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The 10 Best Dog Agility Equpment of 2020

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Dog jumping on an agility training tire on a dog playground. jumping through a hurdle at dog agility training.Training your dog for agility competition can be an expensive but highly rewarding affair. The entire process will equip your dog with cognitive and discerning skills, which are important for him to have. Furthermore, your dog will get an opportunity to keep fit while bonding with you. To get the most out of agility training, you need to buy quality dog agility equipment. This article will give you all the information necessary for a good purchase.

CHEERING PET Dog Agility Equipment, 28 Piece Dog Obstacle Course for Training and Interactive Play

Our Top Choice:

We highly recommend the dog agility equipment made by Cheering Pet due to its comprehensiveness and durability. This kit has everything you need for agility training from poles to hurdles and a tunnel. All the pieces are well built and sturdy, which guarantees their durability. The kit’s comprehensive components make it appropriate for a beginner as well as a seasoned agility trainer.

Read more about the top 10 equipment below.

Comparison Table

Our Rating:
Buy from:
CHEERING PET Dog Agility Equipment, 28 Piece Dog Obstacle Course for Training and Interactive Play
Cheering Pet Equipment
  • Comprehensive kit
  • Poles with stakes
  • Scratch-resistant material
  • Plastic weights
PAWISE Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility Exercise Training Equipment Agility Starter Kit Jump Hoop Hurdle Bar
Pawise Jumping Ring
  • 4 poles and a hoop
  • Velcro strips
  • Steel pins for anchorage
Juvale Pack of 1 Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube Accessory Gift - Pet Training Toy for Small Pets
Juvale Agility Tunnel
  • PVC material
  • Steel frame
  • Dog toys at the end of the tunnel
Dog Agility Bar Jump - Training Equipment
Midlee Dog Agility Bar Jump
  • 2 vertical poles with stakes
  • 1 horizontal, height-adjustable pole
  • 2 safety supports
Lord Anson Trade; Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set - Canine Agility Training Set
Lord Anson Agility Training Cone Set
  • High-quality plastic material
  • Molded base
  • 4 level holes for rod insertion
Outward Hound ZipZoom Beginner Dog Agility Training Obstacle Course & Tail Teaser Wand
Outward Hound Dog Obstacle Course
  • 1 dog jump
  • 1 square tunnel
  • 4 weaving poles
URAKN SPORTS Plastic Multicolored Cones Set
Urakn Sports Agility Cones
  • Twelve inches in height
  • 3 hole levels
  • Molded, sturdy build
PawHut 4 Piece Adjustable Dog Jump Bar Agility Training Equipment with Carrying Case
PawHut Adjustable Hurdles Agility Equipment
  • 4 complete jump kits
  • Adjustable height
  • Displaceable top bar
MiMu Dog Agility Equipment - Agility Set Dog Weaving Poles Dog Obstacle Course, Dog Agility Training Equipment
MiMu Weaving Poles for Dog Agility Training
  • 39-inch height
  • Stainless steel stakes
  • Bright colors
Better Sporting Dogs Window Jump - Dog Agility Window Jump
Better Sporting Window Jump Agility Training Equipment
  • PVC window
  • Stability poles
  • Straps to hold the window in place

Dog Agility Training Equipment – Top 10 Review

Like any other pet product, there is a variety to choose from when it comes to agility equipment. You can opt to buy a complete kit, or pick one specific equipment that you prefer to do agility training with. Do you know what to look out for when purchasing agility equipment for your dog? To simplify your decision-making process and help you get value for your money, we have picked 10 of the best products that you can buy online.

Our Favorite

Best Overall – Cheering Pet Equipment

CHEERING PET Dog Agility Equipment, 28 Piece Dog Obstacle Course for Training and Interactive PlayIf you are looking to create a comprehensive yet challenging obstacle course for your dog, look no further than this agility kit. It contains an agility tunnel, poles with stakes, an adjustable hurdle, a pause board, toy, and carrying bags. The tunnel is made of high-quality PVC that is scratch resistant. All the other bits and pieces are lightweight and portable. The accompanying bags fit all the equipment and come with sturdy handles for enhanced portability.

When you receive the pieces of agility equipment, you might feel overwhelmed by the setup process. Luckily, this kit is quite easy to set up. The hurdle is inserted to the ground to keep the course in balance. The poles are laid out using the marked rope and fastened together. There are simple and easy to follow instructions in the kit that will aid equipment setup.


  • Has a variety of equipment
  • Easy setup process
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot be used indoors

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Runner Up – Pawise Jumping Ring

PAWISE Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility Exercise Training Equipment Agility Starter Kit Jump Hoop Hurdle BarHaving a jumping ring outdoors is one of the best ways to get your dog to familiarize yourself with the idea of agility training. This hoop is simple and easy to use, which makes it a good starting point. It comes with four poles that hold it up; two are planted in the ground for stability. At the end of these two poles are 7-inch steel pins that easily enter the ground. Each pole has Velcro strips that hold the hoop into place within the bars.

If you have a dog that loves challenges, he will enjoy the height adjustability of this equipment. The jump ring height can be increased by removing the top bar and moving the bottom bar to the required height before reassembling the hoop. The hoop is built to accommodate all dog sizes for agility training. This equipment is quite affordable and has a one year guarantee, which proves that it is worth buying.


  • Easy to setup
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable height increases the fun


  • Lacks assembly instructions

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Budget Buy – Juvale Agility Tunnel

Juvale Pack of 1 Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube Accessory Gift - Pet Training Toy for Small PetsWhen looking for dog agility equipment, most dog owners consider tunnels very effective. This tunnel by Juvale is not only the most affordable equipment but also one of the most sturdy and easy to use. It is a long, brightly colored tube that your dog will love playing with. It has a steel frame that maintains its structure and keeps it from collapsing. The bright blue PVC material is not only attractive but also scratch-resistant. Your dog will not tear through this material while playing in the tunnel.

For ease of storage, the equipment collapses and occupies minimum space. When you need to use it, all you have to do is erect it by unrolling from its collapsible form. This equipment comes with a softball and rattle at the exit to motivate your dog to run through the whole length. The lightweight nature of the tunnel makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easy setup
  • The collapsible frame takes up less storage space


  • Not big enough for a large dog

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Dog Agility Bar Jump - Training Equipment - Obstacle Course Hurdles for Jumping Practice, Exercise Drills - Adjustable Plastic Frame and Poles with Carrying BagA hurdle is simple yet effective dog agility equipment for dogs that love to jump and run outdoors. This set by Midlee comes with 3 plastic poles and 2 clips for support. Of the 3 poles, one is height adjustable to increase the height to which your dog can jump during agility training. To set up this equipment, you follow simple instructions that include planting the stakes at the end of the vertical poles in the ground and using the clips to attach the adjustable pole.

For portability, the entire equipment is lightweight and fits in a storage bag. This bag is strong enough and easy to carry around. Because the company believes in the quality of their products, they offer a 3-year money-back guarantee for this equipment. This is proof of the quality you get with this purchase.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Height adjusting pole occasionally slips lower

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Lord Anson Trade; Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set - Canine Agility Training SetThe agility equipment cones train your dog to jump and follow instructions. They have a sturdy molded base, which makes them stable. They have holes that fit the rods so that your dog can jump over them without causing them to fall over. Each rod is made with heavy-duty material that resists wear and tear. Furthermore, the equipment can be stacked on top of each other to save on storage space and enable easy transportation.

Due to the design of this dog agility equipment, you will have a variety of training options to choose from. The thick plastic used to make the rods allows jumping agility training, and you can increase their height as your dog masters the tricks. You can use these cones to train your dog for agility shows, have fun at the park or rehabilitate senior and ailing dogs.


  • Offers a variety of agility training options
  • Durable
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Assembly can be challenging

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Outward Hound ZipZoom Beginner Dog Agility Training Obstacle Course & Tail Teaser WandThis dog agility training equipment kit contains a jump, tunnel, and weaving poles. It has six weighted poles, two of which are used to anchor a jumping pole. It also has a square-shaped tunnel made of PVC material and framed with steel wires. The combination of agility equipment allows you to build a complete training course for your dog in the backyard.

The weighted poles use plastic cones as anchors, which makes this agility equipment suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The jumping pole is fastened using safety clips to ensure that it does not fall off if your dog jumps over it.  To enable quick and easy setup, the equipment comes with a comprehensive user manual that has setup instructions. The whole equipment is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport.


  • Creates a complete obstacle course
  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for large dogs

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URAKN SPORTS 2" 9" 12" Inch Plastic Multicolored Cones 6 12 50 Pack SetIf you are looking for cheap dog agility equipment that is versatile and easy to use, consider buying these cones from Urakn Sports. They are brightly colored, well made, and easy to use for the novice or experienced agility trainer. Each cone is made of high-quality plastic that is molded and reinforced for stability. The material used is lightweight, which enhances portability. The bright colors attract your dog and make playtime fun.

The side of each piece of equipment is filled with holes on three levels. These holes can be used for pole insertion to create a jumping course for your dog. Because the cones are twelve inches tall, they provide a variety of heights that your dog can enjoy jumping over during agility training. The manufacturer of this equipment stands behind its quality by offering a lifetime warranty.


  • Sturdy build guarantees durability of the equipment
  • Attractive colors
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Poles for hurdles must be bought separately

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PawHut 4 Piece Adjustable Dog Jump Bar Agility Training Equipment with Carrying CaseThis kit by PawHut makes the best large dog agility equipment due to its complexity and safety considerations. It contains a set of four bar jumps that enable complex agility training while preparing for competitions. The bars can be set up as rows and pivot squares, which your dog will enjoy jumping over. The bars have adjustable heights that vary based on the ability and size of your dog.

To reassure you of your dog’s safety, the setup includes a displaceable top bar that will be knocked over if your dog jumps too high. This bar protects your dog from self-injury that is common during agility training. The bottom bar of the hurdles is fixed to ensure stability on any surface you choose. At each corner of the hurdles are safety clips that keep the structure from getting knocked over by your dog.


  • Offers complex training options
  • Adjustable height accommodates large dogs
  • Safety guaranteed by the top bar and stable base


  • Assembly can be challenging

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MiMu Dog Agility Equipment - Agility Set Dog Weaving Poles Dog Obstacle Course, Dog Agility Training EquipmentWeaving through poles is one the agility exercises your dog is bound to love. This outdoor agility equipment dog by MiMu comprises of 12 blue and orange poles that have stakes for stability. The brightly colored poles are 39 inches tall, which provides a great challenge for your dog. Of all the equipment in this review, these poles are the easiest to set up because all you have to do is stick the stake in the ground in whichever pattern you prefer.

You can have short or long distances between the poles depending on the proficiency of your dog. The poles are lightweight, and so is the carrying case they come with. This quality makes them very portable.


  • Strong stakes make the poles stable
  • Easy to set up
  • Bright colors give an attractive appearance


  • Cannot be used indoors

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Better Sporting Dogs Window Jump - Dog Agility Window JumpYour agility training course is not complete without this jumping window. Most versions are wooden, heavy, and cumbersome to carry. However, this equipment by Better Sporting is lightweight, easy to assemble and dismantle, and very portable. The kit contains poles that hold the window in place, a PVC multicolored agility window, and a lightweight carrier bag.

The height of the window can be adjusted slightly to create a more challenging agility training routine for your dog. The equipment is very lightweight, and this might cause it to topple over when used by large dogs. However, this can be remedied by adding some weights to the base.


  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Not stable, might be knocked over by a large dog

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Who Needs Dog Agility Course Equipment?

Your dog needs exercise almost as much as you do. Agility training provides an opportunity for him to exercise, learn new skills, and bond with you. Therefore, dog agility equipment kits are necessary if:

  • You have a dog that takes part in agility competitions – these simple kits can provide an opportunity for home training.
  • Your dog gets bored easily – without another dog to play with, your furry friend might get very bored, and he might resort to destructive behavior. This equipment will give him something fun to do in your backyard.
  • Your dog needs rehabilitation after injury – agility equipment can be set to simple levels to provide gentle rehabilitation for dogs that have had surgery.
  • You need to give your dog cognitive and other advanced skills – this equipment can provide valuable skills and help you to train your dog.

The truth is, all dogs can benefit from agility equipment. It is healthy for them to spend some time outdoors regardless of their age and physical abilities. Naturally, you should be more gentle if your dog is senior or ailing. However, unless your vet has advised against physical exertion, there is no reason to keep your dog cooped up indoors all day.

Key Considerations Before Your Purchase

Dog jumps through the window jumpWhich features should you take into account when shopping for dog agility equipment kits? To make the best purchase that serves its purpose and offers value for money, consider the following qualities.

Type of Equipment

You can choose to buy an entire kit or single equipment that you believe will provide the best agility training. Most kits contain a jumping pole, weaving poles, a tunnel, and a jumping window. Each of these can be bought separately. However, to build a complete course, you should have a variety of agility tools.


Buying a lightweight, 6-inch jumping bar for a large dog is a bad idea. The size of the equipment you buy should correspond to your dog’s size. Small dog agility equipment is not as reinforced as that made for large dogs because the latter can easily knock bars over.

Adjustable height

For the agility course to be progressively challenging, you should be able to adjust the height of the bars. The jumping window works in the same way. Therefore, it is advisable to check whether the equipment you are buying can be adjusted easily.


Dog agility course equipment must be made of strong material that can withstand repeated use. Because this equipment is often used outside, it should not be sensitive to the elements and must resist wear and tear. For dog tunnels, PVC material is a must to withstand scratching.  Equipment made of flimsy material might injure your dog.


The ideal equipment should be usable for a long time. It should not bend or break while your dog uses it. Generally, you should get a few years’ use out of the equipment you buy.

Common Questions about Agility Training

Most dog owners do not understand the basics of agility training. We have answered some of the common questions you may have about buying and using agility dog equipment.

Which Equipment Can I Use for Agility Training?

Person trainin a black puppy using agility complex at homeThe type of equipment you use is determined by your dog’s physical ability as well as the purpose of agility training. If you are training for agility competitions, your dog will need a challenging obstacle course that has jumping bars, jumping windows, weaving poles, and tunnels. If you are training for rehabilitation purposes, you should have less variety in the equipment. When training your dog for fun, you get to choose the complexity of the course.

What Is the Right Dog Age to Start Agility Training?

You can start agility training when your dog is more than a year old. The ideal age is 18 months. Using dog training equipment agility on a dog that is less than a year old might cause joint and muscle injury that might be irreparable.

When your dog is less than a year old, you can start teaching them the basics of following simple commands. These skills will come in handy when you are ready to start agility training with equipment.

Is Agility Training Advisable?

When done under the guidance of a professional, dog agility training is safe. It has many benefits for your dog, including improved physical health, learning new tactical skills, and bonding with you. The right agility dog equipment makes the process more productive.

What Obstacles Should the Dog Agility Kits Contain?

The agility kits contain the following equipment:

  • Jumping bars which can be adjusted for height
  • Jumping windows which are stable and height adjustable
  • Tunnels which are sturdy and made of breathable material
  • Weaving poles which can be mounted in the ground for stability
  • Hurdles which can be adjusted for height

How Can I Perform Agility Training on My Dog?

If you have no experience on how to train your dog for agility course, you should start by consulting a professional. He will take the health and physical capabilities of your dog into account. He will also recommend the best agility course equipment that you can use.

Before embarking on agility training, you should train your dog to follow commands. He should understand the basic instructions that you will give while training using equipment. Next, shop online and find some dog training equipment that you can use. Use treats and toys as motivation to get your dog to complete the obstacle course without knocking the equipment over. Also, you can use some of the best interactive dog toys to entertain your pet while you’re away.

Final Take

Agility training is important for your dog. It allows exercise, injury rehabilitation, skill learning, and bonding. If your dog gets antsy and resorts to destructive behavior whenever he is bored, having dog agility course equipment in your backyard will provide a welcome distraction and help him release pent-up energy.

Choosing the right dog agility equipment for your dog is no easy task. We highly recommend the comprehensive kit by Cheering Pet due to its durability and obstacle variety. However, each of the other kits in this review is also worth buying. Keep in mind the size of your dog and the durability of the equipment before making a purchase. Most importantly, train your dog under the guidance of a professional.

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