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CBD Oil For Dogs Separation Anxiety

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Dog Isolated on Sea BeachAs with humans, dogs get anxious sometimes. Some dogs, however, are prone to separation anxiety – in other words, they get extremely anxious when they’re separated from their owners or other family pets. Fortunately, many people find that CBD can treat their dogs’ separation anxiety.

Here’s what you need to know about using CBD to treat separation anxiety in dogs

Why do dogs have separation anxiety?

Dogs are pack animals. They’re used to hunting, eating, and even sleeping in groups. When you adopt a dog, you become a part of their “pack.” They miss you when you’re not around because their brains are hardwired to do so.

However, separation anxiety is when they become unnecessarily anxious without you. The symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs include:

  • Excessive howling, barking, and crying when you’re gone
  • Destructive behavior in your absence
  • Following you constantly
  • Biting or scratching themselves
  • Inability to sleep or sit still while you’re gone

Some things worsen separation anxiety, such as past traumas, illnesses, and lifestyle issues (e.g. not having enough exercise or mental stimulation).

Can CBD treat separation anxiety in dogs?

No research has been conducted on using CBD to treat separation anxiety. However, a 2018 survey of US veterinarians showed that 86% of vets who prescribed CBD for anxiety found it to be ‘very helpful’ or ‘somewhat helpful’ for reducing anxiety. We also know that CBD seems to reduce anxiety in humans.

In addition to this, hundreds of dog owners and veterinarians have shared stories about how CBD has helped their dog with separation anxiety. While this isn’t definite proof, it’s hard to ignore all those recommendations.

CBD is a fairly safe supplement, so it’s worth a shot. A 2018 study found that there are very few side effects of CBD for dogs, while a different study concluded that CBD is well-tolerated and safe for dogs.

How to use CBD to treat separation anxiety in dogs

Always speak to your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD. A vet can rule out any underlying causes of anxiety, such as an undiagnosed illness. They could even help you determine how much CBD to give your dog and what brand to use.

CBD for dogs can come in the form of drops, dog treats, pills, and capsules. Be sure to buy CBD from a reputable company that uses third-party testing and has good online reviews. Also be sure to use the correct dosage of CBD for your dog.

CBD should be given to your dog every day. The results might not be immediate – it can take a week or even a few weeks before you notice a difference. It’s also advisable to ensure your dog has a healthy lifestyle to reduce anxiety – exercise them often, give them lots of toys and attention, and train them well.

Separation anxiety can be extremely difficult for your four-legged friend to manage – and it can be distressing to see your pup in such a state. Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle, proper training, and supplements like CBD can treat separation anxiety in dogs.

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