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Review: Big Barker Mini – Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest

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The Big Barker Mini is a fantastic option for those will smaller dogs. This one only comes in a couple of sizes, though, so those with a large dog will need to look elsewhere. If your dog fits, though, it makes an elegant and simple solution to the problems which may face your companion as they age and will provide them with a great place to rest their head and dream doggy dreams.

Bed Highlights

  • Elegant Design: The Big Barker Mini has a simple aesthetic and only a few color choices to pick from. That said, the bed looks great and is sure to complement your home’s décor.
  • Headrest: Some dogs love their pillows just as much as their owners do, and this bed comes with a comfortable, built-in pillow which is sure to keep that kind of dog happy.
  • 10 Year Guarantee: Big Barker stands behind their products. The bed is guaranteed to retain 90% of its shape for a whole decade. It protects your investment and shows their great amount of faith in the quality of their products.
  • Machine Washable Cover: This bed has an easily removable cover so you can throw it in the washing machine.
  • Orthopedic Benefits: If your little scamp is getting into the twilight years of his life, the memory foam is an immense boon to their health. This can help to relieve arthritis and joint pain, and provide your aging animal with a whole new quality of life.

Simple and Immense

This is the kind of dog bed in which the company obviously kept all of the crucial qualities for both dog owner and dog in mind. The bed’s simple design makes it quite attractive.

The colors available also show a lot of forethought, the simple chocolate, and khaki schemes will fit in with virtually any furniture, and the burgundy can make a nice highlight in a room which is predominately covered in earth tones. Add in a rectangular design that can be thrown virtually anywhere and you have a definite winner.

Looks aside, this bed is amazingly functional. Because of the rectangular design, it will fit almost anywhere. The cover comes off for easy cleaning, and since it’s microfiber you’ll be able to remove most dust and hair with an amazing amount of ease.

Your dog will enjoy the immense benefits provided by the bed as well. Memory foam is becoming a big thing in the world of dog beds, and with good reason. These beds offer the superior support that’s required to keep an aging dog healthy and offer a rejuvenating quality to their sleep which might just make you jealous.

There’s one unfortunate drawback to this bed, though, the memory foam doesn’t come with a waterproof cover. Fortunately, if you spend a few extra dollars you can purchase one from the manufacturer, but if you can’t spare with the extra money it can’t be recommended in good faith for a dog suffering from incontinence.

Product Conclusion

If you have a small to medium-sized dog, take a close look at this offering from Big Barker. The attractive design, pillow headrest, and impressively thick memory foam base make for a great sleeping and resting experience for your dog. If your dog will fit, this might just be the exact solution you’ve been looking for.

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