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Best Dogs for Seniors: Top Dogs for Seniors and Elderly

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Best Dog For SeniorsWhat makes your day? Retirement for seniors is a hard pill to swallow. Dogs offer the best friendship at this point for seniors. What criteria make the perfect dog for a senior? Different breeds exist that fit the profile of seniors.

Buying Considerations for Seniors

Read below our compilation of factors making a difference when selecting the best dogs for seniors. Our list includes the physical stature of the dog and upkeep activities you will have to take up as an owner:


Are you ready to keep up with an energetic dog that likes being active? The pooch should meet your energy profile of a senior for ample time. It means you will not have to wake at dawn to go for a walk or at dusk. There is no need to keep a vibrant pooch that you cannot get a hold of.

Dog Size

Will you handle the overall size of the dog? You will have a hard time controlling a large dog breed. A small dog breed has less medical expenses when compared to a large dog breed. You can carry your dog around in case it cannot move. You can also go for a dog that fits on your lap when relaxing in the evening.

A Full Grown Dog or a Puppy

Both cases have their pros and cons, depending on the owner. An aged dog comes with medical expenses and special treatment that adds to the full cost. A pup comes energy-packed, proving to be a difficult task. Full-grown dogs are calm and collected and will not stress you with jumps and running.

Residential Area Guidelines

What are the dog guidelines in your residential area? Different residents have different guidelines on the nature of the dog you can keep. Other residents prevent the breeding of individual dogs for the overall safety of residents.

Overall Wellbeing

You have probably had enough of piling medical bills on your end to have others added for your dog. Getting a fully fit dog goes a long way in saving your trips to the vet. Do not take home a sickly one that will give you restless nights and cost you huge medical bills. The best dogs for seniors must be healthy, lively, and easy to maintain.

Best Dogs for Seniors in Their Homes

After expert consideration of these factors for seniors, go through the compilation of the best dogs for seniors. Our summary of the best dogs for seniors caters to all types of loners out there.

Maltese – Best Small Dogs for Seniors

Intelligence in a dog is an attractive feature any owner could appreciate. You could get this needed quality in a Maltese. The hypoallergenic dog is a hit for many seniors residing in the countryside. It is small in stature and fits ideally on your lap.

Seniors will appreciate the simplicity associated with owning such dogs. You will not have to dig deep into your pockets just to maintain this dog. It comes equipped with a simple user manual for any novice.

The dogs need to maintain a proper diet to ensure a glowing coat. Take it out for a random stroll to ensure it stays active. It takes some time before the dogs adapt to a new environment. But once you make it home, it will become comfortable.

Pug – Best Small Dogs for Seniors

It has become a norm for celebrities to have these breeds featured in their housing apartments. The celebrity status of owning a pug is self-sustaining.

It is moderately active but can skip a walk for a quick snuggle at the couch. Snubbed noses create breathing complications. Hence, it does not engage in such strenuous activities.

Unfortunately, pugs are not hypoallergenic and have short hairs. Grooming the dog will be a thing of the past. Moreover, it does not come with any hassle living with it.

Beagle – Best Medium Sized Dogs for Seniors

Beagles are widely known for showing affection while packing energy. It is hard to beat a Beagle’s curiosity. You need experience in training with these dogs. The dogs have high intelligence in their nature. It has a medium weight. Their overall life expectancy is 14 years.

It is like the dogs have to be social. Therefore, it needs regular walks and running with friends. Paying close attention to the dog since it craves for it is a prerequisite.

A significant concern you will have to contend with it is the shedding of fur. Prepare a dustpan to collect all the far left after a play session with it. You will have many moments that are entirely worth it.

Chihuahua – Best Small Dogs for Seniors

Chihuahua is a common breed, even for novices. It has a small body size that weighs around 5 pounds. You have seen how ladies fit them into their purses these days. A thrilling fact that most people are unaware of is their high life expectancy. Most Chihuahuas are infamous for their different personalities. You need to strike a relationship to make it a long-lasting bond.

An allergic person can give thanks to the dog’s short coat. It does not shed any fur and will not ruin your leather couch. Seniors will have to get used to the need of the dogs to pee. You have to set a special place for the dog.

Chihuahua – Best Small Dogs for Seniors

Boston Terrier

A vibrant personality fits the description of these dogs.  It can live up to over ten years while weighing between four to eleven pounds.

A common trend among this breed is its health issues, including breathing difficulties. In case you can stand the constant snoring and respiratory problems, you have a good furry friend.

Seniors will not incur any costs with constant brushing of its coat. The breed shares a lot of qualities with a bulldog.


The Otterground ranks as our top recommended large-sized dog. The dogs can weigh up to 50 pounds. They are lively and tentative and can live over ten years under proper care.

Ottergrounds are gradually active and like taking part in daily duties. Their webbed feet and water repellant coat make them impervious to water. Hence, you need a pool of water around your home regularly.

Otterground Dog Breed

Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel

In urgent need for an elegant and majestic dog strolling around? These are the proper fit. For a mouthful name, it weighs approximately ten to twenty pounds.

The playful and social nature of these dog breeds makes them accepted in different community settings. It has an added friendly and tentative character. The dog is further hypoallergenic.

Poodle (Standard Miniature, or Toy)

You have probably seen cute and furry dogs walking down a fashion catwalk. Poodles have high intelligence and are loyal creatures. You can find one that comes in a small size or opt for the bigger one in your home.

The three sizes for the dog makes it a must-have for seniors interested in a pure companion. It can come in a small preferred size in case you are stuck with a small home. In case you have enough space, you can go for a large-sized that weighs over 50 pounds.

A typical trait for the Poodles is that they are not very social. However, a little reinforcement can change that behavior. Ensure you add walks to your daily routine to get him used to the new environment.

Poodle Dog Breed

Cocker Spaniel – Best Dogs for Seniors Over 70

The Cocker Spaniel breeds have a medium size that weighs between 20 to 30 pounds. It grows up to a height of twelve inches tall. In case you are a sucker for a company, you will find a companion with this dog.

The social levels of these dogs are very high. Their favorite past time activity is staying inside and cuddling up. You can add some positive reinforcements to get them outside and perform physical activities on their own.

 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Our finalist for the 10 best dogs for seniors is a common sight, especially in the homes of celebrities. Most people are taken by the appearance and size of the pooch. It has a medium-size making it a perfect addition when settling in an apartment without any neighbors around.

A downside to this prestigious dog is that it sheds. It does not need a lot of attention and manages well on its own. However, you need to ensure it keeps up with the vet checks since they tend to get sickly.

Scottish Terrier – Best Lap Dogs for Seniors

The breed hails its origin from Scotland. It is a medium-size pooch that captures the attention of anyone due to its majestic look. You can cohabit together since it does not need a lot of space.

The small breed of Scotties does not grow past ten inches and can weigh around 18 to 22 pounds. It is hypoallergenic, making it a perfect partner for allergic seniors. You can groom the coat at the end of the week for a complete look. You only need a soft brush and a cautious hand.

They have a strong sense of intelligence but make it next to impossible to train on your own. Experience is required to help the seniors. They pack some energy and enjoy running around the home. Even though they like the thought of water, they cannot swim.

Scottish Terrier – Best Lap Dogs for Seniors

Italian Greyhound

The history of the Greyhound dates back to the era when they were popular for hunting duties. Even though the purpose of the dog has changed over the decades, it still holds its hunting instincts intact. It makes the best companion dog for seniors preferred when residing in the countryside.

Most trainers can attest to the struggle that comes with training the dog to comply. However, with time, you can devise a way of getting through to the dog.

It has low maintenance due to the hypoallergenic coat for seniors. The dogs rarely shed any fur, making it perfect for staying indoors for seniors. However, in case of cold spells, you need to cover it with a warm coat. Its short coat makes it a victim of coldness.

Italian Greyhound

Expert Care Tips

Your dream of adopting dogs by your side is coming true for seniors. You will get a new role with the pooch under your care. Below are few keynotes for senior dog owners:

High Skill Training

Professionalism comes attached to the skill for training your pooch to keep it under control. It is common for the dog to develop some behaviors when adapting to a new environment. It is up to you to know how you can handle it. This is where dog training comes in handy. Get a certified dog trainer to keep your dog’s behaviors in check.

Arthritic Manufactured Leashes

Suffering from constant arthritis? You need to reconsider the type of leashes in your hand carefully. A recommendation for seniors to try the padded leashes that offer added grip and firmness.

Keeping Fit

Your dog needs to stay fit the same way you need to start physical exercises. It is advisable to adopt the less erratic dog breeds that are infamous for being the best companion dogs for seniors. You can hire anyone to perform that duty daily without stretching a muscle. Or, set-up a weekly chart with schedules your dog needs to go for a walk.

Plan Ahead

What happens when you fall and admit to a hospital? What’s the backup plan on how your dog will survive during this time? Ensure no matter the circumstance, the wellbeing of the pooch is your priority. This guide gives you an in-depth look into the life of a dog owner. Use this piece to consult any dog breeder near your vicinity before making the final decision to adopt a companion.

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