Review: ProSelect Steel Modular Cage with Plastic Tray

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Dog sitting In A Dog Cage With DividerIf you’re looking for a durable cage for your pet or if you want to create a cage bank in your pet care business, vet clinic, or grooming shop, the ProSelect Steel Cage is a great purchase. It has all the features you need in a steel cage for pets, and the affordable price means you will be getting the best value for your money.

Description and Features

The first feature that you need in a pet cage is that it should be strong and durable so that you can easily hold the pet in it without it causing any unwanted trouble. This cage by ProSelect features sturdy, heavy-duty construction of stainless steel to contain your pet easily and to ensure their safety.

Pets love to make a mess and the owners are left to clean all of it, which can be very frustrating at times. But what if the cage was easy to clean and had a stain and odor-free construction? The life of the pet owner will become exponentially easier. The entire design of this cage is covered with a black powder, which is easy to clean and resists odors and stains as well.

Dogs sitting In A Dog Cage With DividerFor those who run vet clinics and pet care stores, it is not easy to manage pets of different shapes and sizes at once. Sometimes you may want to have a cage that can hold two small pets separately and sometimes you may have to hold a large one. A convenient cage lets you switch between different sizes, and this is one of them.

The cage features a stackable design to give you versatility. You can easily create cage banks to keep the pets safe separately. The cage also features a removable center divider panel, which lets you turn the full size of the cage into two separate halves of equal size.

An essential feature that you look for in a cage is that you can easily give the pet its food without opening the entire cage. It should also be able to clean easily. This cage features two-floor grates as well as two sliding floor pans that are made of plastic. You can clean and use the two sides of the cage separately.

Dog Cage With Tray And DividerThe floor grates are also useful in that they can elevate the pets above the floor pan so that you can keep them comfortable and dry. You can clean the cage without having to take your pet out.

Nobody likes to see their beloved pet stolen or lost, but it does happen and to avoid it, you need a cage that is secure and safe for your pet. This steel cage by ProSelect also features a triple door latch to give extra security to your pets and give you peace of mind as well. The narrow grid floor grates ensure maximum comfort as well as security.


  • The cage is not only strong, but it is also durable and reliable. The steel construction is sturdy, and the black coating on it will last for years so that you can easily clean the cage, and it remains corrosion free even after years of use.
  • The cage is very convenient and stackable since you can use it as a large cage or divide it into two small cages, depending on your needs. This feature means you can use it in your vet clinics or pet care store to accommodate different types of pets.
  • The triple door latch ensures maximum security of your pet while the floor grates keep your pet comfortable and dry at all times. The cage is reliable and lasts for years without any loss of quality or durability.


  • The cage requires to be assembled by the customer while the price may be deemed too much for a simple metal cage.


Metal cages aren’t always convenient and durable and show discouraging signs after a while, but years of use by its satisfied customers indicate that this steel cage by ProSelect is a very reliable and sturdy cage that ticks all the boxes. However, you may not want to use it if your pet is extremely aggressive as the cage can be toppled by force.

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