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How To Trim Overgrown Dog Nails

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dog's paw with long black clawsImagine that you have two dogs, Max and Bella. You realize that Bella has been inactive of late. She barely moves the way she used to and remains gloomy compared to Max. Bella prefers to lie down and sleep when you call your dogs. Due to your concern, the obvious thing you will do is to approach and examine her body to injury signs.

You also have the option of making inquiries from a vet who will tell you the possible cause of the gloominess. Considering the seriousness of the situation, the vet may decide to check on the dog. To your surprise, after examination, the vet informs you that Bella is struggling because of her long nails.

Just as other dog owners, you may not have been aware of how important it is to cut your pet’s nails. Though it may seem like an easy problem, most people are not informed on how best to trim dog nails that are overgrown.

Maintaining our four-legged friends’ claws is necessary, and you are encouraged to learn how to trim overgrown dog nails. Asking how to trim severely overgrown dog nails is essential, considering that you may have always wanted to learn this process so that you undertake it alone.

Vet experts that have dealt with such situations emphasize the precautionary measures to be considered for the well-being of your pets. You can consult your vet regarding such a worrying situation and follow the guidance they will offer or check recommendations on this simple process on the web.

However, if you are very concerned about how to trim dog nails that are overgrown, you should not worry. With our guidance and following our step-by-step process, you can successfully do so without issues.

The common thing about dog owners that ask how to trim nails on a dog that are overgrown is that they fear they might hurt their lovely pets in the process. Therefore, instead of making the mistake of hurting your lovely dog, you should ensure that you consult professionals on how to trim overgrown dog nails so that you do the work perfectly. With the guidelines of a professional, you will no longer be worried about how to trim dog nails that are overgrown because you will do this perfectly and on your own.

Common Problems Associated with Long Toe Nails

Most dog lovers consider hygiene and good grooming for their animals important. However, most forget that clipping nails is a vital aspect of grooming, as well. You need to avoid long toe nails because there are common problems associated with them.

It is necessary to ask for assistance with how to trim overgrown dog nails. Here, we provide an easy-to-understand guide on how to trim dog nails with clippers so that you no longer develop fears of hurting your lovely dog during the process.

A dog's paw wiht very overgrown toe nailsA common problem associated with long nails is the pain they may cause to the pet. Though they may appear natural, failure to trim nails exposes the animal to a lot of pain. In most instances, a dog that is experiencing pain will always look gloomy and will unlikely move around the house as expected. Therefore, it is paramount to know how to trim overgrown dog nails to relieve your dog of the pain associated with this problem.

When the nails of your pet overgrow, it will have problems with its posture, as it will start having an awkward one due to the discomfort it will be feeling. Unlike wild dogs that get their long nails trimmed naturally, your pet needs your help so that it can adjust its posture accordingly.

Also, such nails pose a danger to a dog, as they can cause injuries to soft tissues within the paws. Most dogs use their nails to scratch their body, and it means that long ones can cause injuries to them while dogs scratch their bodies. Therefore, as a person who cares about their animal friend, be informed on how to trim dog nails that are overgrown so that you attend to it. Continuing to neglect this need can be associated with increased risks for injury.

Why Do I Need a Timetable?

There have been records of long dog nails curving back, making the animals unable to move. Would you like to see your animal friend in a state where it is always sleeping and not moving around?

If not, make an effort to become skilled at how to trim dog nails that are overgrown because this will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to help your pet in case such a situation happens. Just as the example used above, Bella and Max appear to have different growth rates of their nails, and it is common in dogs, as various factors determine the growth, including:

  • Genetic composition;
  • Feeding habits;
  • Breed;
  • A dog’s activity;
  • Its walking ground.

Just as a student that wants to excel in challenging science subjects, you must have a timetable that will act as a reminder after gaining knowledge of how to trim dog nails that are overgrown. Timetables play a vital role in the systematic care of your animal friends.

With timelines, you will always monitor the dog’s nails’ growth. As you may have a tight schedule and a lot of work to do, it’s due to this reason that reminders, such as timetables, were developed to help humans attend to important issues, such as this one among dog lovers.

The Items That You Must Have to Go Ahead With the Process

If you have never trimmed your dog’s nails, you can’t just wake up one day and decide that you are going to cut its nails. If you do this, you will likely be exposing your dog to danger, as you will not know the required equipment to be used during the procedure, as well as the right steps to follow. You should inquire about how to trim dog nails that are overgrown and black so that you do not expose your pet to any danger.

Therefore, before venturing into the activity of trimming a pooch’s nails, confirm that you have set aside the following equipment:

  • Scissors;
  • Yummy treats;
  • Flashlight;
  • Styptic powder;
  • Nail clippers.

Now let us be clear, nobody cuts the nails of the wild animals. It is because most of them often have normal length nails, as they undergo natural wear during their normal movements. If the nails of your lovely pet are too long, it is an indication that it is upon you to intervene. Following the right steps is necessary if your dog has overgrown nails.

First Step: Ensure That Your Pooch is Comfortable

A dog paw with heavily overgrown clawIt is assumed that you have already learned about how to trim dog dew claw nails that are overgrown. Therefore, before commencing the process, you should be aware of the importance of your pooch’s comfort because when it is not settled, you will find it challenging to go about the process.

An indication of an uncomfortable pooch is when it starts moving its legs or body. If this is the case, the pooch might be anxious, and you should never attempt to cut its nails in this state, as you will likely injure it.

Moreover, it will become more anxious as you continue cutting them. You know your dog well, and this is where your knowledge and previous interactions with it will come into play. Make sure that you know what makes it relax.

Every dog lover knows that when a dog is comfortable, it will fall asleep. A sleeping pooch is better when you want to trim its nails because you will not be disturbed by its movements.

Second Step: Get Yourself in a Perfect Position for Nail Trimming

While the comfort of your pooch is important, you should understand that your position will play a vital role. If you do not get a perfect position, you will likely become tired during the process, and this will lead to uneasiness, as your dog may start becoming unsettled. Therefore, the position you choose will determine how fast and efficient the process will be. Ensure that you consider comfortable positions so that you cut the nails over a specific period rather than doing it in bits.

Third Step: Look for the Quick

veterinarian is trimming nails dog, close-upMost people that are always interested in how to trim dog black nails that are overgrown usually fear that their dogs may get injured, as they do not trust their skills. If this is the case for you, do not attempt to cut them because there is a lot you need to learn about your dog before embarking on the process. You can contact a vet so that you are informed about the procedure and the safety measures to undertake.

Have you ever heard of a person attempting to trim their pet’s nails and ending up injuring it? This is common, as many people are never aware of the quick. It is a soft part situated underneath the nail, and when you are not careful, you can cut it, thereby leading to massive bleeding. When undertaking the process, you should look for this part and ensure that you monitor it as you go on with the process.

Fourth Step: Be Quick as You Trim the Overgrown Nail Safely and Confidently

Your speed plays an important role when trimming your pooch’s overgrown nails. When you are slow, the dog will likely become tired. You do not want to experience this because once a dog is exhausted, it will take significant effort to put it in a relaxed position.

Therefore, make sure that you are fast enough when cutting your dog’s overgrown nails. Remember, your speed should not interfere with your confidence and safety practices. As you cut the nails, protect the quick.

Fifth Step: Take Time and Repeat the Process for Other Overgrown Nails

While it is advisable to be fast, make sure that you take your time on every nail so that you do the trimming job perfectly. You probably do not want to repeat the whole exercise due to poor work done. Therefore, ensure that you take your time on every nail so that you do efficient work.

Here Are Tips You Can Rely on for Nail Clipping

While you can decide to follow the steps highlighted to trim your dog’s overgrown nails, you may fail to make it relaxed. It means that the process will likely be successful because the dog will be anxious, and this means that your efficiency may be affected.

If you want to know how to trim black dog nails that are overgrown effectively, you should learn some important tips. For instance, make sure that you reward your dog several times. You can do this after you have finished clipping toe nails.

When you give your dog yummy treats, it will settle down. Another way to deal with anxiety in dogs is by praising them. When a dog is praised, it will become comfortable, and this is important when clipping its nails.

You would not enjoy trimming an anxious dog’s nails, as it will be moving every time. When your dog is in a relaxed position, the process of clipping its toe nails will be simple and fast.

How to Tell that Your Dog Has the Recommended Toe Nail Length

Dogs are animals of habit, and the sooner you start cutting their nails, the sooner you will see this act become natural. Therefore, it is best to start this procedure when the dog is still young so that it becomes accustomed to it.

In case you did not start this procedure when your pet was still young, you should not give up with the need of cutting its nails. Instead, you can consult a vet so that you get proper guidance on the way forward, as well as the recommended length of your pet’s nail to cut.

From birth, dogs involuntarily feel their nails grow. Cutting them periodically helps them to develop their daily lives. Otherwise, the inadequate length of the nails can limit their movement, especially when you go outside with your pet and come into contact with the ground. In turn, the inappropriate length of the nails can disturb other dogs with which your pet interacts, so taking care of this aspect becomes a matter of mandatory compliance on your part.


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