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A Buyer’s Guide to Pet Strollers 2020

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, with Zipperless EntryDog strollers are the new must have dog accessory. If you’re asking yourself why you would need a stroller for your dog you’re not alone. On the surface, it might seem like the last thing a dog needs is a stroller. But there are actually many reasons why having a dog stroller is great for you and great for your dog.

Check out some of the best reasons to get a dog stroller:

Reasons to get a Dog Stroller

  • Dog carriage makes it easier to take your dog places. Whether you’re going to the vet, or to an outdoor event like a concert or just to a restaurant your dog will have a safe and familiar place to rest. The stroller will keep your dog from getting too much sun or getting wet in the rain. It also gives your dog a nice barrier from other possibly aggressive animals.
  • Taking your dog to work with you in a dog stroller will make sure that your dog has a familiar and secluded place to nap without dragging a kennel to the office. It will also make getting your dog in and out of the car a lot easier.
  • In an emergency situation, pets are often so scared that they run away before a pet parent can get them into a confining kennel or carrier. A dog stroller will let you secure your pet in an emergency and make it easier to take your pet with you wherever you go.
  • Dog strollers protect paws. In the summertime when it’s over 100 degrees pavement can feel like hot coals to your dog. In the winter, they have to deal with frozen slush, snow, and salt on roads and sidewalks. Putting your dog in a stroller gives them some relief from the elements and protects their feet.
  • Pet strollers give older dogs or injured dogs or disabled dogs the chance to get fresh air and sunshine. If your dog has mobility problems you can use a dog stroller to give your dog a walk again. And if you want to take a break your dog can nap in the stroller.
  • You can get better exercise. If your dog has trouble keeping up with you when you go walking or running you can bring a stroller with you and let your dog ride when he or she gets tired. That way you can get the exercise you want and your dog can still enjoy some outdoor time too.

Now that you know some of the benefits of having a dog stroller let’s break down some of the most popular types and models of strollers so you can find the doggie stroller that will work best for you. Doggie strollers come in a range of sizes and styles. Dog strollers for medium dogs will be much different than dog strollers for large dogs and so on.

Let’s look at some of the most popular dog strollers for different sizes of dogs:

Comparison Table

Compare options from our top and read our dog stroller reviews to choose the best!

Editor's Picks:
Our Rating:
Buy from:
Small Dog Strollers:
Best Pet Stroller for Small Dogs Overall
Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Stroller
  • Easy Locking
  • Cup Holder
  • Durable Material
  • Front Shock Absorbers
  • Panoramic Window
Runner Up for the Best Pet Stroller for Small Dogs
Vivo 3 Wheel Pet Stroller
  • Large Protective Space
  • Mesh Window
  • Dual Cup Holders
Best Value for Money
Pet Gear No Zip NV Pet Stroller
  • Bolster Pad Included
  • Big Tires
  • Easy to Maneuver
Large Dog Strollers:
Runner Up
Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller - Large and Extra Large
  • Dual Entry
  • Great for Large Dogs
  • High Quality
Best Large Dog Stroller Overall
DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Quick Release Wheels
  • Large Rear Pouch
  • Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Sleek Design
Double Dog Strollers:
Best Pet Stroller for Multiple Dogs Overall
Pet Gear No Zip Double Dog Stroller
  • Plush Bolster Pad
  • 12-inch Big Tires
  • Water Resistant Material
  • Cup Holder
  • No Zip Technology
Runner Up for the Best Double Dog Strollers
All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Stroller
  • Made of Durable Materials
  • Great for Travel
  • Easy to Assemble
Jogging Strollers:
Best Dog Stroller for Jogging Overall
Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Pet Bike Trailer
  • Bike Trailer Kit Included
  • Air Suspension
  • Quick Release Wheels
  • Medium Size
  • Well Built
Best Dog Stroller for Hiking
Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Stroller Jogger
  • Easy Brake system
  • Lasting Composition
  • Safety Flag
Runner Up for the Best Dog Stroller for Running
Pet Gear No Zip Jogger Pet Stroller
  • One Hand Easily Folding Mechanism
  • Water Resistant Material
  • Cup Holder

Pet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Pet StrollerThe Pet Gear Happy Trails stroller is a good moderately priced stroller for people with one or two small dogs. The stroller can hold up to about 40 pounds, so you can fit two small dogs in the stroller together. It has one tether inside which can be a problem if you have two dogs that need to ride but you can add a coupler to provide two tethers.

It has a no zip canopy that is easy to fold and unfold. It also has great visibility for your pet and allows them to see a lot of the area surrounding the stroller as well as out of the back. This stroller isn’t made for all terrain, however. It is fine for sidewalks and paved roads but if you plan on taking your dogs off road or on gravel or grass look for a stroller with more substantial wheels.

If you want a stroller just for strolling around the block that won’t cost a lot, this is a good one. The handle height is about 40 inches which is a comfortable height for most people under 6 feet tall. If you’re over 6 feet tall, it might be uncomfortable for you on a long walk.

VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller, for Cat, DogThe Vivo 3 Wheel Pet Stroller is a fantastic choice if you want a cheap dog stroller for a very small dog or a puppy. The maximum carrying weight for this stroller is 30 pounds so it’s only suitable for small breeds and for only one dog at a time unless your dogs are 10 pounds or less each.

Even though the price is low, the stroller is popular with dog owners because of the high quality of construction. It comes in three colors including a pink polka dot print. So if you have been looking for a pink puppy stroller, this one might be the one for you. It also has some great convenience features like a cup holder, a compartment for keys or a phone, and a large storage basket underneath for groceries, water, or anything else you need to carry with you.

VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller, for Cat, DogThe stroller collapses and folds easily and it’s very easy to fit into a vehicle. It maneuvers well in tight spaces and through doorways because of the three-wheel design. It can tip a little bit if your dog is moving around a lot inside the stroller so it’s better for dogs that sit quietly while out strolling.

This is a great stroller for bringing your dog to the office or to the vet because it folds easily into the car and has storage for your briefcase or bag.

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, with Zipperless EntryIf you are more concerned with function than cost, the Pet Gear No Zip NV pet stroller is one of the highest quality pet strollers you can buy. This model can hold up to 70 pounds, making it perfect for one small to medium dog, a puppy or two small dogs.

The No Zip feature gives you access to your pet in seconds so if you need fast access you don’t have to fumble with a zipper. There is a great 360-degree view for your pet with lots of air flow. It also comes with a weather guard to keep your dog comfortable even in the rain or snow. There are lots of nice extras in this stroller like a padded paw bar for your pet to lean on and a padded seat inside. But what makes this dog stroller a real winner is the construction and the heavy duty wheels. Heavy rubber tires with tread cover all three wheels but the wheels themselves are air tires so you can jog without jarring your dog. And the front wheel can be locked for added stability when going over rough terrain.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose stroller that can go around the block or on a hike or to the beach this is the stroller for you.

Our Pick “Best Small Dog and Puppy Stroller”:

Pet Gear No Zip NV Pet Stroller. This dog stroller has it all and while the price is a bit high, it really delivers function and style.

Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller Large and Extra LargeDog strollers aren’t just for little dogs. Large dog strollers can accommodate even big breeds like Rottweilers or German Shepherds. The Pet Gear Expedition stroller can hold up to 150 pounds so you can fit two medium sized dogs or a large dog in the stroller. The design of this stroller is pretty basic but it’s really got everything you need. Your pet has a good view out of the front, side and back windows.

The internal compartment is spacious so your pet can lie down comfortably. It has four tires that keep it stable and it is low to the ground for additional stability. The tires are rubber and can handle both pavement and non-paved surfaces. It has a nice bug guard lining that will keep your pet cool too. The rear brakes help keep the stroller from getting away from you on hills or terrain where the weight of the dog can make the stroller difficult to control. The brakes also lock the stroller up tight so it doesn’t move when your pet is getting in or out.

This is a dog stroller for large dogs that will perform solidly for years to come.

DoggyRide Novel Dog StrollerIf you are an athlete that likes to bring your dog with you on your outdoor adventures or if you need a dog carriage that can serve multiple functions and don’t mind paying for that functionality, the DoggyRide Novel is definitely a great choice. This dog stroller is made from sturdy but lightweight aluminum so it’s easy to push. You can even buy a kit to convert the dog stroller to a bike trailer so you can pull the stroller behind your bike on biking trips.

The inner compartment is large and comfortable. It can hold up to 110 pounds. One of the best functions that the DoggyRide offers is that the compartment can be detached from the wheels and used as a crate. So if you bring your dog to work with you the stroller can keep the dog safe while you enter the building and you can detach the main compartment to give your dog a nice place to hang out during the day. Then just snap the wheels back to leave for the day. It’s also perfect for traveling and camping. The all-terrain wheels mean you can take it anywhere. And the slick modern styling will turn heads wherever you and your dog go.

Our Pick “Dog Strollers for Large Dogs”:

The Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller if you are looking for a reasonable-priced large dog stroller. The DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller if you are looking for the highest quality.

Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet StrollerIf you have two dogs and need a double doggie stroller that will fit both comfortable without costing a fortune the Pet Gear No-Zip Double Dog stroller is a smart choice. Like other Pet Gear dog strollers, it has the no zip style that makes it easy to get your dogs in and out of the stroller. It also has a 360-degree panoramic view for both dogs.

What makes this Pet Gear stroller different is that the main compartment inside is extra long and extra wide, which gives both dogs room to really stretch out. It can hold up to 90 pounds so it’s suitable for two small dogs or two medium dogs. It has air tires and comes with a pump for the tires. The tires are sturdy and the stroller can be used on any surface. It also has a nylon storage pouch underneath to hold blankets or anything that you need to take with you although the pouch area isn’t big enough to carry anything substantial. It has compartment by the handle for keys, a cell phone, a leash, treats or other small items. The rear wheel brake is strong and keeps the dog stroller steady when you are lifting your dogs in and out. It’s a best pet stroller for dogs, if you need to walk with multiple dogs.

BestPet All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller w/RainCoverThe All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels stroller has the room that your dogs need to be comfortable, as long as they are small dogs. This stroller has a maximum weight of 30 pounds so it’s only suitable for two small dogs but this is a fun and stylish double pet stroller for two small dogs. It comes in five fashion colors including leopard print.

It has a mesh window cover that allows fresh air in but keeps out bugs. It has large 6-inch air wheels to provide a stable and smooth ride for your dogs. It has a large basket underneath to carry your items plus a cup holder and compartment near the handle for treats, cell phones, and other small items. The All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels stroller fold down flat and fits into any vehicle easily. You don’t need a lot of strength to unfold it and get it ready to go.

With a low price, great looks, and lots of stability, this all terrain dog stroller is perfect for dog owners with small dogs who want a double doggie stroller that can go anywhere with style.

Our Pick “Double Dog Stroller”:

Pet Gear No Zip Double Dog Stroller. This dog stroller is specifically designed to hold multiple pets comfortably and it has all the features that Pet Gear is well known for, like their no zip access.

Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Pet Bike Trailer and with Suspension - Florescent GreenDog parents who like to be active and jog, bike or get outdoors on hikes need a dog jogging stroller like the Booyah Large Pet stroller. It is ready to hit the trail with a bright color scheme and reflective patches for increased visibility. It has a manual handbrake for better function. The maximum weight it will hold is 60 pounds so it may not be suitable for a very large dog but medium to large dogs will fit comfortably.

Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Pet Bike Trailer and with Suspension - Florescent GreenThis dog stroller can also be towed by a bike. It comes with a rear wheel towing hookup and once it’s securely attached to the bike it is very easy to maneuver with the bike. The jogging weight is 45 pounds and the towing weight is 40 pounds so be sure to add that extra weight to the weight of your dog if you are planning on taking your dog running or biking with you. This pet jogging stroller has 3 wheels and tires that can go through any type of terrain easily and without jostling your dog all over the place. It even easily goes through up to four inches of snow.

If you want to buy a pet jogging stroller that will go through any outdoor adventure with you and your family, this is a great one to pick.

Best Choice Products® 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger w/ SuspensionIf you want an affordable pet jogging stroller that will give you the function that you need without a high price, the Best Choice Products 2 in 1 dog jogging stroller is a solid choice. It has features like an orange safety flag, sturdy 3-wheel design with all terrain tires to handle any type of outing, and a manual handbrake. It also has shocks to make the ride smooth for your dog whether you are jogging or towing the trailer on a bike. Any jogging stroller for dogs that you look at should have shocks to prevent the dog from getting shaken around as you run.

Best Choice Products® 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger w/ SuspensionIt also has a roomy inner compartment and a weather shield as well as a bug screen. But the maximum weight for this dog jogging stroller is just 66 pounds so it’s better suited for a medium dog, a puppy or two small dogs than for a large dog. The handle is adjustable so that you keep it at a comfortable height while you run no matter what your height is.

Whether you want a pet jogging stroller to take on your daily run around the neighborhood or something you can take on a hiking trail this mid-priced dog stroller can deliver.

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, with Zipperless EntryIf you are more concerned about performance than price, you can’t go wrong with the Pet Gear No Zip dog jogging stroller. With Pet Gear’s innovative no zip design you can easily get your pet in and out of the compartment. The inside compartment is roomy and comfortable for small and medium dogs. This dog stroller can hold up to 75 pounds.

It has a nice mesh cover that will allow air flow without letting in bugs and it has a weather guard to protect your dog from rain or snow. It has 3 wheels for added stability and it has all terrain air tires that will run smoothly on pavement and also offroad on hiking trails or in the sand. It has shocks to make the ride comfortable for your dog whether you are walking or running. It comes with a pump for the tires that fits easily into the large storage basket on the bottom. The Pet Gear No Zip stroller also is easy to put together, easy to fold and unfold, and will fit neatly into the trunk of your vehicle.

Our Pick “Pet Jogging Stroller”:

Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Pet Bike Trailer. This dog stroller can do it all and go anywhere without sacrificing your pet’s comfort. It’s also relatively affordable for a sports jogger pet stroller.

Buying the Best Pet Stroller

With so many dog strollers on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choices available. Just remember when you are choosing a dog or puppy stroller to pick one that will fit into your lifestyle and do the things that you need a stroller to do. Stay focused on the function that you need from a pet stroller. If you just want a cute dog carriage to take your dog to the vet, or to work or to brunch you probably don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a sport stroller. But if you want to include your dog in your active lifestyle and take your dog with you running, biking, hiking, and on outdoor adventures then it’s worth spending the money on a high-quality dog stroller that is built to work well in any type of situation.

When you are comparing dog strollers you should also think about where you will be using the dog stroller the most. If you live in a hot and mostly sunny climate it is important to get a dog stroller with a great sun guard and a bug screen with mesh to help provide great airflow. If you live in a cold or rainy climate, then choosing a dog stroller with weather shields and material that will withstand water and cold is important. Think about your environment as well as what you will be using the dog stroller for in order to make a smart decision about which dog stroller is right for you.

Dog strollers might seem a little silly at first, but the more you learn about these high-performance strollers and the many ways they can benefit you and your dog the more you will see that getting a dog stroller is just as essential as getting your dog a crate or a leash or high-quality food. Any piece of equipment that is going to help your dog live a longer, fuller and happier life is something that you should invest in. That includes a high-quality dog stroller that will help your dog and will help you.

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