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Review: Five Diamond Collection Shredded Foam Dog Bed

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Not all orthopedic dog beds come built the same. This high-quality dog bed from Five Diamond Collection is unique amongst this class of beds since it contains shredded foam as a filling. This makes for a unique experience for your dog, but it may not be suitable for every canine out there due to the nature of the material.

Bed Highlights

  • Highly Customizable- The dog-owner with a discerning eye for aesthetics will appreciate this bed quite a bit since you can buy it in one of eight different color configurations.
  • Multiple Sizes- This unique dog bed comes in five different sizes, one of which should be able to accommodate a canine of almost any size.
  • Shredded Foam Filling- The shredded memory foam used in this bed provides a unique, but still supportive, sleeping experience for your dog.
  • Machine Washable- The easily removed cover for this dog bed makes for a simple and owner-convenient way of washing. Simply unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine.
  • Fits Easily in a Crate- Due to the rectangular size and fairly low profile, this bed can make an excellent accompaniment to a crate-trained dog’s cozy home.

A Unique, High-Quality Bed

There’s a lot to be said for this bed. It’s highly customizable and comes in a variety of sizes and colors which are sure to suit most user’s needs. The nice thing about the color variations is that they range from dignified to outright gaudy, making it suitable for a wide variety of rooms.

The main problem with these beds is actually the same thing that makes it quite unique. Dogs which prefer a solid surface to sleep on won’t like it all that much. It should also be noted that despite the 55” length of the largest option available, this bed is capable of being flattened quite a bit by a truly massive dog.

Problems aside, this one makes a great bed for lighter dogs provided they don’t mind the less stable surface. A lot of dogs do just fine on cheap cotton and polyester fillings, and if your companion is already used to a bed of that sort this one will make a great new place to sleep for them.

The cover is waterproof on the inside, which will save the contained memory foam from accidents and spills. Even better, it’s durable and machine-washable so you won’t have to worry if things get a bit messy around the bed.

Any dog can benefit from the unique support qualities of this bed. Older dogs, in particular, will receive an impressive boost in their quality of life, and it’s almost a must for any dog suffering from joint pains or arthritis.

Product Conclusion

While probably not suitable for mammoth mutts, this innovative bed is suitable for a wide range of smaller dogs. If your dog prefers beds with a bit more give, this is definitely a suitable option. If you think it’d be suitable for your dog, why wait? The right bed is just a choice of color and size away from arriving at your door.

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