Review: MidWest Ultima Pro Extra-Strong Dog Crate

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MidWest Ultima Pro Extra-Strong Dog CrateDog crates are ideal for providing safety and security to your pet. You can use it to train your pet or to provide him with a comfortable and safe place to relax. It is a must-have for all pet owners and for those who want the best crate for their dog, MidWest Ultima Pro Extra-Strong crate is a great choice. It is not only durable and convenient, but it is also comfortable and easy to use, and you will not have to buy another crate ever again.

Description and Features

The MidWest Dog Crate is designed for safety, comfort, and security. It features the fold-and-carry configuration so that you can assemble or disassemble the crate easily without using any tools. The dog crate also features two doors that can be easily removed without any tools.

The two doors of the crate allow easy access from two sides. You can easily clean the crate from all sides or reach your dog comfortably. Whether you have to clean the crate or make the bedding for your dog, this is the most convenient dog crate you will ever find. You can easily place the crate in a corner or in your car or RV and access it from two sides. You can also fit it in larger crates more easily.

MidWest Ultima Pro Extra-Strong Dog CrateTo ensure maximum convenience, the metal dog crate features two plastic handles that you can use to carry the crate around easily. It also features a plastic pan that is removable for easy cleanup. Both doors of the crate features slide bolt latches that ensure that the door is closed securely so that your pet can be safe at all times.

The crate also features a divider panel that you can use to adjust the living space of the crate. As your dog is growing, you can use the crate to assign a specific space and increase it slowly. This crate is ideal for any pet owner who wants to crate train their dog. The panel reduces the chances of your pet dog pooping on one end and sleeping in the other.

MidWest Ultima Pro Extra-Strong Dog CrateFor perfect crate training, the MidWest Ultima Pro Crate comes with a crate training DVD so that you can easily train your pet with this dog crate. Besides, you can easily set it up or fold it down in just a matter of moments. Take the crate anywhere with you by folding it easily and then set it up again. It is ideal for traveling, so when you are on vacations, you can ensure that your pet is safe and secure.

The crate is made of tough metal wires that are covered in an attractive tone epoxy powder to give a corrosion-free finish. The coating is durable and does not come off easily with scratching, so you can rest assured that the crate will last for a long time. It also features rounded corners so that your pet does not get any scratches or cuts.

The crate comes with a one-year warranty, which ensures that this is a durable and strong crate that will survive your pet’s assaults and last for a long time.


  • The crate is multi-functional as it can be used at home or it can be folded and taken on trips or vacations, so you do not have to leave your pet behind.
  • It is durable and strong as the metal construction is further made better by its epoxy coating.
  • It also follows all the safety measures and ensures that there are no sharp ends.
  • The doors are easily and securely locked, and the pan is removable for easy cleaning. The divider panel is another great feature.


  • It is not ideal for large aggressive dogs as it is too lightweight to handle them.
  • Compared to other products on the market, it can be deemed expensive.


While it has all the features that you need in a dog crate, it is not the cheapest product that you will find. That said, it comes with a warranty, bonus crate training tutorial, and a high-quality plastic pan. Thus, for those who value quality and features above else, this is a great purchase, although aggressive dogs may be able to topple this crate easily.

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