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The Best Dog Car Seats in 2020

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Dog Car SeatIf you’re like most dog owners, then you probably love your dog. However, taking your dog for a ride in the car can be difficult with some dogs. Your dog might like to try and sit in your lap while you’re driving or jump out the window.

Whatever the reason, a dog seat is almost a necessity for a dog owner. Unfortunately, there are thousands of different car seats for dogs available on the market, which makes picking the right one a difficult task. This article will cover the best ones, so you and your pup will be safe in the car.

Why You Should Use A Dog Car Seat When Traveling With Your Dog

There are a few different reasons that you should have a dog car seat when traveling with your dog.

  • Your Dog Will Stay Secure
    The most important reason to use a dog car seat is that your dog will stay secure in your car. You will not have to worry about your dog sitting in your lap while you drive or your dog climbing all around your car and distracting you.
    Even a well-trained dog can get restless in a car for longer trips. So do not think that you do not need a dog seat because they are well behaved.
  • Your Dog Will Not Escape
    Not only will your dog not move around in your car while driving, but they will also not move around when you open the door. You do not have to worry about your dog making a run for the door anytime you open your car door. This adds some peace of mind to transporting your dog.
  • Your Dog Will Stay Safer in an Accident
    Most dog car seats are not accident certified. However, a dog seat that is not certified for accidents is still better than not using a car seat. An accident certified seat is obviously better though.

Comparison Table

Our Rating:
Buy from:
K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat
K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat
  • Seat belt security
  • Three inches of foam padding
  • Contoured back & multiple color
  • Two sizes available
  • Easy to clean
Snoozer Lookout Car Seat
Snoozer Lookout Car Seat
  • Plush interior
  • Easy installation
  • High view
Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Pet Car Seat
Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Pet Car Seat
  • Micro suede cover
  • High back
  • Secure installation
Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat for Dogs & Car Booster Seat for Pets
Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat for Dogs & Car Booster Seat for Pets
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Storage pockets
  • Waterproof exterior
Solvit Jumbo Deluxe Pet Safety Seat
Solvit Jumbo Deluxe Pet Safety Seat
  • Larger size
  • Elevated box
  • No Headrest required
Pet Gear Bucket Booster Car Seat for Dogs/Cats
Pet Gear Bucket Booster Car Seat for Dogs/Cats
  • Easy installation
  • Four straps
  • Removable pillow and cover
BLOBLO Dog Car Seat
BLOBLO Dog Car Seat
  • Easy to Install
  • Soft padding
A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat
A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat
  • Foldable
  • Two straps
  • Multi-functional

Will A Car Seat Work With My Large Dog?

Yes. Car seats work with dogs of all sizes.

However, there are specific dog seats, and other options, for bigger dogs. Some of these options include a dog hammock. Another popular option for bigger dogs is a bucket style booster seat, which often looks like an armchair.

The best choice for you will depend on the size of your dog and the size of your car.

What To Look For In A Dog Car Seat?

Solvit Jumbo Deluxe Pet Safety Seat with dog

  • Protection – A major reason you buy a puppy car seat is to protect your dog in the event of a car accident. Make sure that the seat you purchase has sufficient padding and restraints.
    Typically, two inches of foam padding will provide enough protection should the worst happen. More is better, but two inches is about the minimum.
  • Installation – The installation process for the dog car seat is another thing you should keep in mind before making your purchase.
    There are hundreds of different options and they all have different installation processes. However, most of these seats can be broken down into three different processes.
    You will usually have one that attaches to the headrest. Or to the seat belt. Or to the side panel of the car.
    Other installation methods might exist, but they will almost always fall into one of the above three categories.
    Anyway, you should know the approximate amount of space, dimensions, and features that your car has before purchasing a unit.
  • Size – Size in this case mostly concerns whether your dog will fit in the booster seat or not. All manufacturers have a recommended weight range for their seat, which gives you a general idea if the seat will fit or not.
    You can also take your dog to the pet store and try out different seats. The only problem is that most pet stores do not have a large selection of car seats for dogs.
  • Cleanliness – Finally, the cleanliness of the seat is another important factor in making your decision. This mostly concerns how easy it is to clean the seat.
    You certainly want a seat made of easy to clean materials that are also bite proof. An even better seat will have a removable cover that you can machine wash.

Individual Reviews Of The Best Dog Booster Seats

KH Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat

First on our list is the K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat. As the name suggests, this is a bucket booster seat. You use the seat belt to secure this seat and then an adjustable leash to secure your dog.

Anyway, we like this booster seat for a few reasons.

Seat Highlights

  • Seat Belt Security
    First, the seat is secured by the seat belt. This often comes down to personal preference, but most people will find it far simpler to secure the seat using the seat belt than securing it to the roof of the car.
  • Three Inches of Foam Padding
    As mentioned earlier, at least two inches of padding is required for adequate comfort and safety. This seat has three inches, which means your dog will be both comfortable and secure.
  • Contoured Back & Multiple Color
    Most of these car seats come in one color and have a straight and rigid back, which might work alright depending on the color of the interior and shape of your seat. However, the K&H has two different colors available so you do not have to worry about finding a matching color.
    It also has a contoured back that means it will fit snugly against your car seat. This really helps with stability during a car ride.
  • Two Sizes Available
    K&H also offers two different sizes: small and large. Now, the small works well for one smaller dog breed and the large works well for a medium breed or two small dogs.
    Just keep in mind that this seat will not work well for dogs that weigh more than about 30 pounds. It is just too small.
  • Easy to Clean
    Cleaning this seat is also easy. All you really need to do to clean it is unzip the fabric cover and put it in your washing machine. Just use cold water and a gentle rinse cycle. Frequent cleaning prevents it from getting grimy and smelling bad.

Product Conclusion

All in all, the K&H car seat is an excellent choice for a small to medium-sized dog. The color and size selection will give you plenty of options for your car. The two adjustable leashes to secure your dog will also ensure that your pup cannot freely roam around your car.
Finally, we really like that the seat is elevated. This makes it a little easier for your dog to see out the window, which can greatly reduce their anxiety during the car ride.

Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat

Connection Type: Seat belt
Dimensions: 19? H x 22? W 17? D
Max Dog Weight: 25 pounds

Next on our list is the Snoozer Lookout car seat. This car seat is basically a bed in seat form, which means maximum comfort for your dog. Here are a few of the reasons that we really like the Snoozer.

Seat Highlights

  • Plush Interior
    The interior on this seat is really plush. Snoozer basically took a bed, made some adjustments, and turned it into a car seat. It has a synthetic wool layer that makes it super soft and warm, which comes in handy during the colder months. Don’t worry if you live in a warm climate though. This wool still feels cool when it’s hot and the open air design means plenty of cool air from your air conditioner will reach your pup.
  • Easy Installation
    This seat has a clip to attach to your seat belt strap, which makes installing it in your car super easy. All you have to do is buckle the seat belt and then slide the seat into the belt.
    You can even install this in the front seat of your car. Though it might become dangerous for your dog in the event of an accident.
  • High View
    Finally, this seat has the highest view of any of the seats on this list. This means that your pet can see out the window during the trip or look out the window. This perk sounds nice, but in our experience, most dogs go to sleep twenty or thirty minutes into the car ride. Some dogs might enjoy looking out the window though and they have that option with this seat.

Product Conclusion

Overall, this seat is best for those that want their dog to have the most comfortable car ride. The only problem is that it is somewhat small. If you have a bigger dog, then one of the other options on the list would be much more suitable.

Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Dog Car Seat

Connection Type: Straps to seat and console
Dimensions: 20″L X 12″W X 12? H (outside)
Maximum Suggested Size: About 20 pounds (XL size)

Number three on our list is another Snoozer product. This type of car seat is a little different than the previous two. It is a console pet seat, which means that the seat actually rests on top of the center console of your automobile.
This allows your dog to see you, which can reduce anxiety in a more anxious dog. Anyway, these are some of the other things we like about this pet seat.

Seat Highlights

  • Micro Suede Cover
    There are two things we like about the micro suede cover. First, it is really easy to clean. Just unzip it and put it in the washing machine. We also like that it feels soft and comfy. This is important for your dog, but it’s also important for you. Remember, this is a console seat and your arm will likely rub up against the seat.
  • High Back
    A high back actually has a few perks that you probably wouldn’t think about. The most important one is that your dog cannot jump out the back of the seat. More importantly, your dog will feel much more comfortable and secure because the walls create a cozier space for them. The one downside is that people in the backseat cannot see the dog.
  • Secure Installation
    Finally, we really like the secure installation. This particular model has three straps that make it extra secure. One strap attaches to the side of the driver seat, the other strap attaches to the passenger seat, and the third strap wraps underneath the center console cover. All this extra security means that the seat does not really jostle around when the car moves.

Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Dog Car Seat with dogNow, this seat is great, but it does have a few minor things that we do not like.

  • First, it only has one collar attachment, so you can only secure one dog in the seat. If you have one dog, then this is not a problem.
  • A bigger problem is that the seat just does not fit in that many cars since it is so big. If it does fit in your car, then it is a great seat to purchase. However, make sure to measure your center console because this seat really only fits in trucks and larger SUVs.

Product Conclusion

Overall though, it’s a good seat as long as it fits in your car. What’s better than being able to see your pup the entire time you are driving?

Kurgo Skybox Booster Dog Car Seat

Connection Type: Back of headrest and on the seat back
Dimensions: 13? x 15? x 9?
Maximum Suggested Size: 20 pounds

Next on our list is the Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat. We like this seat for a few reasons that include the following.

Seat Highlights

  • Lifetime Warranty
    First, the lifetime warranty that comes with the seat should provide some peace of mind against the product breaking or any other issues. This warranty only applies when purchased from an authorized retailer and after product registration though. Fortunately, Amazon and Chewy are both authorized sellers and provide a warranty.
  • Storage Pockets
    Storage pockets on a dog car seat might sound like something that you will not use, but that is not the case. They are extremely useful for storing all kinds of documents, snacks, and other objects related to your dog. It just makes the whole organizing process that much easier and efficient. The Kurgo Skybox actually has zippered pockets, which are even nicer than normal pockets. All the Kurgo seats have pockets though.
  • Waterproof Exterior
    The Kurgo Skybox has a waterproof exterior. This means that water just rolls off the fabric, which really helps keep the entire seat and cover clean. It also makes the cleaning process much easier since stains do not form as quickly.
Kurgo Skybox Booster Dog Car Seat with dog
  • Now, the seat does have one minor issue. The seat is rather small, which makes it difficult if you have a bigger dog. The manufacturer recommend it for a dog up to 30 pounds, but a dog that big would most likely not fit in the seat.

Product Conclusion

This seat works perfectly fine outside of that one issue. So if you have a smaller dog and want a booster seat with a lifetime warranty, and lots of other benefits, then this is one of the best seats on the market. You cannot go wrong with purchasing this seat.

Solvit Jumbo Deluxe Dog Safety Car Seat

Connection Type: Internal frame connects to seat belt
Dimensions: 22? x 17? x 17?
Maximum Suggested Size: 30 pounds

All the previous seats in our list have been for smaller dogs. The Solvit Jumbo deluxe pet safety seat is a little different. This seat is specifically aimed for medium sized dogs. We like it for more than just its size though. Here are some of the reasons that we like it.

Seat Highlights

  • Larger Size
    As mentioned earlier, the larger size of this seat means that you can carry your larger dog in it. Now, you will not be able to carry your Great Dane or Mastiff, but if you have a beagle or other medium sized dog, then you will be fine. In fact, there are so many dog seats on the market, but most of them do not work well for a medium sized dog.
  • Elevated Box
    The elevated box in the bottom means that your dog will have plenty of padding to stay soft and can see out the window. Again, seeing out the window is super important for keeping your dog comfortable and calm. It can also keep you calm depending on your attachment level to your dog. Overall, the elevated seat is a definite plus with no real downside to it.
  • No Headrest Required
    Finally, not needing a headrest to secure the seat is another often overlooked advantage. Most cars will have a headrest, but if you do not have a headrest then you will basically need to purchase a seat like this type. Simply put, most other options require a headrest to secure the seat, so a car seat without a headrest just will not work.

Product Conclusion

All in all, we really like this seat. It honestly does not differ that much from the earlier pet seats, but it does have the advantage of working great for a medium sized dog. Those earlier options simply do not work for a dog over 10 or 15 pounds.

Pet Gear Bucket Booster Car Seat for Dogs
Connection Type: Seat belt
Dimensions: 22″L x17″W x11″H
Maximum Suggested Size: 25 pounds

Rounding out our list is the Pet Gear Bucket Booster car seat. Again, we have another booster seat on the list. This one makes the list because of it’s plush design and the extreme ease to install it in your car.

Seat Highlights

  • Easy Installation
    This seat has the easiest installation of any of the seats on this list. This is due to the patented system that Pet Gear has on the product. Basically, just snap on the seatbelt and slide on the strap. It really is that easy.
  • Four Straps
    The seat also has four straps that you can use to secure your dog. Now, you will not use four straps for one dog because that is just ridiculous. You can use two straps for two dogs though. You can also put three or four small dogs in the seat and that should work alright.
  • Removable Pillow and Cover
    Cleaning these dog seats can certainly be difficult if the cover and pillow are not removable. Fortunately, that is not a problem with the Pet Gear. You can easily unzip the cover and remove the pillow. They are machine washable as well.

Product Conclusion

Overall, we like this booster seat because of the easy installation and large amount of straps. The height is not adjustable on it, which is somewhat disappointing although somewhat common as well. There really is not anything wrong with the product and it comes at a great price. Just make sure that it will fit on your seat before purchasing it.

Beyond the Rating

PupSaver Crash Tested Car Safety Seat for Small Dogs

Connection Type: Seatbelt; Rear or front seat
Maximum Suggested Size: About 15 pounds

For those of you that want safety for your dog in the event of a car accident, then the BLOBLO car safety seat is the best option.

Seat Highlights

  • Soft Padding
    The soft padding on the seat is a nice added perk. Safety is obviously the best part about this seat, but comfort is still important.

Product Conclusion

This is a great car seat for the small dogs. It’s soft padded, easy to install and safe for your pet.

Dog Car Booster Seat

Connection Type: Seat belt loops and a sling
Dimensions: 22″L x17″W x11″H
Maximum Suggested Size: 300 pounds

The final seat on our list is another booster seat. This one is sized for bigger dogs and can hold up to 300 pounds. Now, you obviously cannot put a 300 pounds in this seat, but you can put a dog that weighs around 300 pounds in this seat.

Anyway, we like more than just the large size. Here are some of the other great features of this dog seat.

Seat Highlights

  • Foldable
    This seat is actually foldable, which is a really nice perk. This means you can easily fold the seat up and store it in the back of your car or in your closet. Most of the other seats on the list are not foldable, which can be rather annoying.
  • Two Straps
    This car seat has two straps, which makes it great if you have two dogs. You should always have the dog strapped in to the seat to prevent them from running around the car.
  • Multi-functional
    Since this is a booster seat it can easily be used at home. Just put it on the floor and you have a nice bed for your dog.

Product Conclusion

Overall, we like this booster seat for bigger dogs, but not big dogs. It really does not have any issues and it is reasonably priced. The multi-functional use combined with the carrying case make it a great addition for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I put multiple dogs in my dog car seat?
    Yes. All the seats on this list have at least one strap that you can use to secure your dog in the seat. Do not put a dog in a seat without securing its harness. Some seats have multiple straps for multiple dogs.
  • How safe are pet seats in an accident?
    Extensive testing has not been conducted. If you want a pet seat that is safe in an accident, then the Pup Saver crash-tested pet seat is the best option as it has been crash-tested.
  • Will it fit in my car?
    That depends on your car. A booster seat should fit in almost all cars while a console seat will be much more difficult in anything smaller than an SUV.
  • Can cats be placed in a pet seat?
    If you can place a harness on a cat, then you could put them in a seat. Cats tend to do better in a carrier though.
  • Will my dog like the seat?
    That depends on your dog. Most dogs seem to do fine in a pet seat and have no issues. The only dogs that seem to struggle are dogs that prefer to sit in someone’s lap.


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