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Review: Aspen Pet Self Warming Rectangular Lounger

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While there’s a lot of electrically heated options out there for pet owners to keep their dogs warm, they’re not always ideal for the owner. Whether the issue is cost or access to electricity, it can sometimes be worth looking into other options. The Aspen Self Warming Rectangular Lounger is one of the best options for those looking to keep their pets warm without thinning out their bank book.

Bed Highlights

  • Incorporated Mylar: The bed keeps your pet heated with the same technology used in space blankets. The Mylar material is extremely reflective and will keep infrared energy in the desired area. In short: it will keep your companion warm through the night by reflecting their own body heat.
  • Budget Priced: This dog bed comes at a relatively low cost. You’ll be able to keep your pet warm without breaking the bank, and that’s a great thing for the cost-conscious pet-owner.
  • Three Sizes: There’re a few different size options to choose from. The largest of these is thirty-five inches long, which makes the bed suitable for most small to medium sized dogs. Be sure to measure before you make the investment.
  • Easily Washable: The bed is easy to wash. The manufacturer recommends line-drying to keep things from shrinking, though, so keep that in mind before you toss it into the dryer.
  • Comfort: A warm bed does no good if you can’t convince your canine to use it. That shouldn’t be a problem since the bed is constructed of high-quality faux-lambskin and corduroy material.

Keep Your Dog Warm on a Budget

The stand-out feature of this bed is undoubtedly its low cost. Quite often, when looking for something to provide some extra heat, pet owners will find themselves with a lack of options. While this may not be the absolute best bed on the market, it does offer an amazing value per dollar ratio.

The attractive design only helps to add to the value, but the real meat of the deal is hidden under the covers. The mylar used in the bottom layers will reflect your dog’s warmth right back at them, creating an electricity-less heating environment that’s convenient for you and enjoyable for your dog.

The biggest drawback here is undoubtedly the size. Unfortunately, owners of particularly large dogs will have to look elsewhere. For those who have a canine that can fit, though, things are ready to go.

While it’s unfortunate that the cover on this bed isn’t removable for easy washing, you can throw the whole bed in the washing machine. To prevent shrinkage, however, you don’t want to just chuck it into the dryer.

Product Conclusion

If your dog is chilly during the day and you’ve wanted to help them get a bit warmer, this bed is a great investment. Match the size of your canine to the proper bed, and they’ll soon fall in love with this passively heated bed and will be getting some of the warmest, most comfortable sleep of their doggy lives.

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