Precision Pet Soft Side Pet Crate – Review

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When it comes to carrying around our adorable little ones with us wherever we go, opting for a soft crate that can provide all the basic comforts to our pet is the best option. The recent market has an array of such products that can actually be a solution to your problem of carrying around your pets with you with ease. The above product is one such option that you can have a look at when in absolute need.


In comparison to several other products available on the market, this product has been incorporated with some of the best features that provide you and your dog with all the necessary comfort that it might require. Let us take a peek at some of the features:

  • The crate has doors that help in the easy access and exit of the dog whenever it pleases.
  • It has been made water resistant to prevent your pet from getting wet in case it comes in contact with water in any form.
  • The carrying case has been designed in a convenient manner that makes it easier for an individual to carry it around.
  • The side of the crate has been provided with sufficient space to carry around necessary products in the side pockets.
  • The crate has been incorporated with plastic flooring that is hygienic in nature. It keeps all sorts of odor and moisture “at bay”.
  • The set up of the product is quite convenient. You can just fold the entire set up and store it back in a safe place.


Enlisted below are some of the advantages:

  • The entire product has been made out of water resistant material that makes it safe for the pet while it stays within.
  • Special attention has been paid to the hygiene of the dog by having features that eradicate odor and moisture.
  • Heavy-duty zippers ensure easy movement of the pet throughout the day.


  • Considering the fact that some parts of the product have been made out of plastic material, the durability of the product is in doubt as your pet can easily rip off the material.
  • Consumers can face a bit of difficulty when it comes to placing the suspension bars and folding the crate back again.

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