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The Best Large Dog Kennels in 2020

All the dogs are den animals by their ancestry. That’s why even indoor tiny breed pups like to rest in kennels reminding them of real caves. If you offer your buddy a comfy dog crate he would gladly learn where his place is and consider it his own space. In most cases, he would.

The other reason for getting an indoor dog kennel is your wish to keep your own bed, your sofas, and carpets clean. It’s not a secret that our furry friends leave their hair everywhere they like to spend time. There can even occur stains and bad odor in those places.

Eventually, your large canine may want to sleep in your bed, if he doesn’t have his own or dislikes it. Dogs often get used to sleeping with their human parents as puppies, the most stubborn ones of them have trouble with breaking this habit later on.

When you purchase a nice large dog crate, your pup will get a snug enclosed place for rest, which will be much easier for you to clean, than the entire house. Plus you will have your bed only for you again, and your visitors will be able to sit on the vacant tidy coach.

What to Look for When Choosing an Extra-Large Dog Crate

  • Measure your dog carefully. You will want your canine to be able to stretch out his legs inside the crate. Then check the crate dimensions, don’t rely on size naming.
  • Realize your exact necessities. Do you want to secure your larger dog inside to prevent it from damaging the house? Or do you need a comfy place for your dog to rest? Do you want the pet cage to be in tune with your room style? The type of dog crate depends on your aims.
  • Remember about your pet’s individuality. There are super mighty mutts that can be held only inside the locked heavy duty metal crates. The lighter dog cages are more flimsy and get destroyed by an extra large and strong pup very quickly. Does your beloved terror tend to escape or grind a thing? Then don’t hope for the best and choose the toughest dog crate offered for sale.
  • Think about the additional features of the crate, such as leak-proof bottom, bed included or not, dividers, cleanup options, etc.
  • You will want to put a cushion or a mat into the dog crate, if not included. Check, if the manufacturer offers beds or pads for sale along with dog crates, they usually fit perfectly.

Our Picks for Each Category of Large Dog Crates

crated dogSome of our canine friends are aggressive chewers or just inherently naughty ones, thus they should be kept in special dog cages while their human companions are out. Left alone in the house they can show much worse behavior than in their parents’ presence. Things can get damaged and destroyed — all because the dog is bored or anxious. Or just has a destructive temper by nature. Even small dogs tend to do it sometimes, imagine the mess a large dog can make in your residence.

The way to avoid it is to buy your dog a cozy pet crate to let him stay there safely when you’re out. These cages must be tough enough to struggle strong muscles and chews of large dogs, like Rottweilers. Be sure, the furry dodger will try to break free. Thus, your choice for this case would be heavy duty dog crate.

The dog cage is a must for you if you have an escape artist. Take a look at the portable extra large dog crates for really massive runaways. Those heavy duty dog kennels have wheels and locks; moreover, they are even allowed to be taken aboard an airplane or ferry.

It’s always harder to find the appropriate dog kennel for a larger pup than for the small or middle breed one. We have reviewed the numerous inherently different items available from online sellers, and chosen the best dog crates for literally big canines. Here are our picks for each kind of large dog kennels.

Portable Dog Crate

When it comes to soft XL dog crates, there is not a wide range of them, contrary to small and medium-sized ones. These portable dog crates technically are carriers but indeed they are not intended for manual handling adult large breed pups in them. It’s really hard to imagine carrying the 100-lb doggo in such a canvas crate. Typically soft large dog kennels are used to keep the dog on the place and stop him from rambling around. Perfect for taking a furry buddy to a car ride, to the vet or groomer, on short vacation trips, picnics etc.

In the back seat of the car, portable dog crate serves as a pet safety seat, it can also be placed on the floor or in the trunk. While camping, a soft pet crate becomes the safe resting place for a pup giving his parents the ability to do other things.

There are two important things about this kind of large dog kennels: the dog should be already crate-trained and human supervision is required. In other words, these fabric crates are not of the restricting type of dog cages at all. If his will, any large pup can tear or chew it easily to get outside.

AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet CrateAmazonBasics provides the portable soft crate for large-sized dogs for the price. This item sold us with its convenient design and smart details. It’s foldable, easy-to-assemble: you only need to install the durable PVC frame and put the canvas cover on it. The crate is well-ventilated but its mesh windows are not too large letting the dog take a nap inside during the car ride.

The crate has pockets for treats or accessories, which is very handy on trips. Plus, there is a soft fleece pad on the crate floor, you won’t need to buy one additionally if you choose this pet crate for your dog. The door scrolls when the crate is open. What’s more, it’s available in 5 trendy colors. The unpractical thing about the black color of this crate is pet hair sticking to it.

The largest size of this portable crate is big enough for a large breed dog like German Shepherd to even sit in it. Looking for a large dog crate it’s very important to pay attention to the exact dimension of the item because there are plenty of dog carriers called “large” being suitable for medium dogs in the best case.

Sportsman SSPPK42 Portable Large Dog KennelThe portable large dog kennel by Sportsman is the next option on our list. It looks simple but has great customer feedbacks. The recommended dog’s weight maximum is 90 pounds, but the crate is large enough to contain the larger pup. The length of the crate is 42 in. which is suitable for most large breed dogs, except the XXL ones, probably. It has one side door only but still can serve as a regular dog den even at home.

The general pros of this soft portable kennel are wire frame and super durable fabric to sustain wet cleaning even with stain removing chemicals. Plus, it folds literally in seconds. The main con of the item is its bottom made of regular fabric which can be torn with dog’s nails without additional covering. Unlike other portable crates, this one has no pad or bed included, so it’s up on the pet parents to find the proper large dog bed to put inside.

This portable dog crate is quite light, which is easy to move. On the other side, some dogs are reported to roll it over the room due to its lightweight. The hook and loop fasteners provided along with the item can keep it from jumbling.

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for PetsThis sage-green portable dog crate fits large breed pups up to 100 pounds. It has a steel frame and a fabric cover. This portable large dog crate’s construction is similar to the others. There are some additional benefits though. The first one is the already mentioned steel tube frame designed to handle the toughest pressure. It also has an easy mechanic of setting up and breakdown — just press the buttons and it’s done!

Further, with its rounded corners designed to protect your house décor and car interior this item is a great choice of quality. Then goes two-door construction; it allows you to use either one of the doors or them both to regulate ventilation. The Noz2Noz soft crate is sturdy enough to use it as a regular indoor den for your canine, especially with doors folded.

The last but not the least outstanding feature is the tent. Due to its durable waterproof fabric, the crate is suitable for outdoor use too. Cleanup is easy and requires only water to wash away all kinds of stains and dirt. Moreover, the cover is completely removable, so you can just pull it from the frame and put it into the washing machine with another laundry.

The downside is general for all large dog crates of this type: it’s not suitable for dogs that like to chew on things, aggressive and anxious ones. As a takeaway, this soft crate deserves a slightly higher price among the other similar items. Its non-evident benefits are worth every penny!

Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If your pup is an aggressive chewer or has separation anxiety any soft crate won’t last long. You will definitely want to purchase something that is not that easy to destroy. A heavy duty dog crate can solve the problem perfectly. In its general form, it is a tough metal dog crate with a lock to prevent escape. These crates look very much alike to cages for dangerous wild animals with their massive metal bars. The reason is the powerful efforts large breed dogs can apply trying to get out of the crate. There are reports of dogs getting their heads stuck in the metal crate door when pushing and bending it. Therefore, if your large pup is really strong and rebellious, the regular wire dog crate is not the option for you.

A lightweight metal dog crate can be used as a temporary home for crate-trained pets only to prevent them from sticking and chocking in the flimsy doors. That is why only heavy duty crate can serve like restraining kennel.

Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog CageSuch a thing is the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage by Guardian Gear. This cage is twice more expensive than almost any other metal dog crate available on Amazon. The reason is its extraordinary sturdy bars designed to keep inside the most aggressive and powerful dogs. Its frame is ¾ -inch forged one made of 20-gauge steel, with an additional reinforcement of ½ -inch steel tubes inside. Moreover, the dog cage has dual latches to stop even the trickiest escaping artists and heavy duty welding at stress points to defend from pushing or chewing through. The downside of this crate is its heavy weight (almost 100lb) caused by the massive steel construction. That’s why the casters are so helpful. They are lockable to prevent the cage from rolling but add mobility to the gear when you need to move it for cleaning or something. The wheels are removable though. The tray under the crate floor is a durable metal one, not plastic.

What we like about this cage despite its proved restriction abilities is its comfortable size. The crate has enough room for a large dog to stand inside it and lay spread. The pet parents should put a bed or mat into the heavy duty crate to let the pup spend the time in comfort. The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is highly recommended for pets with severe separation anxiety; because it’s very unlikely that a dog will be able to destroy it. Trying to chew the way out in vain for some time the pup can get calmer and improve his behavior.

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog CrateThe next heavy duty dog crate we would recommend is the Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Cage. What’s great about this piece is its patented dual latches which can’t be opened by the pet. This heavy duty dog crate is also made of durable steel and has four casters to move the gear around easily even with the large pup inside. The wheels turn on 360 degrees; they may be locked if needed. The metal bars are covered with Hammerton paint which is extremely durable, corrosion-resistant, and non-toxic. This crate will keep its appearance for a long time even if your pup tries to chew it. The Smonter Heavy Duty dog cage can be used outdoors as well; you may fold it and take it anywhere with you, it is totally priceless!

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog CrateTwo plastic trays under the bottom grate of the cage make keeping the dog place clean a breeze. The trays have convenient design features like an integrated lip over the perimeter to keep all possible mess (food or water) inside. In addition, there is a retaining lock to hold both pans on the place, which is very helpful in case of anxious dogs.

We would like to mention the 3-year warranty of this quality protective gear — a big difference from some other crates on the market looking bold but occurring made of poor-quality soft alloy and not chew-proof in any way. Except for the standard rectangular crate, there is the one with a gable roof — it has the additional door in the upper part.

The manufacturer constantly improves the crate’s design and functional details. Highly recommended for escape artists’ parents in despair.

Indoor Dog Kennel

As it was already said, dogs crave to have a den of his own. It should be the place where your pet can hide and have rest during the day. Here are our top picks for large indoor crates.

First, here comes the wire dog crates we picked for large breed dogs. Remember, that they are a kind of dog den only? Great. These particular metal indoor dog kennels can’t restrict the big dog, but for crate-trained pups can be the best option. They’re easy to clean and assemble, and durable enough to serve for a long time.

MidWest iCrate Starter KitObserving the large metal wire dog crates, we’ve picked the MidWest iCrate Starter Kit. There is an XL size one suitable for dogs under 110 pounds. The kit includes MidWest wire crate with two doors and a plastic tray on the bottom, a soft dog bed, two metal bowls, and a crate cover. All in one for the new dog parents! What’s more convenient in this kit — you do not have to match the dog bed size to the crate’s bottom because they are already a perfect fit. The bed is made of comfy fleece to help you create a resting place for your big pup. The dark crate cover serves very well when your dog needs some privacy. You can cover all the sides of the locked crate or only three of them leaving the door open.

There are three colors available for this crate: black, pink, and blue. It is foldable to provide easy storing it. Definitely the best option among many others.

What if you have a metal crate already, but don’t like its appearance? Some dog owners are satisfied with the crate but frustrated with its look especially when draping towels or blankets on it to give a dog some quiet. Look for the nice crate cover to hide the grates and provide your furbabe a cozy space to nap. There is a wide range of covers designed for dog crates; they are way more classy and functional than those old towels.

MidWest Universal Crate Caster, 2-packTo add mobility to a large wire crate you may install casters. We like genuine lockable casters by MidWest. They are sold separately and suit most wire crates. Each pack contains two casters and hardware necessary for their installation; buy 2 or 3 sets depending on the size of your crate.

Molly Mutt Northwestern Girls Dog Crate CoverWe absolutely in love with these fancy crate covers by Molly Mutt! They make large dog crates look more like room accessories then dog supplies. The brand has 20+ different stylish designs of crate covers. All are made of durable cotton canvas, absolutely natural and easy-to-wash. Unlike the cheaper thin fabric covers, crate covers by Molly Mutt stay in the place and don’t slip off with little effort. Its colors are consistent enough to enjoy them for years.

Choose the trendy cover that suits your residence the best: from elegant tartan to dark featuring constellations. Each crate cover has snaps on the sides to let the pet parents rolling up any of them pretty easy. Quality snaps are a great alternative to Velcro used on other covers for the same aim. The largest “Huge” size is 42’’x 28’’x31’’, so it’s big enough for most of the large breed dogs, but not the largest ones.

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Crate & End TableAnother way to offer your dog a quiet place to rest in your house, keeping its interior elegant at the same time, is to purchase a wooden dog crate looking like the end table. There are several benefits in one: a comfy den for your big pup, a convenient side table to store things on it, and a nice piece of furniture in your room instead of a large plastic or wire cage. Indoor wooden dog crates often are made of polished wood or rattan which you can choose depending on your home’s design.

For really large dogs, we would recommend the New Age Pet ecoFLEX Crate & End Table. What had caught our eye about this wooden dog crate has been four color options from white to black — to fit any style. The X-large sized crate has the exterior dimensions of 42,5’’ x 27,6’’ x 30,9’’ and the interior size is about 3 inches less. As you see, the piece would be a great end table too!

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Crate greyThis pretty crate has a large door with two latches in case you will need to keep your dog inside for a while. Its long sides and the door have metal bars in them while the back wall and the bottom are solid. Thanks to recycled plastic-wood material, all surfaces are perfectly smooth and safe for a pet and the rest of the family, plus it’s easy to clean up. The material is non-toxic and sturdy.

Despite this crate looks massive, this is not a restricting one, so the dog has to be crate-trained already. You don’t want your beautiful end table to be chewed up by the anxious pet. The main con is the price of the item. You also should be ready for some manual assembling.

Sportpet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Airline XxxlargePlastic dog crates can serve very well for large pups in some cases when a dog has to be kept under control. It can be a short trip to the vet or a car ride — you can choose whatever crate you like. For travel by air, however, you need to choose the proper cage, which meets all the requirements of the airlines. You don’t want to be refused to get aboard because of an improper dog crate.

First thing is to check the features a travel pet crate should have; they are specific for every airline, though they have much in common. Next, you will seek for the crate that meets all the requirements. Read our guide on aircraft approved crates as well.

Here we talk about the kennels for large breed dogs, which are a bit more difficult to find. At least, the right travel crate has to be sturdy enough to handle the heavy dog. The plastic dog crate by SportPet Designs is our choice for this category. This item is approved by the majority of airlines, as it has all the accessories needed in the kit.

Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Dog CrateThis super large wire dog crate is the best choice for the money. The price of Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door crate is almost twice lower than those of other similar options on the market. The crate has all the necessary features to provide your large dog enough space and comfort: front and side doors with latches and plastic bottom pan to keep the possible mess inside. The crate is very big, so it will definitely suit any giant dog.

The main downside of the crate grows from its benefits. First, the details are really huge and massive, thus it requires two people to assemble the cage. Then, the large space is needed for getting it done. Second, because of its measurements, the crate takes enormous floor space. There are also complaints about the Styrofoam packaging of the crate, having parts of it blown around the mansion. You’ll need to use a vacuum cleaner when unfolding the package to avoid the total mess in your house.

MidWestSingle-Door Starter Series Pet CrateOur next choice is the pet crate by MidWest. The brand has two 54-inch metal wire crates suitable for giant breed dogs, but we would recommend the Single-Door Starter Series Pet Crate instead of another option. The latter one, XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Dog Crate by MidWest is very much similar to the double-door crate by Frisco.

In our opinion, the single-door MidWest XXL Drop-Pin Dog Crate provides more features for dog parents, despite it’s sold without any additional details. The plastic pan is sold separately, so customers are free to order it along with the crate if they need it or just omit it if they don’t. The bottom tray for the crate can be purchased any time though. It’s also easy to replace the damaged one.

Additionally, there is the divider panel for this crate available separately. This panel is very convenient for adjusting space inside the crate, but it’s useful mostly for growing pups. All the other features including thick black electro-coat wires and sturdy slide-bolt latches are on their place to provide a safe home for your larger dog. The crate is easy to assemble or disassemble for storing folded.

How to Measure Your Dog for a Crate

To define the dimensions of the crate you need to buy you’ll want to measure your pup the right way. Use the standard measuring tape. If your pup is restless, you may need some assistance to keep the dog still for a while.

The height is measured from the top of the sitting dog’s head to the floor and the length is measured from the standing dog’s nose tip to the base of the tail. The perfect crate size for a pup would be the one 1-2 in. taller than his height and 5-6 in. longer than his own length. If the kennel is just a temporary home or bed, space would be enough. Your pup will be able to stand inside the crate or lay there with comfort.

Other recommendations state that 4 in. needed to add to both the height and length of the dog. Since these dimensions are all right with your pup, you should not worry about the width. The dog will be able to turn around inside the crate.

If you’re going to buy the crate for a puppy, choose the one for his adult measurements with a divider panel. In case your furbaby is mixed breed and his exact size is hard to anticipate, buy a larger crate with a divider as well. The latter is needed to adjust a cozy den for a canine.


There are not many options for those owning really big pups, but some decent items are available though. To make use of any large dog crate you purchase, define the purpose you buy it for. Every kind of dog crates has its own benefits if used properly. Always measure your pup before ordering the specific product as the crate sizes of different brands may vary.

Then, since the topic here is housing large breed dogs, be sure your pup is well crate-trained before putting him into the crate and walk away. Large dogs can be greatly destructive when they’re unwilling to stay inside the crate. The only thing that can restrict the strong and aggressive dog is quality heavy duty dog crate like the Dog Cage by Smonter which we have reviewed. Other varieties should be chosen according to your taste, lifestyle, and particular needs.


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