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Review: Best Friends by Sheri Pet Igloo in Sherpa

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There’s not always a lot of good options out there for those of us with nervous dogs when it comes to beds. Most designs are a bit too open to offer these sensitive canines an ideal sleeping place, which is where a unique design like the Pet Igloo comes into play. Coming in with a variety of customizations available to the owner, these beds are uniquely suited to keeping your anxious animal resting with a maximum feeling of security. Take a closer look if your dog has a nervous disposition, and you just might have found an ideal solution.

Bed Highlights

  • Highly Customizable: This bed comes in with a wide range of color options to suit even the most demanding eye for décor. Ease your small dog’s anxiety and enjoy one of the luxurious colors.
  • Budget Cost: Despite being a cave-style dog bed, this one comes in at a fantastic price. Ideal for the pet owner on a tight budget, and it definitely won’t break the bank.
  • Removable Insert: You can remove the floor of the cave for easy cleaning, making this bed convenient for the time-pressed It’s machine washable as well, cutting down on the effort you’ll need to apply to keeping things smell and stain free.
  • Secure and Warm: The “igloo” design of this innovative bed keeps things warm inside, so your dog won’t have to rest in the cold. Your bed will be able to rest in cozy heat, and feel safe to boot.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Despite the looks and solid construction, the Pet Igloo is also highly portable. This combination of low weight and high-quality construction puts things in a great spot for the prospective buyer. There’s also a handle on the roof to allow you to move it around easily.

The Best Bargain in Caves

In the end, what matters the most to your dog will be security and comfort. This bed, despite its low price, delivers in spades on that count. The unique cave design will allow them to stay “hidden” while they sleep and also keeps them warm.

The interior padding for this bed is comfortable as well. It’s not a half foot of memory foam, but it is certain to appeal to your pet. The inner cushion can also be easily removed for cleaning, making it a double bonus for your pet.

Really, though, the main draw of this bed is the cave design. Some dogs are quite nervous, and being able to sleep while fully covered will help keep them calm, and keep those unfortunate waking accidents to a minimum.

There is one drawback here, though, it’s a pretty small bed. It’s mostly suited for smaller dogs, but since they are the ones with the tendency to need secure sleeping quarters that’s mostly fine. If your dog is even approaching medium in size, however, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Product Conclusion

For those of us with smaller, anxiety-filled dogs the Pet Igloo is highly recommended. Allow your dog to sleep in comfort and warmth without breaking your pocket book. If your dog is of suitable size for this one, take a closer look. The purchase is sure to last for a long time, and your dog has never rested easier.

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