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Benefits of Using Hemp-based Supplements for Dogs and Cats

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Human and Dog in NatureAt Cannabis Digest, we like to keep up with the latest news. Pet supplementation using hemp-based products is currently of keen interest to many readers. Given that dog or cat ownership (rarely together because they don’t always get along) spans around one-third of the Canadian population, we thought we’d investigate how good these supplements might be for pets.

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So, pull up a chair and let’s dive right in.

Pet Supplements 101

With millions of pets in the US and Canada, pet owners are discussing with their veterinarian and fellow animal lovers about using a Cannabis-based supplement to give their pet a better life.

Of course, for people who already use hemp or CBD products in their own life and have a four-legged friend, they’re more open-minded. For everyone else, they may take more convincing.

When looking at how the people at Canna Companion USA operate, they use the Sativa strain and create hemp without the mind-altering THC. This prevents contamination from other parts of the plant that they don’t want to get into their pet product. The Canna Companion products are full-spectrum ones which use both the terpenoid and cannabinoid profile, specifically. Our readers who are a bit more technically minded will appreciate this extra titbit.

How Do Hemp-based Pet Supplements Help Pets?

Every pet has an endocannabinoid system. Taking this type of supplement is intended to support the proper functioning of their bodies. This includes supporting the immunological system to avoid getting sick as often.

Their musculoskeletal systems can also function more smoothly with fewer joint or pain issues to deal with, such as when jumping up on the sofa or leaping in the air to catch a thrown ball. Also, neurologically, a pet is going to overall have a calmer disposition than they would otherwise. This helps with overactive pets, ones who are overly friendly with strangers or those that tend to act before they think.

Use Hemp Pet Supplements as a Training Tool

While they’re not directly intended for this purpose, it has been found that the calming effect of these supplements helps dogs.

For younger dogs and breeds that tend to be more hyperactive making training harder, a hemp-based supplement is going to help to avoid their getting overly excited or distracted during their dog training time.

What Form Are Pet Supplements Taken?

The most common are either capsule pills or oil.

The hemp oil supplements are more immediate acting and easier to administer than capsules. With capsules, some pets aren’t happy taking them, making oil the better delivery mechanism.

The question of whether to allow your pet to take cannabis-based pet supplements is a valid one for many pet lovers. The fact that these supplements tend to exclude THC removes most of the concern for pet owners. Usually, the product should be given at mealtimes or shortly after, but not before meals because this could cause an upset stomach. Most pets respond well to a hemp-based treatment program with the anecdotal responses being positive.


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