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Esk Collection 45″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen – Review

ESK COLLECTION Blue 45" Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen KennelIf you’re looking for an indoor playpen, you might just fall in love with this offering from ESK Collection. It’s perfectly suited for smaller dogs, especially older ones who aren’t prone to chewing anymore. It breathes easy and can allow you a colorful way to enclose your dog without having to worry about them getting into trouble while you’re away.

Playpen Highlights

  • Doesn’t Take Up Much Room– While offering a sizable place for your puppy or older dog to relax, it doesn’t have a huge footprint. It’s probably not suited for running your dog in circles, but it’ll work quite well as simple confinement with more room to play than a kennel.
  • Breathable Mesh– The mesh and fabric design means your dog won’t run out of fresh air while they’re enclosed even though it’s rather solid and has a good roof for those dogs who are prone to jumping.
  • Different Colors– This canine playpen comes in four different colors, so you can pick the one which suits you or your dog’s personality.
  • Storage Pockets– The sides of this playpen has places to store their toys, treats, extra water, or whatever else you might need. This makes it convenient and easy to take along on trips where you still want your puppy to be able to play.

Mesh-Design and High-Quality

ESK COLLECTION Blue 45" Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen KennelThe mesh design makes for a lightweight playpen that can be easily moved by pretty much anyone. It also folds down and sets up quite easily, so if you’re not looking for something permanent this might be ideal for your use.

If your dog is a vigorous devourer of things, however, this definitely isn’t the pen you’re looking for. A determined dog will make short work of both the mesh and the fabric, which can ruin your investment and, more importantly, lead to them getting out when you don’t want them to.

If your dog is calm, however, it makes for one of the most comfortable ways to keep them confined. The entire thing is water-resistant and the flooring is engineered to lower humidity. This will help keep mildew away, and allow you to easily clean up accidents with a garden hose or other common source of water.

The zippered windows are also quite nice, allowing you easy access to your pet however you might want to. Even the roof unzips, which makes it easy to give your pet the treats or toys which might end up in the side pockets.

Product Conclusion

If you’re looking for something convenient and easy to use for a small and calm dog, you’ll be pleased with this playpen. Gnawers need not apply in this case, they’ll make short work of the flimsier material, but it’s a great way to take a dog on a trip or even just keep them out of things while you’re at work. Add in the easy set-up, and what you’re left with is a comfortable, portable playpen which is sure to please both of you.


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