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The Best Indoor Dog Crates and Kennels in 2019

If you have an indoor dog, you’ll likely have them crate trained, but it’s not enough to simply pick any box out for your dog. You need to spend some time thinking it over because this is really the piece of territory your canine will consider home. With a little bit of forethought, you can guarantee both you and your dog will be happy with your choice.

For your indoor needs, you’ll want something durable and long lasting, after all, you don’t want your family pet to eat his way out and get into trouble after you’ve shut him in for the night. Let’s get right down to figuring out what you’ll need to determine in order to meet your canine’s needs.

Our Pick

Up ahead we’ll have a look at a variety of readily available crates and kennels and discuss their advantages and disadvantages thoroughly, but if you’re in a hurry we’ll go ahead and make a recommendation that should suit most needs right now:

If you don’t really have the time to look any further, I’d like to boldly recommend the MidWest Ultima Pro crate, it simply can’t be beaten in this arena. It has all of the features to make for a great home for your dog and is simply of the highest quality construction available.

You really can’t go wrong with this one, it allows for the most flexible placement while maintaining the best structural integrity and the most pleasing aesthetic with its fleck paint job.

Comparison Table

MidWest Ultima Pro Extra-Strong Dog Crate
MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate
AmazonBasics Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
Precision Pet Two-Door Crate
ProSelect Steel Modular Cage with Plastic Tray
OxGord Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate
MidWest Ultima Pro Extra-Strong Dog Crate 5146cgEOy3L A1V9cWGEjTL._SL1500_ 5146cgEOy3L 81Ytt2p0iBL._SL1500_ OxGord PT-CG-20 Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate
Different Size Options
Number of Doors
Single and Double
Single and Double
Editor's Rating

Top 6 Reviews of the Best Indoor Dog Crates 2018

Ultima Pro Extra-Strong Double Door Folding Metal Dog CrateThis is a great dog crate featuring double doors. Ultima Pro is a professional series of heavy-duty wire dog crates by MidWest. This product is a durable, top of the line crate and comes in a size sure to fit any of your canine companions. It’s sturdily built and collapses down to a manageable size for when you’re on the go or need to place it in storage. It also features a couple of handles to allow you to more easily manage the collapsible crate once it’s broken down, and if you’ve ever moved a large dog’s cage before you’ll find yourself quite thankful for this feature.

The crate is made of the thickest wire gauge available so it’s robust enough to keep dogs with separation anxiety under control. It’s really not much of a difference from the regular metal wire crates though, thus it may help with small breed pups but with strong and aggressive dogs you should look for a heavy duty crate.

MidWest Select Triple-Door Dog CrateWith its double doors, you’ll be able to place this MidWest dog crate just about anywhere. It’ll allow easy access for both you and your dog, and for those with an already crowded home, this feature can be a complete godsend when it comes to finding the proper positioning for your dog’s apartment. It also features a divider which will allow your friend to grow into his new home if you acquire it for him as a pup.

MidWest simply makes some of the best crates on the market, and you’ll be sure to enjoy this long lasting, secure crate for years to come.

MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog CrateOnce again a MidWest crate shows up on this list, this time with another great high-quality dog crate. MidWest crates are some of the best around and this one is sure to keep your pup happy. It features a divider panel you can remove once your bouncing puppy grows up and becomes a full grown dog.

This collapsible metal crate is easy to take with you when you decide to go on a trip as well, featuring great handles and taking up minimal space in your vehicle once you’re on the go. They come in six sizes so you can find the correct one for your dog, and he’s sure to be happy with his new home.

With its double doors, you won’t have to move around your home in order to find somewhere to place this kennel. Whether you end up utilizing the front or the side door is up to you, and you’ll appreciate the great flexibility in placement.

MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog CrateIt also has a removable tray, so you can easily clean up any accidents which may happen along the way with ease. Dogs being dogs, you’re absolutely sure to be thankful for this feature at some point, especially if you raise your dog from pup to hound in while using the same cage.

Overall the only real flaw with this dog crate is that it only has two straight latches which are fairly easy to open. A more secure crate will require the door to be lifted straight up as well, but for the vast majority of canines, this will make a great home within your home.

A1V9cWGEjTL._SL1500_This solid piece from AmazonBasics is another affordable home for your companion. It only comes in three sizes, unfortunately, but if your dog comes close to one of them you may be in luck as this cheap and durable wire crate is a great bargain.

This crate will easily fold down in the event that you need to store it, and its remarkably easy set-up will keep you happy if you decide to take your dog on a prolonged trip and need to bring along its crate.

The removable pan will allow for easy cleaning, and while this is a fairly standard feature, you’re sure to find great use of it at some point in the future.

91OzDNqh0QL._SL1500_It features two durable deadbolt style locks which are sure to keep your dog secure through the night or in the event that he needs to be confined. It’s a well-constructed piece of equipment for the price, and your dog will be glad to call it home.

Once again we’re in bargain territory, but this cage is of great quality for the money. You’re sure to love it, especially on a tight budget, and your dog will be greatly pleased of the security and visibility available from his new, safe space.


This dog kennel is another solid, low budget choice. It is a solid piece of work, and you’ll be glad to know that it comes at a very affordable price.

Featuring two doors to allow for more flexible placement, and solid latches, you can rest assured that your dog will feel secure in his door. It has an attractive black epoxy finish to resist corrosion as well, and the finish is sure to last through some rough handling.

5146cgEOy3LThe only real problem arising with this crate is that it only features a single lock per door, and a crafty canine escape artist is sure to figure out a way to open it with a little bit of time. Particularly strong dogs might also manage to bend the deadbolt pretty easily and escape as well since they’ll be able to concentrate all their strength on only one point of pressure rather than it being spread out more evenly like with the more expensive doors with multiple latches.

That’s not to say it’s all bad, plenty of dogs will be perfectly fine in this wire cage. It does lack some of the durability of the other cages on this list, but if you’re confident that the single lock will not cause problems the Precision Pet Two-Door crate will allow you to buy your dog’s safe space on a budget.

This is a great crate for those with multiple smaller dogs. It’s modular design and removable bottom trays are eye-catching features. The modular design will allow you to keep all of your dogs in a similar home and keep down jealousy issues.

The elevated bottom of this cage is sure to keep your dog dry in the event of a water bowl spill and will keep them comfortably off the floor throughout the night.

With the center divider removed, you’ll be able to allow a bigger dog than you’d think to make a home in here as well. The cage is quite solidly constructed and features triple latched doors which are sure to keep even the most determined escape artist safe in their crate.

818WfP7kvcL._SL1500_One of the best things about these crates though is that you can remove the bottom trays. You’ll be able to efficiently and easily clean the bottoms of these trays when they become soiled, saving you from having to hose out the whole thing in the event that your canine has an accident.

Really, this is a solid choice for anyone with small dogs, someone with a larger companion would probably benefit from a different choice of crate however. If your thing is lots of little dogs, though, these modular crates will certainly be exactly what you need and come highly recommended. They will also serve greatly for any kind of commercial use since they are stackable, creating an aesthetically pleasing waiting room for your pet care or grooming business.


OxGord PT-CG-20 Double-Door Folding Metal Pet CrateThis is another great choice for your dog’s crating needs. These come in six sizes, with the biggest measuring 48”x29”x32”. It’s also both collapsible and features a carrying handle that runs perpendicular to the front of the cage making a crate that’s easily movable and that can function as a pet carrier at the smaller sizes.

This crate features double doors, allowing for you to place the crate as you wish. The double locks on each door are pretty solid, but this still probably isn’t the best option for a particularly strong and boisterous dog.

OxGord PT-CG-20 Double-Door Folding Metal Pet CrateIt also has a durable ABS tray which removes simply when you need to clean it. The whole cage itself is covered in a waterproof coating so you won’t need to worry about rust when you hose it down, making for a simple affair when you need to get it done.

This really isn’t the sturdiest crate on the market, but it’s a far cry from flimsy. This wire crate is still a solid midline product for the dog owner on a budget. It’s definitely not the most expensive or sturdiest crate available but your happy canine will receive your money’s worth of use in this collapsible dog crate.


Quick Guide to Choosing a Crate

  • You’ll want to size your crate correctly. Many people just pick the biggest one they can fit when they pick a crate for their dog, but this can lead to your puppy using one half as a bathroom and the other to sleep. What you want to do here is pick one that’s just big enough for your dog to stand up in and have room for him to turn around in and lie down.
  • Wire dog crates are particularly ideal at hot climates or for dogs with long, thick hair and your buddy will love the fact that he’s not overheating.
  • Be mindful of the latching mechanism, particularly cunning or strong dogs probably warrant you investing in a crate with multiple latches per door.
  • For dogs that are shy and in a busy household you may want to forgo wire crates, and instead, pick out for them a plastic or soft crate which will allow them to feel safer.
  • For very strong dogs, you’ll want to make sure that you spend the money on getting a wire crate with extremely high durability in order to make sure they don’t break it. This is especially true if they have a particularly boisterous temperament.


When you’re looking for a crate for your dog there might not seem to be much variation, but with a simple device like this, there can be some nuance to making the correct purchase the first time. Doing that little bit of research is sure to keep you happy in the future.

MidWest Select Triple-Door Dog CrateThe first thing to keep in mind is your dog’s size, it should be a fairly snug fit but not too tight. If your canine has room to stand up and turn around, but not enough to use half of his home as a bathroom. A dog’s idea of how far away from their bed it is appropriate to poop is quite a bit different from a human’s, to say the least.

You’ll also want to match the durability of the cage to your dog. A mellower dog may not need double or triple latches on each door, but a crafty or powerful canine probably will. Destructive dogs can’t do too much damage to a wire cage, but if your pooch likes to chew you’ll probably want to make sure that the cage bars are spaced a little bit more in order to make sure he doesn’t catch himself on something.

With smaller dogs, you may also want to consider the carrying handles available for your crate, as it can save you a little bit of space in your home if you can simply get them into their little apartment and pick it up to take them to veterinarian appointments or the dog park.

Finally, the flexibility of placement can be a major deciding factor. The more doors you can open, the easier it will be to find the perfect place for your dog’s abode. It pays to have some forethought and carefully determine where you’ll want to place it before you buy, rather than after when you realize you’ll have to rearrange furniture.


These fairly simple pieces of equipment for your dog mostly come in the same types, but the devil is in the detail. You can save your money and time with a little bit of research, and we hope that you’ll look into the products offered for review here.

With a wire crate, there’s no real need to compromise between your needs and your dogs, you’ll quickly find that your dog loves his crate and your choices are mainly for the security of your dog and the ability to place your crate where you want it.

Collapsible dog crates are a great thing to have for any crate trained canine. Your dog will get plenty of fresh air even when confined and they’ll prevent overheating for breeds with shaggy hair. There are no skills required in their construction, and the easy set-up is a great benefit. You’ll be glad that you can save space in your vehicle for longer trips as well, but best of all your dog will be happy knowing that his durable, safe home is along for the ride.

With sizes to fit all dogs, and prices to fit all budgets, you’re sure to be able to find a wire dog crate to fit your needs and once you do it’ll be love at first sight for you and your favorite dog.

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The “MidWest Select Triple Door” crate is indeed the best indoor dog crate. It is quite versatile and the three doors make the inside accessible from different sides without problems.