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Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews, Best Plans & More

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Petplan insurance logoWe all look at our friends’ pets and admire how clean and healthy they appear. Unbeknown to us, there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into making pets look presentable. Once you own a pet, be ready to provide adequate meals, toys, beddings, and, most importantly, take good care of its health. It is why Petplan Pet Insurance is beneficial.

Sometimes owners are caught off guard in case of a health emergency, for example, when the pet swallows something dangerous, and there is an urgent need to visit the veterinary doctor. Hence, all pet parents must find a way to prepare for such emergencies and other health concerns. An excellent way to make such preparations is by taking up an insurance cover for their little buddies.

You will realize that insuring your pet is a cheaper option than digging into your pocket every time you visit a vet. There is less expense in a month if you subscribe to an insurance policy. To top it all off, it will cover considerable expenses that will be needed in case of an unanticipated health bill.

So, this Petplan review looks into the company’s policies and packages in detail. It will help to ease your pet insurance shopping as it highlights important information concerning the plans offered by the firm.

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Petplan Reviews: Company’s Overview

Petplan insurance has been operating since 2003. It was formed to guard pet parents against incurring unexpected medical bills from their pets’ illnesses and injuries. It ensures that pet owners have a smooth experience when dealing with their pets’ health matters.

people holding siamese cat and short coat black dogIt does not matter the period you have owned a pet. Within that short or long time, you have come across several offers from various companies offering pet insurance. Many insurance firms are coming up. Thus, looking for a reputable company to cater to all your pet’s health care needs will be cost-effective and beneficial to the pet.

Petplan USA has some of the most reliable and convenient packages when it comes to your pet’s health. It is one of the insurance companies with a cover that will ensure your pet receives the best medical attention whenever a need arises. Despite the sprouting of many new pet insurers, the company remains at the top of the list due to its effective client service and a wide range of coverage options. So, owners of exotic dogs and cats can consider this insurance plan due to its reliability.

It is frustrating when one pays for insurance faithfully and then later realizes that there are specific things their pet is suffering from, and they are not covered under the policy. That is not the case when you choose this company. The firm has an all-inclusive coverage for diseases that most insurers do not pay for, such as dental, acupuncture, cancer medication, and other emergencies. However, the company does not cater to pre-existing conditions.

Pros of Using Petplan Pet Insurance Company

The firm offers significant competition on the pet insurance market due to the advantages that its clients get. Here are some great reasons to choose this company:

  • They do not limit a lifelong condition claim.
  • 15% discount is given if one goes for one year consecutively without making a claim.
  • The waiting period of claim issuing is five to seven days.
  • A stay period of up to 30 days is allowed.
  • The company covers any sick visit examination by the veterinary doctor.
  • lost pets’ advertisements are co
  • Claims are allowed when the pet disappears or dies.
  • iOS and Android users can make a claim process through the mobile App.
  • The pet is insured in Canada and the U.S.
  • 5% discount for purchases made online.
  • Coverage for unexpected events such as trip cancellation due to the pet’s illness.
  • Different plans to meet your budget and needs.

Cons of Using the Insurance

Even though the company has many notable advantages over its competitors, it also has some drawbacks. However, the cons aren’t many, and they include the following:

  • Insuring several pets does not guarantee a discount;
  • The discounts are offered per head;
  • For a successful claim, one has to visit a licensed vet within 48 hours of an accident or illness;
  • Policyholders have raised complains about the claims taking a longer period to be issued;
  • Limited pet types; it only covers dogs, rabbits, and cats.

Policy Plans Available

Pets can get a wide range of insurance from this company. Catering to diverse medical services has made it one of the best insurance companies for pets over time. It is evident from the Petplan reviews on their website that they indeed have vast plan options.

Insurance companies with limited plans may inconvenience you when the pet suffers from a disease or condition not covered under the policy. Hence, it is best to deal with a company that provides various coverages under one roof. Here are a few services and treatments the pet will get with this company.

Accidents and Sickness

No one can anticipate an injury or sickness for their pet. Hence, the main reason why, as a pet owner, you should opt for an insurance plan. It is a wise idea since paying for some procedures from your pocket could be quite expensive.

Therefore, with this company, if a visit to the vet is made with an injured or sick pet, the company will refund the amount of money used during that visit and every treatment that the veterinary doctor deems fit. Health coverage is offered by pet plan on diseases that come with old age or genetic diseases.  If there were no signs of any illness before taking up the insurance plan, the company caters to the full treatment.

Diagnosis Visits

X-ray film of dog lateral view with red highlight in hip and knee joint pain areas or joint dysplasia dogSometimes, you could have no clue what your little buddy is suffering from, and several tests may be recommended. The vet may request investigations such as blood works, x-rays, or much more to be done. Such examinations may sometimes cost more than expected. Keep in mind that this is before the treatment begins.

If you add those costs to the real treatment, you could end up spending loads of money. Most insurers exclude this diagnosis process, but this company offers coverage for it as long as it forms part of the treatment.

Prescribed Medications

Any treatment medication prescribed by the vet to aid the pet in healing is catered for. Besides, any supplements needed to boost the pet’s health will also be covered if the vet makes the prescription to rectify a deficiency or illness.

Imaging Services

Your furry friend may need an MRI or ultrasound to identify where the problem is. Some of these imaging services can cost a fortune. But with a reliable cover, your pet will get the best health care without you incurring costs. This firm offers this coverage, but the imaging services should be requested by the vet doctor to ensure their validity.

Surgical Procedures and Rehabilitation

If the ailment is covered, any surgery prescribed by a veterinary doctor provided it is to treat the condition would be included in the cover. Also, if there is a need for rehabilitation for further examination after the procedure, it will be paid for.

Holistic Treatment

The Petplan company is among the few insurers on the market that provide coverage for therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathic therapy. Nonetheless, these holistic therapies and treatments should be ordered by a vet, and they must also be done by a license holding a veterinary doctor.

Treatments by Specialists

You will give anything for your pet to get the best medical care. Hence, when it is unwell, you would want it to get the best medical attention. It is why specialists cover, and even referrals are important. If you want to see an oncologist or dermatologist, you will do so at no cost.

Non-Routine Dental Checkups and Treatment

Dental care for your pet is essential. The company offers this coverage, but there are some conditions. In particular, there should be evidence that your dog or cat has attended a dental clinic for treatment or checkup within one year before enrolling for the insurance policy.

Petplan Pet Insurance Prices and Offers

This company’s insurance rates vary according to the pet’s age, breed, lifelong condition, where you are located, and many other factors. Payment for monthly premiums can range from as low as $20 up to over $1000 if the mentioned factors and conditions of the pet are considered. For example, above 10 years, the pet will have a limited policy of up to $15,000 annually, a deductible of $750, and reimbursement of 70%. Therefore, before selecting a plan, ensure that it suits the pet’s needs.

Monthly Petplan cost will depend on the limit you select. If you select a lower limit, the monthly premiums will also be lower. However, pet parents should select higher limits or even unlimited, to be on the safe side. Below is a summary of the monthly subscriptions that a pet owner may pay, depending on the pet’s age.

Pet’s Age Rates Per Month
1-year-old dog $20.16-$45.65
3-year-old dog $20.16-57.86
6-year-old dog $20.16-98.86
12-year-old dog $160.46
1-year-old cat $20.16
3-year-old cat $20.16-$24.17
6-year-old cat $20.16-$40.38
12-year-old cat $40.90

There are many other factors considered when it comes to the monthly Petplan cost that one pays. Therefore, you should go through the company’s price list to get the plan for your little friend. Getting a personalized price plan cover for your dog or cat is also possible. Thus, carrying out maximum consultation before making a selection is necessary.

Additionally, you can always opt for a package that is less strenuous to pay. Every pet owner wants the best for their little friends, but it is not economical to subscribe to a package that you cannot pay in the long run.

Waiting Period for the Plan to Come into Effect

The insurance plan will take a maximum of 15 days before taking effect. So, after completing all the paperwork and making payments, you will have to wait before the pet starts using the policy. Many insurance firms begin covering accidents and injuries after two to three days from when the insurance started. However, this is not the case for Petplan pet insurance. Additionally, for knee injuries, the company will not cover until 6 months elapse after enrollment.

Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

In case of an existing health condition showing symptoms before enrolling for the insurance cover, it is always viewed as pre-existing. The firm does not cover these conditions despite how life-threatening they might be.

The rule on such conditions is common among most insurance companies. However, with this company, if the symptoms are not noticeable for one year, the disease will be included in the pet’s insurance cover. Therefore, you need to observe their pets’ health keenly to pick out any disease symptoms.

Petplan Coverage: Annual Limits

The company has different plan limits ranging from $2500 up to $25000. The unlimited package is also available but is more costly compared to other plans. So, selecting a lower limit will translate to paying lower premiums per month. However, the higher limits are beneficial since it is possible to access any medical service regardless of the cost.

The majority of people do not know the best suitable limit for their pet, and thus, they end up selecting an insufficient limit. Some people, without proper knowledge, cancel Petplan cover that suits their pets and opt for ones that aren’t effective.

Therefore, in case of any challenges when making the appropriate limit selection, calculate the average expenditure made on your pet’s visits to the vet. Then make your estimation, which should be slightly on the higher side in case of any emergencies.

Excluded Coverage

It‘s an unrealistic expectation that an insurance firm will cover every procedure and medical expenditures. Even the best insurance providers on the market have a limit to what they can take care of. The exclusions are normally cited in the forms. So, before purchasing a policy, you should first go through the conditions and terms. It will avoid making you feel duped when you find out that certain things are not covered. Procedures excluded by the company’s coverage include the ones mentioned below.

Routine Care

Routine care such as spraying, neutering, parasite control, and regular vaccination are not catered for by this insurance policy. Clients are required to make payments for any routine care that isn’t linked to the pet’s accident or sickness.

Preventive Care

Petplan Pet Insurance doesn’t reimburse money spent on treatments meant to prevent a disease that the pet is currently not suffering. Even if the medication is recommended by a veterinary doctor to prevent an ailment from occurring, you’ll have to pay from your pocket.

Cosmetic Processes

Finding health insurance that pays for cosmetic procedure bills even for human beings, especially if it is not necessary medically, is rare. Similarly, firms providing coverage for pets don’t include it in their plans.

The company doesn’t cover the cosmetic process in pets such as declawing, docking of the tail, ear cutting, and dental procedures like teeth whitening. Therefore, performing such processes on your cat or dog will force you to pay from your pocket regardless of having paid for an insurance plan.


The Petplan dog insurance policy does not give coverage for liabilities incurred because of the dog or cat. For example, if your little buddy harms an intruder in your home, the company shall not take any responsibility for that. Such coverage is usually offered by renters and homeowners’ insurance policy.

Pre-Existing Illness or Injury

The insurance company does not cover any prior illnesses or injuries. It means that if your cat or dog gets an accident before you get the cover, the injuries will not be catered for under the insurance policy. The 15 days waiting period ensures that you do not use the cover on previous injuries or illnesses.

The Process of Making a Claim

The claim process starts from the moment you report the illness or incident to the claim’s resolution. You can prepare for the process by gathering relevant documents such as treatment reports and receipts. Three major steps to be followed for a speedy and successful claim making process include the ones mentioned below.

Timely Treatment

The company expects pet owners to seek treatment within 48 hours of realization that the animal is injured or sick. One can decide to visit any licensed veterinary doctor and pay from their pocket after receiving the medical services.

However, without evidence of treatment, it will be hard to successfully process a claim despite the pet being genuinely sick. Therefore, avoid over the counter medication and choose professional medical assistance instead.

File a Claim

Pet Insurance Claim Document Form ConceptIt is the second step to recover any money used on the pet’s treatment by the owner. After getting the total expenditure bill, proceed to file a claim. The claim can either be filed online through the company’s application, phone, or physically going to the firm’s office.

To file the claim online, download the claim form from the company’s website and submit it through the application. The claim should be filed within 90 days of receiving the medical services with all receipts and treatment proofs attached. Failure to do so, the claim shall not be accepted.

Wait for the Refund

After you have filed your claim, the company will look into it and compare your expenses with the plan you are subscribed to. If your expenditure matches your plan, the money spent will be reimbursed minus the deductible cost.

Customer Support

The convenient customer service is what stands out for this particular insurance company. It is easy to get through to them in case of any queries or clarifications. The firm uses various platforms such as email, text, live chat, and phone calls to communicate with clients and potential customers.

Moreover, customer support is open to receive phone calls at any time. Therefore, if you have any burning issues, you can reach out to them and discuss it. Besides, the customer service staff are professionals in the insurance field and thus are well-familiar with the company’s services. It is quite hard to find this level of convenience with other pet insurance companies.

Third-Party Reviews

You will find several complaints as you go through the Petplan reviews, mostly related to billing or miscommunication. Despite such complaints, this insurance provider has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is an indication that they are among the best service providers you will find on the insurance market.

A.M best has also given the insurance policy of the firm an A+ rating. With such ratings, you will experience outstanding services. You can also go through online Petplan reviews and feedback from their clients on the firm’s website or its mobile application to get a glimpse at other people’s impressions of the company. When reading the reviews, you need to consider both the negative and positive reviews before making your judgment on the company.

Closing Remarks and Finishing Ideas

It is hard to entertain the thought that something bad may happen to your little friend. But what if it does? How prepared will you be to handle the situation? Sometimes, we need to prepare for the worst not because we want it to happen, but because we want to handle the situation appropriately if it occurs. Therefore, as a pet owner, the wise move to make is to ensure your pet’s health is insured by this company so that you can avoid unnecessary costs each time you visit the veterinary doctor.

There are various options to choose from and many nice things, such as personalized packages and discounts. The most important point to note is that all the plans, Petplan cost, and limits will depend on your pet’s breed, age, and location. Hence, you should know your pets well before selecting an insurance cover.

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