BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen – Review

BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat FenceIf you’re looking for a unique metal playpen for your dogs that doesn’t just look like an improperly assembled crate, this pen has you covered quite well. It’s unique design and high-quality construction makes it optimal for a lot of our canine companions, particularly those who aren’t part kangaroo.

Playpen Highlights

  • Solid Construction- The pen itself is made of steel wire of a considerable gauge attached to ½” steel tubing, making it quite sturdy and a great choice for dogs who like to chew on things. The black coating is weather resistant as well, so as long as you don’t underestimate your dog’s strength it should be able to last for a long time.
  • Modular Assembly- The pen can be configured in a number of different ways to fit in different areas of your yard. You won’t be stuck with just one square configuration. Want it to reach around a corner? Done. Make it smaller? Easy. It’s a rather nifty feature and only limited by your creativity.
  • Flat Base- While it doesn’t come with an anchoring system, the base of the playpen is flat which will allow it to keep surprisingly strong dogs from moving it around all willy-nilly.
  • Tool-Free Setup- No tools needed to set up this playpen. The door comes pre-assembled, and pretty much anyone can handle the rest of the setup with a startling amount of ease.

One of the Best Around

BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat FenceIn addition to its rather attractive aesthetic, this playpen boasts a surprising enclosed area of about twenty-eight square feet when it’s assembled with all of the panels. This allows plenty of room for your dog to run and play, and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to leave your dog in it without them feeling cramped.

The fence of this playpen only comes in at forty inches, however, so you’ll want to make sure that your dog isn’t much of a leaper. It’s also not really suitable for truly large dogs, anything over fifty pounds or so may be able to bowl it over with some effort.

It’s great for medium-sized dogs, though, and they’re sure to love having the extra room to run around. Once you’ve assembled it, the door functions quite easily and has an easy-to-use latch which makes it no hassle at all.

The modular assembly of this canine playpen is what makes it truly unique, however. You can alter the shape quite easily, so long as all you require are ninety-degree corners. It’s a standout feature that you just won’t find anywhere else and while it may not seem like much you’re sure to find some imaginative uses for it.

Product Conclusion

If you have a medium sized dog or several small ones, you may have just found the perfect playpen for when you have to leave them unattended but don’t want them getting in trouble. It’s attractive, unique, and amazingly useful for those dogs it suits. If you possess one of these canines, you should definitely consider adding this playpen to your home.


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