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Top 10 Dog Toothpaste in 2021

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Owner cleaning teeth of cute dog with brush on light backgroundHas your dog ever given you those slobbery kisses that you love so much only to be hit by an unbearable bad breathe? Using the wrong toothpaste is one of the causes of dental disease that result in an unfavorable breath. However, amidst so many brands available to date, which best dog toothpaste is ideal for your pet?

Well, just as humans have unique oral health and preferences, so do lovely dogs. The trick is to choose a toothpaste formulated precisely for that breed and which provides healthy oral care. That way, you get to protect gums and teeth from periodontal diseases.

Dog Dental Care: Essential Tips and Tricks

Dirty Dog TeethOral wellness is an essential process for maintaining a dog’s overall well-being. Yet, many canine owners don’t take it seriously, resulting in periodontal diseases showing up when the pet is barely three years old. Toxic breath is often seen as the main sign of this condition, yet many people assume a specific food brings terrible breath.

When failed to be detected and treated early, periodontal illness results in permanent jaw damage, tooth loss, gingivitis, and receding gums. The first step to preventing periodontal disease is to maintain a healthy mouth by brushing using a chosen best dog toothpaste.

So what makes a dog’s mouth healthy?

  • A moist tongue.
  • Intact canines that lack plaque, discoloration or stains.
  • The tongue color needs to be salmon pink, but there are dogs with black gums. A healthy gum will return to its natural color after pressing slightly using a finger for around three seconds. Yellow gums are usually a sign of jaundice, while gums with a blue color show that the canine may not be receiving ample oxygen circulation.

By using excellent quality toothpaste, a pet’s mouth remains healthy. In case the dental area has a plaque, try feeding your pet with natural foods to help loosen plaque, like crunchy vegetables and fruits. If dry foods won’t kill the germs, then it’s time the pet went for a thorough dental cleaning.

Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste - 4.5 oz.

Our Top Choice:

For those seeking for great quality for the money, we recommend the Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste. Its efficiency in preventing dental issues like plaque, tartar, and gum irritation is clinically proven. This toothpaste also kills bacteria causing bad breath and even whitens teeth!


Comparison Table

Our Rating:
Buy from:
Petsmile Professional
Petsmile Professional
  • Does not include fluoride, paraben, dyes, and silica
  • Three times per week without utilizing a toothbrush
  • Accredited and recommended by VOHC
  • Has Calprox formulae that improve oral hygiene
Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste
Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste
  • Enzymes stop tartar development and combat plaque
  • Smooth, edible and lacks foam
  • Has an appetizing poultry flavor liked by most dogs
Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care
Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care
  • Harmless for dogs and puppies
  • Infused with natural 100% safe elements
  • Whitening action
  • Delicious beef taste
Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste
Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste
  • Easy to digest natural components
  • Natural flavors like cinnamon freshens breathe significantly
  • Prevents plaque, tartar buildup
  • Decreases canine staining
Virbac CET Toothpaste
Virbac CET Toothpaste
  • Poultry flavor makes the oral hygiene process enjoyable
  • No-rinse formula
  • Eliminates plaque production
Pura Naturals
Pura Naturals
  • Ideal pack for introducing teeth cleaning to a pet
  • USDA certified organic components
  • Lacks artificial additives or synthetic foaming agents
Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste
Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste
  • 100% safe non-toxic ingredients
  • Veterinary recommended
  • Unique flavor
  • Freshens breath and soothes mouth and gum irritations
Dental Gel
Dental Gel
  • Fights bacteria, dental plaque, and discoloration
  • Includes natural components like neem oil, seed extracts, and enzymes
  • No artificial sweetener or sorbitol
Approved Paws & Pals
Approved Paws & Pals
  • Improves oral hygiene and strengthens teeth
  • Yummy beef palate
  • Enhances consistent oral care for dogs
Pura Naturals Pet
Pura Naturals Pet
  • Natural components promote better oral health
  • No chemicals, dye, xylitol, and preservatives
  • Ecofriendly

10 Top-Rated Dog Kinds of Toothpaste in 2020

If you do not brush your canine companion’s teeth daily, they will not be susceptible to cavities. This is because dogs have cone-shaped teeth that make it harder to retain food that cause bacteria to multiply. However, symptoms like yellow teeth, receding gums, and bad breathe – are a clear sign to start frequent cleaning with the appropriate toothpaste.

To help you make an informed choice, here is a comprehensive review of the best dog toothpaste which ingredients promote good oral health. We also cover essential peculiarities to pay attention to while choosing dog toothpaste.

Our Favorite

Recommended Selection: Petsmile Professional

Petsmile Professional Dog ToothpasteInterested in knowing what is the best dog toothpaste? Well, Petsmile is approved and endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). Calprox is its main constituent and has been clinically verified to lessen plaque by 62% as opposed to other standard kinds of toothpaste.

With its unique plaque inhibition properties, Petsmile blocks cavities, tartar increase, bleeding gums and other oral diseases. Petsmile eliminates the necessity to utilize a brush in which bristles may harm any dog’s gums. Besides, several best dog toothpaste reviews from verified buyers show that individuals are satisfied with the outcome and approve the dental paste.

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Important characteristics

  • The toothpaste has harmless ingredients since it does not include fluoride, paraben, dyes, and silica.
  • It should be applied approximately three times per week without utilizing a toothbrush.
  • Accredited and recommended by VOHC.
  • Has Calprox formulae that improve oral hygiene.

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for DogsIt ranks amongst the best-rated dog toothpaste since it boasts of having enzymatic specifications that inhibit plaque and unpleasant breath. The non-foaming poultry flavor property makes the cleaning process short and enjoyable. The special formulation helps to remove stains, bad bacteria and results in a healthy mouth.

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Important characteristics

  • Unique enzymes stop tartar development and combat plaque.
  • It is smooth, edible and lacks foam.
  • It has an appetizing poultry flavor liked by most dogs.

Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care Tartar Control Kit for DogsTo enhance the oral well-being of pets, dog owners go for the best dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Nonetheless, a dental cleaning solution should not cost a lot of money, and this functional and effective toothpaste is proof of that. Toothpaste for Arm & Hammer uses the strength of natural ingredients to prevent tar accumulation and bad breathe, it also keeps the gums healthy.

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Key features

  • Both toothpaste and brush are harmless for dogs and puppies.
  • It is infused with natural 100% safe elements that serve to kill halitosis and tartar accumulation while whitening the teeth.
  • Delicious beef taste.

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste, Dog Dental Chews for Small Breeds, Vet Recommended for Plaque, Bacteria & Tartar ControlNeed the best natural dog toothpaste for small breeds? This one contains multiple natural compounds that combat tartar retention, plaque and bad breath. No need to run around, forcing your dog to practice oral hygiene. They only need to chew the herbal and easily digestible gluten-free product, and the breath is freshened.

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Crucial characteristics

  • Easy to digest and has natural components that promote good oral hygiene.
  • It has natural flavors like cinnamon, which freshens breathe significantly.
  • Prevents plaque, tartar buildup, and decreases canine staining in small breeds.

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs and CatsThe product has several positive best dog toothpaste reviews thanks to its flavorful components, which make teeth brushing enjoyable. The no-wash formula is excellent for pet owners who have busy schedules.

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Crucial traits

  • It has poultry flavor that makes the oral hygiene process enjoyable.
  • No-rinse formula.
  • Eliminates plaque production.

Pura Naturals Pet Puppy Dental Kit - Ultra Soft Bristle Toothbrush & Organic Dental GelThe dental gel is organic, and the soft bristle brush is designed for newborn pups and dogs below 18 months. It’s non-toxic, and it is one of the best natural dog toothpaste because it lacks chemicals, dye and xylitol. The soft brush is particularly intended to invigorate a puppy’s gums. The organic formula eliminates tartar, fights discoloration, and aids fresh breath.

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Crucial characteristics

  • Ideal pack for introducing teeth cleaning to a pet.
  • Has organic components USDA certified.
  • Lacks artificial additives or synthetic foaming agents.

Oxyfresh Pet Dental Products – Perfect Dog & Cats– Professional FormulaBy including a fast-acting dental gel, the product eliminates plaque, deodorizes gums, making it the best dog toothpaste for removing the tartar. The natural Aloe Vera gel ingredient works great for mouth scrapes and enhances dental hygiene by neutralizing harmful organisms. It is also comfortable to use as it eliminates the need to use a brush.

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Crucial characteristics

  • Non-toxic ingredients that are 100% safe, and the product is veterinary recommended.
  • Its flavor is unique.
  • Results in fresher breath and soothes mouth and gum irritations.

Dog Dental Care Gel Toothpaste Plaque and Tartar Fighter from Vet's Best 3.5 ounce Made in USAVet’s Best is a vet-approved gel that works against bacteria and fungi. It has natural components like Aloe Vera, neem and grapefruit seeds. These natural properties fight toxic breath while cleaning the mouth.

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Important traits

  • It contains unique properties that fight bacteria, dental plaque and discoloration.
  • The product includes natural components like neem oil, seed extracts and enzymes.
  • Lacks artificial sweetener or sorbitol.

Paws & Pals Dog Toothbrush - Pet Dental Care Kit with Brush, Tooth-Paste & Dual Finger BrushFor a product that protects your pet from dental corrosion, toxic breathe, or tartar accumulation – try this toothpaste. The calcium carbonate component strengthens every canine’s gums and teeth, while the beef taste motivates dogs to practice good oral cleanliness. Customers go for this brand because it has enzymes, yet for the price of one, you also get two toothbrushes.

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Main highlights

  • A powerful cleaning solution that improves oral hygiene and strengthens teeth.
  • Yummy beef palate.
  • The product is manufactured to enhance consistent oral care for dogs.

Pura Naturals Pet - Organic Canine Dental Gel, Natural Dog Toothpaste, No Harsh Ingredients, Eco-FriendlySearching for the best natural dog toothpaste? Pura Naturals is an organic toothpaste formula known to be ecofriendly. That is why it won the Family Choice Awards. It’s safe to swallow as it does not have chemicals, artificial additives, xylitol, or GMOs. Even when using the recommended pea size amount, it still removes tartar and fights plaque. This toothpaste is made using natural elements like sweet potato, thyme, and fennel.

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Key features

  • It has natural components that promote better oral health.
  • The product lacks chemicals, dye, xylitol and preservatives.
  • Ecofriendly.

Is It Mandatory to Use Dog Toothpaste?

Chewing a bone or a nutritious snack may not be enough to block periodontal diseases. However, a routine tooth brushing using a well-formulated toothpaste helps prevent any unpleasant breath, gum infection, roots, periodontal ligaments and tooth decay. Similar effects caused by lack of proper oral care in humans also happens to animals. Imagine failing to brush teeth for a whole month.

inspecting dog teeh with dental mirrorThe stinking breath, including the accumulation of plaque, will be unbearable. Therefore, avoid waiting until you smell a bad odor from your dog’s mouth to give it a dental cleaning. Make it a routine habit, and you will end up saving money brought by expensive procedures caused by poor dental hygiene.

While some dogs hate the tooth brushing process, using toothpaste with favorite taste motivates them to relish the process and associate it with a fun thing. Besides, some dogs, such as brachycephalic breeds, flat-faced dogs, or those with smushed-face and overlapping teeth, have a higher chance of tar buildup. Hence these dogs require regular at-home dental care.

Crucial Things to Look for in a Dog Toothpaste

There are essential features that every dog owner must look for in the toothpaste they buy. Some kinds of toothpaste claim to have natural ingredients yet contain harmful elements that will eventually be toxic to your dog. So what should you look for in toothpaste for a dog?

Efficient Cleaning Capability

Go for a properly formulated toothpaste, preferably with natural components and multiple functions as well as those having quality ingredients which are effectively formulated. The appropriate toothpaste should be safe for dogs, fight bad breath, and prevent the buildup of plaque.

Instead of purchasing one toothpaste for fresh breath and another one for controlling plaque, choose one that is affordable yet enhances dental hygiene. The best dog toothpaste needs to fight unpleasant breath and clean the canine’s teeth. However, focus specifically on getting a toothpaste that has a refreshing ability, especially if the dog frequently suffers from bad breath. However, if the breath stinks so much that those around the pet can’t stand it, then schedule a visit to a vet.

Enzymatic Properties

A toothpaste formulated with unique enzymes reduces mouth bacteria while lessening tartar buildup. These types of toothpaste contain glucose oxidase, which is an enzyme that destroys bacteria and harmful microorganisms, hindering sticky plaque from turning into hard tartar. Some even combine glucose oxidase with lactoperoxidase to further inhibit microorganism growth in the mouth.

Non-Foaming Elements

Most dogs tend to swallow toothpaste, and the rinsing process often takes time, especially if the pet is uncooperative. Therefore, choosing a toothpaste with a non-foaming formula ensures that it’s safe for swallowing even when consumed in large doses. Besides, to create a frothy lather, some require chemicals such as sulfates. However, if you prefer foaming agents, then go for those made of natural elements.

Mouthwatering Flavor

In most cases, dogs tend to swallow toothpaste. Hence, the ingredients have to be natural and safe for consumption. It should also be formulated specifically for dogs. Avoid products with artificial color, preservatives, fluoride and antibacterial. Those with alcohol are not ideal because while they may help kill harmful bacteria, they also reduce the number of good microorganisms required for proper digestion.

If your dog likes a particular toothpaste, then chances of them enjoying the teeth cleaning process are high. They also reap the benefits, which include improving gum health and changing the pH of the dog’s mouth, thus making the environment hostile for harmful bacteria to thrive. The trick is to avoid those with artificial flavor and instead stick to those, which are meat-based.

Besides, most dogs hate teeth brushing. So if you intend to make the process enjoyable, then choose a flavor that they like or use those with no taste at all. Nowadays, there are so many brands of toothpaste, so you are more likely to find a brand that the dog will like.

Easy to Use

A toothpaste container with a captivating design might capture attention, but functionality and ease of use are essential characteristics worth considering. The recommended toothpaste amount for brushing a dog’s teeth is pea-size. Therefore, it is ideal to buy a small yet effective toothpaste than a large container with low cleaning power.

Besides, the tube should also be durable and keep the brushing process as quick as possible. Dog owners that have a tight schedule will benefit from giving their pets easy to digest dental chew that cleans the mouth and stops any unfavorable breath.

Dogs that won’t allow a toothbrush to come near their mouth will also get proper dental hygiene by using edible chews. Dogs often see these edibles as a tasty treat, which also satisfies their urge to chew. Some of the best dog toys can help with cleaning teeth as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you searching for answers to specific questions related to the best dog toothpaste? Use the provided FAQ section to learn more about the right toothpaste for your dog. While mouth cleaning solutions keep bad bacteria away, if a dog has bleeding gums, excessive drooling, misaligned teeth, or unpleasant breathe – then take it to a vet immediately.

However, taking pets for regular checkups often works to spot the problem areas before they become worse.

After starting a teeth cleaning routine, the next step is to maintain oral hygiene. A healthy diet helps to reduce tartar formation, which is brought by the accumulation of food particles and bacteria. If the tartar (commonly seen as brown stain) remains even for 24 hours, it accelerates tooth decay, gum diseases and health issues.

Can a Toothpaste Made for Humans Be Used for Dogs?

Most human brand toothpaste contains elements like xylitol, fluoride and salt, which are harmful to dogs. Xylitol, often used as an artificial sweetener in toothpaste, when ingested by a dog – it causes a drop in blood sugar, digestive problems and liver damage.

Fluoride, as well as high levels of sodium, is also fatal for dogs. Therefore, do not use any toothpaste made for humans to brush a dog’s teeth. A toothbrush designed for dogs is the only recommended one. Finally, check the ingredients to ensure the product has no toxic chemicals.

What Is in Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs?

Best dog toothpaste for bad breath tends to include enzyme properties as they prevent the formation of tartar. These types of toothpaste have an enzyme incorporated in the form of glucose oxidase which, when it comes in contact with sugar and oxygen, releases antibacterial properties that protect against dental diseases. The enzyme solution is non-toxic hence won’t cause any effects when swallowed.

When to Introduce Teeth Cleaning to a Dog

The best time to introduce the dental cleaning process is when the dog is still a puppy at around three months. This strategy works because if left without proper oral health, the pet is likely to suffer from periodontal and gum diseases. Besides, several kinds of toothpaste ideal for dogs who are only a few months old do exist. However, before you rush to the cleaning process, ensure your dog is comfortable by touching their canines and gums.

woman cleans her dog's teeth with a brushNext, spread the chosen toothpaste on a soft or bristle brush and gently clean the whole mouth. Even if you fail to reach every mouth section, the enzymatic properties in toothpaste will provide a barrier against the harmful microorganism. Remember, a dog may have dental disease by the time they are two years old, so the earlier you introduce your pet to a proper dental hygiene, the better for them.

Early age is also perfect because you get to try out different kinds of toothpaste until you find the type or flavor that your dog likes. Some dog owners prefer to wait until the pet loses their puppy teeth. However, brushing the puppy’s teeth is a way to ensure they get used to the routine. While a dog toothbrush is recommended, you may also use a moistened gauge or a toothbrush with soft bristles.

How Often Should You Clean a Dog’s Mouth?

It’s essential to maintain a regular habit. That is why once the dog has developed adult teeth, keep the mouth cleaning process up to three times a week. The pet might also require a thorough dental cleaning at least once a year. However, every dog has unique needs, so what works for one pet may not work for the other.

In case of any doubts, it is best to speak to a local vet. Moreover, just like people, a dog with good oral health means the owners are taking care of their overall health. Even if the pet is not used to the home dental cleaning, make use of a gauze or cotton swabs to brush their whole dental section. Afterward, give them a treat. Refrain from scrubbing dog’s teeth using best dog toothpaste for long as they might end up hating the routine.

Around two minutes of cleaning using a quality toothbrush and toothpaste will help in order to inhibit plaque. If it’s been a year and your dog still doesn’t enjoy teeth brushing, then find more creative ways to get them involved in the process. For instance, taking breaks as you brush or distracting the pet with a treat might make the dog feel more comfortable.

Another effective method is to pick the appropriate moment, especially when the dog is calmly sitting, then apply toothpaste as if you are massaging the pet. You may also use a dental rinse applied using a syringe. It’s recommended to avoid starting the routine with a brush.

Instead, for a few days, let the pet get accustomed to your finger in their mouth and shower them with praise. Only when the dog feels relaxed and is willing to accept the finger in their mouth, you should start using gauze and a toothbrush. The goal is to eliminate any uncomfortableness they might associate with at-home dental care.

Final Thoughts

Dogs enhance our lives in so many different ways! Ensuring that they are in tip-top health is a good way to keep them happy and show our love to them. Buying a well-researched, best dog toothpaste is the first step to a healthy dental canal.

Remember, every dog is unique. So before selecting a toothpaste, try several brands until you find the right fit that helps nurture good oral hygiene while making the home dental cleaning process enjoyable.

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