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A Guide To Find The Most Suitable Crate For Your Dog

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Brown Dog Crate Made Of WoodNaturally, dogs are den animals, which is why dog crates help dogs achieve a sense of security in the absence of a suitable natural environment. As a dog (and many other animals) will not soil its den in a natural setting, a dog crate will provide sufficient house training to keep it from soiling parts of your home. It acts useful during the puppy period and prevents dogs from developing destructive habits, keeping furniture safe from all the jaw fury. Looking for a dog crate might sound easy, but certain factors require attention when doing the job. Your dog will probably spend a lot of its time inside the crate, so make sure it doesn’t turn out as a punishment. Various factors like dog crate sizes and the materials they contain play major roles in determining the eventual comfort for your dog.

You should be aware of these factors when looking for a dog crate:

The Size

Dog crates come in various sizes, and going with the wrong one can produce some long-term problems for you and your dog. You should consider the following when trying to choose a dog crate:

  • Make sure it’s not too small. The crate should be large enough for your dog to be able to stand, sit straight, turn around, and lie on its side with its paws stretched. If it’s too small, the limitations in movement produced by the crate can result in cramps for your dog, and possibly some of the worse internal injuries after regular use.
  • The crate being too large isn’t any good either. You might think that you’re doing your dog a favor, but large dog crate sizes aren’t too nice for your dog’s house training. Your dog should have enough space for comfortable movement, but not enough to reserve an area for dumping its waste.
  • Do not rely on ‘ideal sizes’ for particular ages or species. Dogs vary in almost every physical characteristic (except being a dog), including size. Individual measurements should be considered when looking for a dog crate.

What It’s Made Of

Sad dog Laying in a Soft Dog CrateAgain, there’s no ideal material either. Dogs vary and have different natural (or even habitual) reactions to different substances. Some dogs may be allergic to plastic; some might show an uncomfortable reaction to stainless steel while some of their bodies might reject other component materials of certain dog crates. Make sure your dog’s body is compatible with everything it’ll be exposed to when inside a dog crate.

Convenient Design

Having your dog’s nose bleed because it’s constantly forced through an opening isn’t something that’ll please you or your dog. Make sure the dog kennel does not contain any unnecessary parts that could hurt it, or lead to any inconvenient habits (such as getting your dog used to constant chewing). While a particular design may please your eyes, it might not please your dog.

Considering the above when looking for a dog crate will ensure comfort for your dog. You should expect that bow-wow to turn into wow-wow pretty soon.

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