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10 Best Vegetables For Dogs To Eat

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Best Vegetables For DogsRemember the weekly vegetables run that you make so that your family has an opportunity of eating clean? Your pooch is part of your family, and it would help if you fed it like family.

Incorporating vegetables to your hound’s diet is a natural way of increasing its life span because of the numerous health benefits that plants have. You will also save your money and time, because of the reduced food runs to the pet store.

If the clean eating wave has caught up with you, it is most probable that you always include organic foods, which are rich in nutrients in your meal plan. Vegetables are a great source of antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. While you may think that meat should be a staple food for your pooch, it, unfortunately, does not contain these minerals. If you want your dog to have a long and healthy life, you should consider incorporating only the best vegetables for dogs in its diet, because each type of vegetable has a distinct nutritional value.

But Dogs Are Carnivores, Do They Need Vegetables?

You probably do not want to include vegetables in your dog’s diet because you researched and discovered that carnivores die when they eat plants. Well, to set things straight, it is best to understand that dogs are not obligate carnivores. This means that they can eat vegetable matter without any complications arising.

If you read about wild dogs, you will note that they eat rotten fruits, and some eat herbs and grass. So nature understands that veggies are suitable for your hound, and they do not cause any harm to it.

Getting the Balanced Diet Concept Right

Getting the right balance for your dog’s nutrition is critical for their healthy existence and development. You do not want your beloved pooch to lead an unhealthy life or have its life shortened because you were not mindful of what you fed it.

Consider animal protein, recommended vegetables for dogs, some fat, and micronutrients such as omega 3 in your dog’s diet. Your dog will also require an array of other nutrients, such as magnesium and vitamin C.

Just like humans, your dog will require a unique diet depending on the events that are happening in its life or the stage of life which it is at. For instance, a lactating or pregnant pooch will need meals rich in calcium or magnesium for bone development of the young ones.

What Are the Ideal Vegetables for Dogs?

You probably choose vegetables because they have fewer calories and the much-needed fiber necessary for digestion. If you understand the benefits that arise when you eat vegetables, you will probably want the same for your little champ.

Portions are an essential part of any meal plan. You could be eating clean, but if you are not so keen on your portions, you will most likely not get the desired effects. When choosing vegetables for your dog, it is essential to remember that portions play a crucial role in the diet.

If you have made the wise decision of including vegetables in your hound’s diet, here are some that can get you started.

The Vitamin K Found in Asparagus Makes It Perfect for Your Dog

Remember the numerous times that you have included asparagus in your meal plan when trying to lose weight? Asparagus is perfect for your diet because of its surprisingly low calories and vast amounts of micronutrients. Additionally, this vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting and bone development.

If you can derive all these benefits from it, imagine how useful it will be to your dog. Incorporating it to your dog’s diet will mean that you will not have to worry about your dog’s bone development or blood clotting related complications.

When preparing asparagus for your hound, keep in mind that the stalks are tough, and chewing may be a hard task for your dog. You may need to steam it slightly to make the chewing and digestion process a bit easier.

You should be wary of the asparagus fern. This part is not edible, and it has lethal effects, including death, if your dog consumes it.

The Vitamin K Found in Asparagus Makes It Perfect for Your Dog

Broccoli Is Rich in Minerals

Dogs do not need huge portions of vegetables for them to survive. However, there are certain healthy vegetables for dogs that provide numerous health benefits. Broccoli is one such type of plants. 

The good thing is that your hound can eat raw or cooked broccoli, but you should be careful not to add any oils or seasoning. The key to healthy living is to eat everything in moderation; this applies to your dog too. Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C and fiber; however, if your dog overeats it, it may experience gastric irritation.

Vitamin C is essential for tissue repair and helps accelerate the rate in which wounds heal. So if your pooch eats broccoli in moderate amounts, you do not have to worry about an injury taking too long to improve.

Broccoli Is Rich in Minerals

Carrots Are Good for Your Dog

Your dog can enjoy this yummy treat in moderation. Carrots are one of the best raw vegetables for dogs, and your mutt can enjoy the gift.

Carrots are a great low-calorie snack that your dog can enjoy while raw or cooked. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that make them extremely healthy for your dog. The nutrients will help boost your dog’s immune response, aid in bone growth, and contribute to sound reproduction.

If you want to avoid any potential choking hazards, it is best to feed your dog finely chopped carrots. As with any meals and dog treats, your dog should not overindulge because too many carrots can make your pup gassy, and in some cases, diarrhea.

Carrots Are Good for Your Dog

Consider Adding Green Beans to Your Dog’s Diet

Who does not like eating nutritious foods that make them feel full fast? Well, green beans are one of those foods. A small portion of the vegetables makes you remain full for long.

This is one of the best vegetables for dogs because it is low-calorie and extremely rich in minerals and vitamins. The best part is that after consuming the greens, your pup can play all day long without being extremely hungry.

Consider Adding Green Beans to Your Dog’s Diet

Your Dog Can Eat Kale Safely

You must be aware of the numerous nutritional benefits that kale possesses. These leafy vegetables are full of vitamins A, C, and K, which are too beneficial to be overlooked. These vitamins will help your dog develop a robust immune system that will help it fight any sort of inflammatory disease and improve its muscle health.

When preparing kale for your dog, ensure that you do not add any additives, and where possible, you should source for organic kale. It is important to remember that a dog has a different digestive system from a human; hence, you can make a kale puree for your hound because it will be easy to digest.

Your Dog Can Eat Kale Safely

Store Bought Mushrooms Are Okay

Many people are not excited about mushrooms because of the numerous unpleasant stories about their toxicity. Wild mushrooms are indeed deadly to humans and hounds. However, not all mushrooms are harmful. If you want you and your dog to enjoy an amazing delicacy, you should consider purchasing your mushroom from a grocery store.

It is understandable if you only eat mushrooms after adding various seasonings and sauces to enhance their taste. When you decide to feed the store-bought mushrooms to your dog, it is crucial to prepare them without any sauces or seasoning.

Store Bought Mushrooms Are Okay

Feed Parsley to Your Dog

This leafy herb that garnishes your plate is equally suitable for your dog. Parsley not only contains vitamins and antioxidants but is also a good source of carotenes and lycopene. You can add a bit of parsley to your dog’s favorite treat because its elements are excellent for ensuring that your dog’s breath remains fresh.

If your pooch has a stomach irritation, a bit of parsley can help alleviate the discomfort, leaving it happy. This is a good answer to people wondering: are vegetables good for dogs?

Feed Parsley to Your Dog

Introduce Pumpkin to Your Hound’s Diet

Do not just use pumpkins for Halloween decorations and forget about them. Pumpkin is among the best fruits and vegetables for dogs. It is an excellent fiber source for your beloved hound. Whenever your pooch is constipated, pureed pumpkin can help alleviate constipation, and in certain cases, it can help alleviate any diarrhea-related complications that your dog may be experiencing.

A tablespoon or two of the puree can help with stomach aches and indigestion. If you want your pooch to shed off a little extra weight, then pumpkin is the best vegetables for dogs for this purpose. You will note a significant difference if you replace a portion of your dog’s food with pureed pumpkin.

Introduce Pumpkin to Your Hound’s Diet

Allow Your Hound to Enjoy a Little Sweet Potato Treat

If you are looking for one of the best plants for dogs, then you should consider a sweet potato. These tasty treats come packed with all the good nutrients that will help your pooch become healthy and active.

The high fiber content of sweet potatoes makes it stand out as one of the excellent vegetables for dogs. Just as in humans, the fiber will keep food moving along the digestive tract hence protecting your pooch from constipation.

Allow Your Hound to Enjoy a Little Sweet Potato Treat

Throw in Some Zucchini

These green squashes are a great way to add vitamins, fiber, and minerals to your pet’s diet. While it isn’t mandatory, it is a great supplement that is low in calories and cholesterol. Chop up the squash into tiny pieces or steam it to avoid chocking the hound. They might know how to chew through bones but will have a hard time figuring out how to feast on zucchini.

Don’t worry about seasoning or flavoring the green squashes, as most of the extra herbs might not be appealing to the hound as they are to your pallet. You will end up spoiling the benefits of these vegetables for dogs while trying to make it more palatable.

Throw in Some Zucchini

Avoid Unhealthy Additives and Seasoning

When preparing fruits and vegetables for dogs, it is worth noting that certain additives and seasoning can cause your pooch to have low iron levels, and ultimately destroy their kidneys.

No one will judge you if you want to prepare the fruits and vegetables for dogs the same way as yours. However, this is not necessary because your pup will eat food as it is. Spices such as garlic, nutmeg, salt, cocoa powder, and onions can cause extreme damage to the digestive system of your dog.  

Even though the recommended vegetables for dogs are organic, you may be tempted to buy canned ones. When buying canned vegetables for dogs, be keen on the ingredients because some may contain spices your dog doesn’t like or is intolerant to. You can tell this by closely monitoring ingredients in the can and taking note of how the hound reacts to them for future reference.

To Wrap Up

There are several vegetables suitable for dogs in your garden or the grocery stores. Once you identify what works for your pup, it is best to ensure that your hound consumes a reasonable amount, because eating in excess can cause more damage than good. You should not use vegetables as a replacement for the natural dog diet. Remember that canines, unlike we humans, derive most of their nutrition from meat-based diets. Don’t deny it this by turning it vegan with staunch vegetables for dogs diet.

As a dog owner, you certainly want your hound to have a comfortable and healthy life. Therefore, it would help if you were inquisitive about your dog’s diet. Typical questions may include, can dogs eat strawberries? Will the berries cause them harm? While these questions are valid, it is essential to consult your vet before introducing your dog to any different diet. Remember that the nutritional needs vary from one pooch to another.


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