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Review: AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

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AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog CrateThe Double-Door Metal Dog Crate by AmazonBasics has all the features you need in a durable and high-quality dog crate that will last for a long time. This metal dog crate is designed to provide your pet with increased security and safety and to make the job of owning a pet easier for you with its convenient design and features that offer ease of use. It is ideal for training your pet, and the sturdy metal construction ensures easy portability and long-lasting performance.

Description and Features

The metal dog crate by AmazonBasics features a double-door design to offer convenient side and front entry. The slide bolts on each door latch on easily, so the safety and security of your pet are ensured. You will not have to worry about your pet getting out of the crate.

The sturdy metal construction of the crate not only provides safety and portability, but it can also survive rough use and last for years. The crate also features a removable composite plastic pan and a divider panel for optional use.

The metal dog crate by AmazonBasics is the ideal crate for adult dogs as well as for puppies. You can use this Double-Door Metal Crate for anything at all, including house training, potty training, reinforcing the house rules, or simply providing a secure and safe relaxing place for your pet. The double door design of the crate gives you easier access to the pet while you are cleaning the crate or arranging the bedding.

AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog CrateThe crate can also be folded flat for when you have to store it somewhere or take it with you on your trips or vacations. The crate also features mini dividers of 1.35cm between each metal bar of the crate’s bottom parameter so that your pet’s paws don’t slip through. This crate is perfect for your puppy as it will accommodate the size of the puppy when it is fully grown. It is also ideal for adult dogs.

The crate uses metal wire, so your pet gets ventilation and visibility. Normally, crates that use wooden bars are easily chewable, and dogs can easily chew their way out. However, metal wires provide strength and durability so that your crate lasts for a long time. The crate also features rounded corners to protect the pet from any scratches.

AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog CrateFurthermore, the crate has an optional divider panel, so you can hold two small pets at once or simply reduce or expand the living space to teach your pet boundary rules. You can adjust the panel to give an appropriately-sized space to your pet. Reducing the size of the crate will ensure that your pet does not litter on one corner and sleeps on the other. You can adjust the panel as your pet grows to accommodate it accordingly.

The removable plastic pan is easy to clean and wash, so you can always maintain the hygiene and health of your dog. You can easily remove the pan without having to take your pet out. It’s easy to use and extremely convenient. In the case of any water spill or accident, you can easily clean the crate.


  • The crate is convenient and easy to use thanks to its double-door design and removable pan. You can easily clean it or make the bed for your pet inside it.
  • It is durable and strong due to the use of metal wire while the rounded corners ensure the safety of the dog as the metal structure keeps it secure.
  • The crate can accommodate adult dogs or puppies and the mini dividers on the bottom surface ensure their paws don’t slip through. It is customizable due to its divider, and it can be easily folded as well for portability.


  • The assembly of the crate isn’t very easy and it isn’t strong enough to hold an aggressive dog.



It’s an affordable metal dog crate with all the features you need in a pet crate such as durability, strength, convenience, portability, ease of use and comfort. However, if your dog is aggressive, you may want to look at a stronger crate.

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