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Review: Durable Orthopedic Waterproof Pet Bed

Some dogs love to sleep sprawled out, their legs and eyelids twitching as they chase dream rabbits. For those kinds of dog, it can sometimes be hard to find a pad-type bed which also offers a good amount of support. Thankfully, this bed seems to have exactly that sort of dog in mind so read on and we’ll give you an overview of this great dog bed.

Bed Highlights

  • Seven Size Variations: Fortunately for those sprawled out sleepers, these beds come in a huge variety of sizes which are suitable for anything from a toy poodle to a Great Dane. The largest of these beds is 55” x 47” which should be suitable for pretty much any breed you can still call a dog with a straight face.
  • Two Layers of Fabric: There’s an external layer for your dog to lie on, as well as an inner cover to keep the memory foam safe from accidents. A fantastic innovation for those whose dogs are prone to accidents.
  • Single Layer Memory Foam: Unlike inferior products which might try to pass off a composite of support foam and memory foam as truly orthopedic, the mattress of this pad-like dog bed is made from a single layer of the good stuff.
  • Waterproof: This can be a big deal for those whose dogs are incontinent. It’s also helpful for pretty much any kind of accident which can arise over time, the waterproof layer will protect you from the inevitable.
  • Varied Covers: There’s a variety of cover to fit almost any dog. Go with one of the denim ones if your dog is more destructive, you’ll appreciate the improved durability.

Help Any Dog Dream Easier

These beds are simply amazing for the aging canine, the memory foam will help them sleep easier than they’ll have ever remembered. For you, this means a more active and lively companion who’s experienced an immense boost in their quality of life.

The bed is also convenient for owners, the double covering makes things easy to clean and extends the life of the bed greatly. The waterproof inner layer is particularly important, it can keep the 4” memory foam pad from becoming soaked with urine and rendering it a smelly and unusable mess.

The covers need to be talked about for a moment. They come in a variety of colors, but more importantly for your canine, they also come in a variety of different materials. Microsuede is great for the ease of convenience when it comes to cleaning, but it’s not the most durable material out there.

Fortunately, there’s also two options in denim and one in canvas available. Keep your dog’s habits in mind when you pick one, and you shouldn’t have to replace the cover for a long time to come.

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Product Conclusion

This orthopedic dog bed comes highly recommended for those canines who love to sleep sprawled. If your dog prefers a pillow one can easily be provided as well, but it’s not quite suitable for dogs who need security with their rest. If you’re looking for something that will keep your dog healthy into old age, though, this line of dog beds deserves a serious look. The customization available also makes it a good choice for a dog with rambunctious tendencies, since you’ll be able to pick a material to suit their habits.

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