risk of falling for the dog.

Why Is It Smart to Pick Washable Pee Pads over Disposable?

Diapers for dogs are of two types according to the primary kind of difference: disposable and reusable diapers.


This type is used only once and must be disposed of after use. As a rule, it is used during the transportation of an animal. In case of a pet’s illness and any other situation when the pet is temporarily unable to do “its own business” on the street, pads also help save the case.

Such diapers are not expensive, provided that all the most essential properties and qualities of the product are preserved.

Washable Pee Pads

This type can be used for quite a long time. Of course, this option will be significantly more expensive, but if you plan on the long-term use of diapers for dogs. As a result, a reusable diaper will become a much more budgetary and optimal option.

The filler inside such diapers allows you to absorb a large amount of liquid, enabling you to wash the diapers. When washing, it is best to use special disinfectants. Diapers can be removed by hand or in a typewriter. Please note that after washing, it will take time for the diaper to dry.

Keeping the diapers clean is simple, such as they can be washed in a washing machine with powder and air conditioning. It is undesirable to use aggressive detergents (including chlorine-based ones) when washing: bleaches, rinses, and stain removers. A pad is made of high-quality materials that do not lose absorbent properties during washing.

Close Up of Dog Sitting on Whelping PadOne of the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a diaper is its size. On a too-small area of the product, the dog will not be able to sit comfortably, which is fraught with the risk of fluid flow. In reviews of reusable diapers for dogs, they can indicate a sharp, unpleasant smell after washing, constant leaks, and a rapidly tearing top layer.

All these shortcomings are a consequence of the use of low-quality materials, most often made in China. Besides, aggressive Chinese colorants can be used in cheap Chinese diapers to harm the health of dogs.

Selecting the Best Cleaning Option for Your Dog

Enhanced unpleasant odors can ruin the parquet if you forget about such a simple and useful thing as pads. Since you decided to raise a dog, consider it your child, providing the necessary minimum for its comfortable life – a cozy place, quality food, care, toys, and pads. But fear not, you won’t have to spend millions on endless pads for dogs.

Of course, there are a considerable number of types of pads, and you can get confused about how to choose precisely what you need. We will examine what kinds of pads are, why pads differ in size and content, and what characteristics must be in each description. And also, be sure to choose one of the ten best dog pads, in our opinion, which you can buy at a reasonable price. Need more dog stuff? Try to read about the best cheap dog food.

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