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Affiliate Disclosure and Policies

In the following editorial policy guidelines and disclosures, we have provided you with a brief overview of our mindset when it comes to generating content for DogsRecommend. Hopefully, this will demonstrate in no uncertain terms where we stand on ethics, transparency, and integrity.

Our Editorial Framework

The purpose of DogsRecommend is to provide the readers with a clear understanding of certain products, as well as guides on how to properly use them. To accomplish this, we track down all pertinent information so that the article is fresh at the moment it is published.

When creating the product reviews, our team strives to disclose all the relevant info on our research methods, and how we arrived at certain conclusions. More importantly, we always seek to remove any doubt when it comes to our relationships with third-party entities.

When available, all of our sources are backed by links to provide citations for relevant scientific, governmental, and organizational entities in the field of animal care.

Our Adherence to Ethical Standards

If we have entered into a partnership with any of the product providers or services mentioned in one of our articles, you can rest assured that we will disclose it. Additionally, our moral integrity guides us to reveal information relevant to our advertising policy, as well as third-party partnerships.

As a strict rule, we abide by the standards set by the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ). Over the years, we have internalized four principals of ethical conduct when it comes to content creation:
• Report on facts without editorialization;
• Reduce harm whenever possible;
• Act without hidden economic agendas;
• Take responsibility for errors and ensure transparency so that errors can be detected by the readers.

Our Dedication to Quality Standards

All the useful content you can enjoy on DogsRecommend.com is created by our internal content-writing policies, drawing ethical inspiration from established journalistic organizations such as The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and The Trust Project. Our content contributors are well-versed in what is expected from them, and how should they approach writing each article.

On top of that, our editors parse through each piece of content to determine if it aligns with our ethical standards. More importantly, these independent editors conduct a thorough fact-checking operation so that the reader can get the most relevant and correct information. This builds trust and strengthens the relationship between the readership and our publication.

If our editors detect errors or inaccuracies, the content is promptly brought back for revision or removal from the website. Additionally, if more relevant information becomes available, we strive to provide an edited update of the content, clearly marked as such.

In cases when this is not possible, due to the complexity of the research cited, we encourage our readers to provide feedback whenever possible, via the email contact form or comment section.

How We Conduct Product Reviews

If possible, our authors try to review these products ourselves. If not, they create an assemblage of relevant facts from multiple sources such as company’s product information, user reviews (both negative and positive), brand’s reputation in the market sector, and any other number of online resources that reveal information pertinent to reader’s decision to buy the product.

Given the fact that aggregated review systems provide direct feedback from primary distribution and e-commerce companies such as Amazon, to product manufacturers, we have concluded that such content is too valuable to omit. Accordingly, our content may include some aggregated third-party product notes or reviews.


On some product reviews, we do receive a slight affiliate commission from online retailers, if you follow through on the purchase link of the product. However, we will never generate favorable reviews of any product based on our relationship with the product manufacturer, nor would we accept their compensation for such a product review.

We can only do limited diligence on a particular product. Accordingly, the reader should strive to come to his/her conclusions based on a comparison from multiple sources. The reader holds the sole responsibility for buying the product or service based on online reviews.

We Are FTC-Compliant

The core of our content-creation business model revolves around strict alignment with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guidelines on reviews, endorsements, affiliates, and influencers. Every piece of content you see on DogsRecommend.com has been vetted by our editors to ensure there is no space for grey areas.

Speaking of which, please note that if any article on this website contains an affiliate link, we outline this fact by integrating a short disclaimer notice. It should be visible when you are viewing our content, regardless if it is on a desktop or mobile platform.

Our Relationship with Providers

If not stated explicitly, the reader should take a stance that all content relating to specific products or services on our website is created because there is a material connection between us and the providers of said products or services.

Sensible Advertising Policy

Our website is in partnership with various Affiliate Programs. Most but not every instance a reader follows a link leading to the product on the retailer’s website and purchases it within a short period, creates a small compensation that benefits us.

Such affiliate partnership is clearly stated and discloses in every article, so the readers understand how we cover our operating costs.

Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer

DogsRecommend.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This advertising system creates a marketplace ecosystem in which websites and video platforms inform the readers about the products and services, in exchange for a small fee via affiliate links. You can learn more about it on The Amazon Associates Program page. All the Amazon logos you encounter on this website are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or its affiliates.

We Are Reader-Supported

In DogsRecommend articles, you will often see products placed with affiliate links. This policy of earning referral fees from online retailers helps us support the operation of this website. It also provides remuneration for our authors and experts for their contribution in the editorial process thus, allows free access to quality content to the public.

Affiliate links have become a common practice in online publishing because they offer another means of paying for the well-researched articles.

You can find such type of links on lots and lots of websites including reputable news agencies. This form of journalism funding is a substitute for direct advertising many of readers find annoying. Among the pros of this approach, the authors are independent in expressing their opinions. It’s presumed, there are no paid product placements in such articles.

Be advised that buying through affiliate links won’t affect either price of products or customer experience or any other aspect of interaction with the seller. When our readers click over to online retailers’ websites (like Amazon.com, Chewy.com, etc.) from DogsRecommend.com, they will be treated just like any other customers.

Our affiliate relationship with providers functions completely independently of our creative and editorial process. Content contributors and editors are not encouraged to cover products because they are available on Amazon or anywhere else, and do not benefit from doing so.

None of our content team accepts any kind of perks from retailers or manufacturers to manipulate benevolent reviews. This stands for DogsRecommend as a publishing entity. However, you should always assume that this website is in some way affiliated to the brands of products or services in relation to our content.

These brands may offer slight compensation to us whenever you purchase a product following our affiliate links. Taking this consideration into account, you should avail yourself of additional sources of information before purchasing the products we review.

Veterinarian Disclaimer

The contents of DogsRecommend (including text, images, graphics, and other material) are for informational purposes only. This website is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website!