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Best Carpet Cleaners for Pets 2019

It happens to even the best dogs. Accidents. Urine stains. Both unsightly and with that rank smell every dog owner comes to loathe. Sometimes you might even get a little bit of brown in there, and your formerly pristine carpet is now looking like a war zone and smelling like a barn.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution. With a carpet cleaner, you’re looking at the ability to quickly and easily manage the problem as well as any other stains which may have made their way into your home. Picking the right one takes some time though, so be sure to look far and wide while we suggest some of our favorites for you.

Picking a Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains

When it comes to picking one of these out, you’re looking at pretty much any of the same things you’ll need in any carpet cleaning: enormous cleaning ability and ease of use.

For most of us, budget will also figure in at some point but if you’re looking into making sure that you’ve actually got the best things possible you might want to ignore this factor. If your Great Dane has the amazing ability to urinate impossible, borderline equine amounts all over the floor it doesn’t make much sense to just go with the cheapest option

Carpet Cleaning Machines in General

For the most part, no matter what kind of stains you’re going to be dealing with, you’re going to have the keep the following in mind.

Powerful Motors

The more powerful the motor you’re working with, the cleaner you’re going to be able to make sure you get things. A lower powered motor makes sense if you’re dealing with office carpet and the occasional coffee spill or just the dust that inevitably gets tracked in from outdoors.

This isn’t going to work if you’ve got heavy mud getting pulled in by boots and grease coming in from the kitchen on shag carpeting.

The heavier your carpeting and the more it’s exposed to, the more powerful of a motor you’re going to need.

Types of Cleaners

There are a few different types of carpet cleaning machines out there to be aware of. Some are definitely easier to use than others, allowing them to be used by those who are a bit less physically capable.

Full sized cleaners can be something of a bear to handle. This makes them less ideal for those who aren’t quite as physically fit and also makes them harder to use in particularly tight environments. For a small apartment, inhabited by a smaller person, it doesn’t make sense and instead, you’ll want to focus on more pet oriented applications.

Compact cleaners don’t have the same amount of power as their larger counterparts but are easier to maneuver and tend to be quite a bit lighter. Some of the higher end compact cleaners can even be walked away from while they’re in usage.

Other Features

Specifically, you may also want to consider the following somewhat less important features.

  • Belt-less models can remove this occasional DIY repair from your routine.
  • Larger tanks can mean less often refills.
  • Split tanks can mean less problematic refilling, as deep cleaners often go through water much quicker.
  • Longer hoses are awesome for full sized cleaners, since they can be quite heavy to move.
  • Moving brushes are a bit more aggressive although they aren’t a perfect solution for an underpowered motor.

Choosing Your Cleaning Machine Specifically for Pets

Pets, especially dogs, present their own special set of problems for the homeowner. Urine and other waste matter can quickly turn your rugs into one heck of a problem and the odor and underflooring.

Now, a carpet cleaner isn’t a perfect solution to every pet related problem, but with a few extra features you can definitely improve the odds of making sure that your problems go way, way down.

Stain isolators… isolate stains. This keeps the urine or other serious issues out of your normal water tank. While it might not be a problem in many situations, you’ll quickly find that frequent usage without one is going to take some ammonia and a rag to make sure your entire machine doesn’t start to reek.

Special additions can help remove stains and hair. They can trap pet hair as it builds up rather than having it clog up things and cause you to spend even more time having to manage all clogs.

Carpet cleaning machines are very powerful machines, but they can also take a beating. If you’re dealing specifically with pet problems on a frequent basis it’s better to buy a specialized machine than it is to keep spending a whole bunch of time cleaning your device.

Depending on what your time’s worth to you, a couple of extra bucks might end up being quite the investment.

Our Pick

Our Favorite

BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner

This upright, carpet deep cleaner is made to handle just about anything laid down by your pet. When it comes down to it, it’s hard to beat a BISSELL and they’re usually exactly what you’re looking for.

The fact that this one is designed specifically with pet hair and urine stains in mind makes it a wonderful addition to the home of any pet owner. It also comes with a portable spot cleaner for those areas where you can’t run the full upright.

If you’re not willing to do all of the research to make sure you get the perfect pick for your own home and needs… this BISSELL DeepClean Lift-Off might be exactly the ticket and it’s sure not to disappoint if paired with the right shampoo.



  • Upright with removable nozzle for spot cleaning
  • 2-machines in 1
  • Comes with specialized pet tools
  • Comes with specialized pet cleaner
  • Specialized stain trapper to keep dirty messes out of your main cleaner


  • Expensive
  • Heavy liquid usage for larger homes

Our Favorite 4

Other than the BISSELL we mentioned above, we’ve dug up some other machines which should help you find out just what you need in the long run.

And don’t worry, we’ll help you find the right shampoos too if you’ve got just a little bit of patience with us.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner and Rug Doctor Pet Pro

It may not be the biggest name in the business, but Rug Doctor presents this pretty awesome cleaner with a great included shampoo to handle pet messes. The main draw here, however, is definitely the huge amount of suction you’ll be getting out of it.

The Rug Doctor is made to handle those high traffic areas that can be a pain to take care of. Got a lot of dogs and made the mistake of going with carpets? You’re handled here, with superior suction, antimicrobial brushes and a “Super Boost” spray function that lets you really slam those areas where things have turned into a mess.

Now, the one area where some people will have issues with this unit is that it isn’t the strongest in construction. It’s fine for the use of most people, but if you’re prone to hitting the fireplace or running it into things… well, you’re going to have a broken machine quickly.

If you’re not concerned with brand names, and just want a solid carpet cleaner that makes one of the best ways to get dog hair out of carpet… well, the Rug Doctor may be just the solution you’re looking for.



  • Superior suction
  • Super Boost capabilities
  • Professional level cleaning
  • Comes with awesome pet shampoo


  • Expensive
  • Middling build quality

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

This isn’t the cleaner you’re looking for if you’ve got a huge, carpeted home. But if you’ve got small spots of carpet that occasionally become the plaything of your favorite furred companion it’s a great way to handle things without having to pay for a full upright.

This spot cleaning unit fits away quite easily, and you’ll find that you can store it just about anywhere. Small cleaning closet? You’ll be good. You’ll have to put in the work, the bristles aren’t exactly fantastic and it’s not the best option for pet hair, but for some people, it will be the perfect fit.

There’s one other cool feature here: it’s incredibly easy to clean out the interior of the unit in order to avoid odors and stains from building up.

This might just be the easiest solution for urine and other unsightly pet stains you’ll ever be able to find for anywhere near this price.

For small, carpet cleaning pet urine solutions you need look no further, but for a fully carpeted house, this one just isn’t going to cut it.



  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to store
  • Incredibly simple to clean
  • Handles stains amazingly
  • Doesn’t use much shampoo


  • Not good for large areas
  • Not good for pet hair

Hoover Power Scrub Elite + 32oz PetPlus Pet Stain

We’re going to come right out and say it: this thing is pretty awesome. As a way to clean the carpet, no matter what your usage, you’re in good hands with this one. It’s a cleaner that is made for high traffic areas. It’s ready to handle dirt, grime, hair, and stains without any issues.

Even the brushes on this design are made to make sure that smells and stains get gone and stay gone. The biggest thing that keeps it from being our main pick, however, is the fact that it’s not a 2-in-1, so you’ll only be able to use it as an upright.

There are some smaller attachments, but these aren’t all that specialized and you may have to do some maintenance if you don’t decide to utilize something smaller in those areas where there’s a ton of pet hair gathered. You’ll be better off with a small vacuum in those situations.

But if you’ve got a large, carpeted home with a ton of problems with hair, urine, and associated pet grime then we’re looking at a complete winner in this category.



  • Amazing suction
  • Lightweight for an upright design
  • Low shampoo usage
  • Kit comes with decent pet shampoo
  • Professional level quality for all stains


  • Upright only
  • Attachments are kind of subpar

How to Handle Those Troublesome Urine Stains

Look, we all know that dog urine can be problematic. Even in the best of cases, when it’s noticed instantly, it has a tendency to seep into carpeting and sometimes under flooring. This leads to lasting odors in many cases, even where you’ve handled the stains super efficiently.

The key here is to catch things in the right order to make sure that the damage can be mitigated, or even entirely neutralized.

Your first line of defense in making sure that there is no permanent damage is the following: immediately blot as much as possible without rubbing it into the carpeting. Then spray it with a pet targeted shampoo. Do not rub this in either.

That’s when we bust out the cleaning machine, as soon as possible. Don’t overload the machine thinking it will work better. Use your manufacturer’s recommended amount of detergent.

By doing this, you can help to make sure the stain is taken care of quickly and efficiently rather than making things worse. It might be tempting to just pull out your expensive carpet cleaner for pets, but you can really minimize the chance of permanent staining by doing this.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss three of the best pre-cleaner shampoos around. They’re made for cleaning carpets and if you combine them with the right machine… you’ll never have to worry about a stained or smelly carpet again.

Our Top 3 Pet Carpet Shampoos

There’s something out there for everyone, but let’s talk about three of our favorites and why we think they stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Bubba’s Rowdy Friends

Bubba’s knows that our pets sometimes get in trouble, you know? And they’ve made this cleaner specifically to help you out when that stain and odor hits the floor. It’s even supposed to work with that worst of smells… cat urine.

It’s a bit pricey, but as a first line solution before you run your cleaning machine it might just be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.



  • Powerful on all surfaces
  • Enzymatic and safe for carpets


  • Expensive

Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Shampoo

This is the kind of stuff that miracles are sometimes made of. This carpet shampoo can lock down most odors pretty easily and combined with your cleaning machine you’ll be in great paws.

There’s not a lot of foaming action in there, so you may have to use a bit more than normal before you go running through it, but it’s definitely nothing to sneeze at. If you find that you like this stuff, you’ll be pleased to know there’s even a subscription service available.

The main thing lacking here is that the unscented version is sometimes hard to find, but you’re in luck if you don’t mind a bit of lavender with your new, scent free home.



  • Cheap
  • Subscription service available


  • Can be hard to find in unscented version

Our Favorite

Pet Stain & Odor Miracle – Enzyme Cleaner

It’s a little bit expensive, but this enzymatic cleaner is one of the best around. It helps to lock in odors and even handle minor stains with a remarkably efficient process. Combined with your steam carpet cleaner and you might never have to worry again.

If things get beyond your carpet, it’s also safe for nearly every surface around, making it a perfect all around solution for any pet owner.

One caveat: do not use this product with a normal vacuum cleaner if you let it set. The results aren’t pretty.

For the perfect solution with your wet/dry steam cleaner though, let it sit and swoop it up and you’re going to be amazed by the results.



  • Super effective
  • Handles stains and odors


  • Do not run through a dry vacuum!

Conclusion – End Your Relationship with Pet Stains

You don’t have to accept this as part of your adventure with your favorite furry friends. Get a cleaner, get the right shampoo, and you’ll be glad to know that there is an end in sight to what some consider the primary disadvantage of pet ownership. Just make sure you do your research and you’re good to go and well on your way to an odor and stain free home that you thought was an impossibility since you brought Fido home from the pound.

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