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Pets Best Insurance logoUp to 68% of families in the United States own a pet. This is roughly eighty-five million households. The estimated expenditure on pets was approximately 96 million, with the figure expected to grow to almost 100 million this year. Under the pet expenditure, vet care was the third biggest, with a predicted number of 29 billion dollars, which is expected to rise to over 30 billion dollars this year.

There is a rise in vet care costs, and Americans have noticed this. In 2019, over two-and-a-half million animals were covered under several animal policies, generating up to 1.6 billion dollars. Even though this industry is still new, it has grown tremendously with a yearly growth rate of 22%.

Getting the best cover is dependent on several factors, including your animal’s situation, as well as the type of coverage you need. Among the companies offering reliable insurance covers is PetsBest. This review expounds further on this insurance company, their plans, what they cover, the pros and cons, etc.

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What Plans Do They Offer for Animals?

The organization provides all-inclusive coverage for the unforeseen with its BestBenefit animal plan. They have several covers, including animal insurance for hounds as well as that of kitties. Other than medical insurance for these animals, they also incorporate regular care coverage to any ailment or accident plan to cater to your animal’s routine check-ups, as well as denture cleaning, neutering, etc. There are three comprehensive categories of plans, including one that deals with accidents only, accidents and ailments, and the wellness benefits.

Owners Sitting In Vets Reception AreaThe company’s accident-only plan cannot be personalized. It includes a ten-thousand-dollar yearly limit, a two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar deductible, and 90% compensation for any covered medical care. This budget-friendly policy’s main goal is sorting out the damages if anything unpredictable should happen to your furry companion, including getting hit by a vehicle or consuming food items that they should not. However, ailments aren’t covered.

There are three distinct accident and ailment policies provided through the company, which have yearly limited choices of five thousand dollars or unlimited. The Essential cover has a basic plan, which can be used independently, or be used as a base for a more comprehensive policy. It covers processes, diagnosing, and treating diseases linked to accidents and ailments. However, a few critical services aren’t given. To have your exam damages refunded, you’ll need to move up to the Plus plan. Also, substitute care coverage for other treatments is only accessible under the Elite plan.

You can choose to complement the accident and ailment plans with an alternate regular care rider. The Wellness plans, including essential and best, cater to preventive care, microchips, and immunizing animals up to particular limits. Other than better limits on the majority of services, BestWellness also incorporates teeth cleaning, as well as spaying/neutering.

What Does the Provider Cover?

What exactly do PetsBest Insurance plans cover? Each plan covers different things. Besides, not everything is covered. We’ve already discussed the plans provided by the company, starting from those that offer all-inclusive coverage for your animal to those that are more specific for canine owners in search of more affordable choices.

Besides, the organization provides two wellness covers, as discussed above. Since these creatures are infamous for doing things they shouldn’t, the company covers so many things, for even the naughtiest ones. This section looks at exactly what each plan takes care of.

The BestBenefit Plan

This plan provides the widest range from identifying and treating ailments and accidents. Several things covered under this plan include diabetes, cancer, cracked bones, swallowing objects, allergies, complete hereditary cover. Also, there’s surgery, drugs, scans, etc.

The Accident Only Plan

This one covers injuries and accidents that happen to the animals, such as being hit by a vehicle, ingesting an unfamiliar item, crushed bones, or taking something harmful. This should cover examinations, operations, X-rays, getting hospitalized, and medicine required to heal from the accident.

Wellness Plans

These can be incorporated into any of the provided plans for an extra charge. The company provides two tiers. They help sort out some anticipated vet charges, including annual examinations, immunizations, and cleaning teeth.

What Are the Charges for Insurance?

The key contributing element that determines how much insurance costs at the organization is age. This is the case for most insurance companies. However, to cover illness, the provider only charges a PetsBest premium dependent on how old the animal is. Even accidents and ailment plans, which usually increase in rates as your animal gets older, are usually on the cheaper end under their premiums.

Monthly charges for younger animals range between five and ten dollars, and they will unlikely go beyond 50 dollars even if the cover is premium. So, for the accidents only, you will be charged a flat amount of 6 dollars for kitties and 9 dollars for pooches per month, despite the pet’s pedigree or age.  Under the wellness plans, the periodic care pack charges 16 dollars per animal under Essential and 26 dollars for the more premium Best.

Frequently Asked Questions On the Insurance Company

The provider stands out for so many reasons. They have the latest technological innovations in the pet industry, friendly premiums, and they’ve been in the game for quite a long time, making them better than their competitors. Still, there’s a lot of frequently asked questions on PetsBest. Here are the commonly asked questions on the insurance provider.

Does It Cover Cancer?

Yes, they cover cancer under their BestBenefit plan. This accident and ailment plan also covers hereditary, prescription drugs, older animals, comprehensive coverage even when your hound hasn’t been neutered or spayed, and prosthetic tools. Also, your furry friend is covered when traveling.

Besides, they have a Cancer Only plan. It offers clients affordable coverage alternatives for what is widely viewed as the priciest medical condition among animals. With rates starting from 3 dollars per month, this plan covers diagnosing and treating malignant cancers, including MRIs, chemo, exams, surgery, blood work, drugs, as well as other cancer-linked costs. It provides up to 8000 dollars in yearly coverage and up to 30,000 dollars to cover your animal for a lifetime.

Does It Cover Vaccinations?

According to PetsBest insurance reviews, your pet can get covered for vaccinations. This is, however, dependent on the plan taken. This can only be accessed under the BestWellness plan. However, they are only covered to a particular age.

Within How Long Should You Expect to Complete a Claim?

Person filling the online pet insurance quote formIf your animal has an injury, you only have to wait for 72 hours. This is inclusive of all the services provided under the accident-exclusive plan. However, you will have to wait for two weeks for the ailment coverage. The only exclusion is any damage linked to the cruciate ligament, which will not be catered for until 180 days after the day of commencing the policy.

Besides, it’s easy to complete claims since the company provides e-filing via their site or mobile app. Your vet can also receive the payment directly from them if you’ve established their Vet Direct Pay. With this alternative, there’s no need to look for cash to settle the damages upfront temporarily. Your vet will receive the full payment in five days.

Do They Cover Blood Work?

Yes, according to several PetsBest reviews, they cover blood work. Just like us, our four-legged buddies need this kind of testing now and then. It is a popular way of identifying and treating several medical ailments and injuries. So, blood work will usually be crucial before any anesthetic procedure is done. Besides, pets with chronic diseases may need more regular testing now and then. Also, older animals will need more tests because they are most likely to get sick because of their compromised immune system.

Do They Cover Neutering?

Vets view spaying and neutering as preventive care since it offers many advantages for your animal, such as reduced infections, prevents some types of cancers, overpopulation, etc. However, most insurance companies don’t cover spaying and neutering. They are viewed as elective surgeries, the reason being they are arranged and not medical urgency. Since this process can be categorized under preventive and elective care, it isn’t paid for by most of its competitors. However, PetsBest covers it under the BestWellness plan, offering a $150 fee for spaying, neutering, and denture cleaning.

Does the Company Live Up to Its Hype?

Ever imagined how tech will impact the fate of animal insurance? PetsBest is an example. The company is among the most advanced, with technologies way ahead of its competitors. They have digital devices that are built to make sorting out vet bills easier than before.

photo of man kissing his dogAs if that isn’t good enough, they have among the lowest prices in the game. Is this cover worthwhile? What are its pros and cons? First, the company has among the shortest waiting times. Seventy-two hours for accidents, two weeks for ailments, and 180 days for ligament treatments.

Rather than sending your cheque via post, they deposit the money straight to your account. You can also select from available plans to accommodate any budget, not to mention a preventive care coverage option. Their accident only deal will cater to your animal’s costs should there be an emergency. It comes with a two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar deductible, 90% compensation, as well as a ten-thousand-dollar yearly limit.

What makes this insurance company stick out is comprehensive protection, even when your animal is not neutered or spayed? These advantages make them worthwhile for a lot of animal owners. Besides, PetsBest doesn’t need a medical history or a vet examination to enroll or file a claim. They assure you that they’ll release authorized claims for veterinary damages within 120 hours.

Do They Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Any disease that your pet had before the insurance became effective, even if a vet did not officially identify it, is known as a pre-existing condition. If your buddy had symptoms and signs before your policy became effective, then that condition cannot be covered, even if you didn’t know what was up with your animal. This, however, shouldn’t stop you from enrolling. You can take up a cover for your animal, but it won’t be compensated for the particular conditions or any issues linked to them.

This insurance provider, just like its competitors, doesn’t cover these conditions. This is to ensure that plans are kept lower for all animal owners. Should you cancel an existing policy and start a fresh one, the company warns that, from now on, the conditions covered under the old policy will be viewed as pre-existing.

What Doesn’t the Company Cover?

The organization is selective about what they cover. Like other providers, they exclude some diseases and treatments to make the rates affordable for pet owners.

Here are examples of what the provider doesn’t cover:

  • Pre-Existing Conditions – As discussed above, the company refrains from covering conditions that the animal had before your policy becomes effective. However, note that coughs or a fractured leg can be cured or will heal and need no further treatment. Once they heal, they are no longer viewed as pre-existing.
  • Parasites – The company doesn’t cover checking, treating, and preventing parasites. Their optional wellness plans will only provide minimal coverage for checking and preventing pests such as ticks, fleas, worms, scabies, etc.
  • Non-Vet costs, diet, special meals, supplements, and vitamins – The provider doesn’t cover administration costs, taxes, transport, freight, and handling costs, disposing of waste, grooming, bathing, or any service isn’t done under the surveillance of an accredited vet.
  • Elective and preventive processes – Examples such as docking tails, trimming ears, expressing and removing anal glands, removing declaws, etc. BestWellness offers restricted coverage for immunization as well as preventive care.
  • Experimental, holistic, and herbal healings are also not covered.

PetsBest Pet Insurance Pros and Сons

The company is a well-recognized insurance provider. They use the latest technologies, have budget-friendly premiums, etc. There are, however, both pros and cons to using the service; they have been discussed in detail below.


  • Extremely affordable premiums – For many younger animals, you can buy premiums for less than 10 dollars monthly.
  • Easy-to-use online tools – You can file claims electronically, reach them via chat since they are available 24/7, and get advice on what to do in case of anything.
  • The wellness and accident-exclusive are offered at the same fee. All animals within the same pedigree are charged one rate, regardless of how old they are or their breed.
  • They offer various discounts – They offer cuts that can be integrated, helping you even cut more cash on premiums. If you enroll online, are a member of the armed forces, or sign up for several animals, you’ll get a 5% discount. Furthermore, you will end up saving roughly 25 dollars annually by sorting your premiums at-a-go in a yearly lump sum.
  • Direct vet compensation – They have the Vet Direct Pay, which you can use to sort your vet directly for the services covered, instead of fronting the money.


  • They have a complex accident and ailment plan makeup – One can get easily confused by three varying accident and ailment plans since they cover different treatments.
  • They do not cover damages after a pet dies – None of their plans covers fees such as burying or cremating animals.
  • They only give two-yearly limit choices – You can only select between a five-thousand-dollar yearly limit and an unlimited choice for accident and ailment policies. There are no other alternatives.

Regardless of its cons, PetsBest insurance is one of the market leaders. However, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Here are other things you need to know about the company before signing up:

  • It has been rated 4/5 out of 1459 PetsBest reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Your animal(s) need to be at least 7 weeks old to be eligible for coverage. However, there is no limit on the maximum age.
  • You have to wait two weeks after taking a policy for it to be effective.
  • They provide different payment frequencies for all plans. You can choose to pay monthly, every 4 or 6 months, or once annually.
  • You will have to part with 2 dollars for every transaction.
  • If you intend to change your insured animal’s ownership, make sure to inform the company within 1 month from when ownership is changed to continue covering the pet.
  • The company covers pets within the US, Canada, or any area under American government control, including a territory or military base in a foreign land.
  • The company has top-notch customer service. They have an all-around-the-clock helpline. Customers can call 24/7 to receive advice and education to help them make well-informed choices regarding their animals through email, phone, or live chat.

The Takeaway

Whatever cover you take from the provider, you’re sure that you will get remarkable coverage, customized and fast 24/7 service, and rapid and precise claim processing. The company makes it straightforward to protect your furry friends from unanticipated vet costs with an all-inclusive plan for your animals. They are quite transparent about what they cover and what their policies entail.

Besides, they have quite positive PetsBest reviews online, making them even more credible. They offer the best and all-inclusive plans in the pet insurance industry. However, just like their competitors, they don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

While cheap insurance is necessary to clients, PetsBest believes that it is even better to have a more inclusive coverage and flexible options to choose from, that will offer pet owners higher value than paying attention to price solely. Their main objective is to ensure that clients have an easy time and peace of mind since they protect a PetsBest healthy pet.  Despite the disadvantages, this company is much better than most of its competitors, and it is the go-to pet insurance provider.

Images credits: PetsBest.com & photo stocks.

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