The Best Dog Steps for Beds in 2019

Majestic Pet Links Polyester Slipcover Pet StepsThese steps are all well suited for around the house in order to make things easier for your dog whether it’s because you feed them off the floor or just want them to be able to enjoy the bed even when you’re not there.

These dog stairs are for around the home, they’re not going to be what you’re looking for if you’re looking to assist your dog into a truck or boat, but there are options available if that’s your goal.

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Overall, we believe that the Pet Gear Easy Step III is likely to be the best option for most homes. The extra height and superb construction combined with the easy cleaning makes it one of the easiest ways to allow your animal to access wherever they might need to within your home.

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Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet StairsGot a high bed and a little dog? These doggie steps are probably the solution that you’re looking for. They stand at 26” high which means it should be suitable for most beds, allowing your pet access to that most important of resources: a soft sleeping area.

The carpet squares on the steps are easily removed from the surface in order to clean them, just in case your mutt makes a mess of them.

You’ll find that they’re quite durable and sure to last a long time as well, making the price a great bargain. Some people have found that they last for years, add in a tool-free assembly and we’re talking about some serious convenience.

The Pet Gear Easy Step III comes in two different size variations and four different color variations so you’ll be able to easily find something which is great for both your pet and the room’s aesthetic.

One thing’s for doggone sure: these are the dog steps for a high bed whether your animal is suffering the rigors of old age or just isn’t quite tall enough to get up and share some snuggle time with you.


Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet StairsThe Pet Gear Easy Step II shares most of the same features as its bigger brother but it’s a little bit more manageable in size if you aren’t sleeping in a higher bed. Basically, instead of three steps, it has two.

It assembles easily and makes for a durable, high-quality set of doggie steps which will allow for a greater amount of mobility with your dog.

Both of them also share the feature of having rubber stoppers on the bottom, which can help keep the steps from sliding even if your boisterous hound decides to take a running leap onto them. Safety first, and if you have hardwood floors you don’t need to worry about any scratching.

The steps themselves are 22.5” tall which is good for almost any “normal” bed that you might own but you’ll want to bring out the measuring tape before you purchase it. Just in case.

The steps have a bit of an incline, allowing them to reach their peak more quickly than a flat set of steps. This makes them even more compact than doggie stairs usually are.

If you’re looking for a pair of steps to allow for your dog to get on and off the bed despite whatever issues they may have, you’re in good paws with the Pet Gear Easy Step II Dog Steps.


Pet Gear Pet RampPet Gear also makes these great pet ramps. Some dogs end up with issues that will prevent them from even climbing stairs comfortably and something like this will ease the burden off their furry backs.

These ones are for the truly large canines, with load bearing capacity measured in the hundreds of pounds. Even a mastiff that looks like it could chew on a black beer for fun will be safe if you opt to use this ramp, and it can be a great option for a household with small and large dogs as well since everyone will be able to easily climb it.

Pet Gear Pet RampIt’s pretty big for the most part, though, it stands 26” tall and measures 56” in length. While not prohibitively large, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have the room for this whopper, and if you don’t: why not make it? Your dog will definitely appreciate it.

For those large canines that some of us love, this dog ramp takes the cake. No assembly, lightweight, and ultra-sturdy, it can help to ease the burden of climbing from your favorite pet with poundage.


Premier Pet Steps Tall Raised Panel Dog StepsLooking for something a little bit fancy? These steps exude class and aesthetics and if your bed and dog are the right size for them you’re looking at some of the best-looking dog steps you’ll be able to find anywhere.

This isn’t just a thin veneer either, if you take a closer look at these steps you’ll be pleased to note that they’re made of solid red oak and the carpet is luxurious enough you’ll be jealous of your dog’s footpads.

The steps will support over three hundred pounds as well, while the steps themselves are quite low and good enough for even dogs that might be suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, or any other condition which affects their mobility.

If just having steps isn’t good enough for you, and you want only the very best for your pet’s weary feet then Premier has you covered. This is the luxury option, and the price reflects it, but they’re also the fanciest dog steps you’re like to find anywhere.


Majestic Pet Links Polyester Slipcover Pet StepsOf course, we had to make sure that something was included just for the miniature mutt which might have captured your heart. This set of doggie stairs from Majestic is fantastic for smaller dogs and even has four short steps instead of the usual three.

This makes it easy to navigate even for the smallest of our companions, and wherever you place it they’ll easily be able to get a little bit of extra height to help them up and down.

The polyester cover comes in a wide variety of colors as well, and most of them definitely fall into a “cute” look. If it’s cute you crave for your small dog, then these steps will have you covered.

The slipcover is removable for easy cleaning, and the base is waterproof in case your terrifying terrier decides to mark the steps as his own, personal territory.

If you’ve got a small dog or three in the house, there’s hardly a better option and these steps are an absolute bargain.



Wherever you might want to let your dog get to in your home and whatever your personal taste in decorating, there’s certainly a pair of doggy steps out there that’ll take care of it and keep the both of you happy. Even younger dogs will benefit from not having to leap off of the couch or bed since their joints won’t take the extra impact. There’s really no reason not to have a set around.

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joe weber

We have a 70 lb 7 year old female bulldog. do your stairs have wheels at the bottom of your steps? Does it also come with a handle to move the steps ? Please advise. Thank you