Review: K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bolster Bed

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This fantastic bed comes from K9 Ballistics, a company which is well known for their high-end, canine-focused products. The LUX Bolster Bed comes in a wide variety of sizes and pretty much anyone with a special, furred friend should be able to find one to suit their needs. These beds represent a huge step-up from the usual fare of cotton filled Walmart beds and become a direct investment in your pet’s health and longevity.

Bed Highlights

  • Five Sizes: Ranging from a bed suitable for a small terrier to one for a massive mastiff, you won’t have to consider a different bed simply for size reasons. The largest of these beds is an impressive 68” long so no canine will have to miss out on the luxury.
  • Memory Foam: Not just for dog-owners anymore, this material offers a myriad of benefits for aging dogs and large breeds which are prone to joint problems.
  • Removable, Waterproof Cover: This bed does represent a sizable investment, so you’ll be glad to know that it’s fully washable. The memory foam is also wrapped in waterproof material, which will keep it safe from an inevitable accident.
  • Tuff Fur: K9 Ballistics uses a faux-fur which is made of 100% polystyrene fibers. This will provide a comfortable and durable cover which is sure to last for a long time to come.
  • Orthopedic Benefits: The support provided by the material the mattress is made of is absolutely fantastic, and will greatly add to your dog’s quality of life.

Comfort, Luxury, and Orthopedic Benefits

The mattress is five full inches of memory foam, let’s just throw that out there. This highly supportive material is a huge breakthrough for pretty much any animal which chooses to sleep on a bed. The support provided by this material is simply superior to almost anything else you might find.

What does this mean for your canine? Less joint pain. More energy. A new favorite spot. Orthopedic dog beds are great for all dogs and a healthy argument can be made for their use from the early stages of their life because of it. If your dog is already feeling the pains of encroaching old age, though, an orthopedic dog bed like this one is the easiest way to rapidly improve their quality of life.

Of course, the LUX Bolster Bed also provides a great amount of convenience to the human involved in the situation as well. The water-resistant covering and waterproof mattress make cleaning up after any potential accidents easy and quick.

There’re a few drawbacks here, though. The first is that these beds aren’t chew-proof, so you may want to rethink the purchase if your dog is particularly destructive. The second is that there’s a limited amount of color options available, but all of the available color schemes are stately and simple so it shouldn’t be a problem in any but the most vibrant households.

Product Conclusion

The K9 Ballistic Lux Bolster Bed is one of the best orthopedic beds available on the market. It comes with a high price tag, but you’ll have no chance to regret it once you come face-to-face with your dog’s renewed energy levels. It comes highly recommended for all dogs, and doubly so for those who might be suffering from the pains of old age.

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