IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen – Review

IRIS Plastic Pet PlaypenIt’s not always necessary for a high-quality pet playpen to be made of metal, and IRIS proves that case with this great plastic playpen. It’s modular, easy to assemble, and is the perfect thing for containing high-energy small dogs both indoors and outdoors.

Playpen Highlights

  • Durable Plastic- The entire playpen is made of durable plastic, so it’ll resist chewing from dogs as long as they’re appropriately sized for the pen. It’s sure to last for quite a while with most dogs.
  • Roof Available- If you’ve got a small dog with a big vertical, you can purchase an easily applied mesh roof for this playpen which will keep even the most determined jumper contained safely within.
  • Multiple Uses- Need to keep your canine out of the kitchen while you’re cooking? You can easily unfold the sides of this handy playpen and turn it into a “fence” of sorts.
  • Easy to Assemble- You’ll need a screwdriver to put the hinges on the door, but other than that the entire thing can be broken down and put up without the need for any tools.
  • Multiple Colors- Match your décor with one of the ten brilliant colors this playpen comes in, it might not make much of a difference for your dog but it’s sure to make it more attractive to you.

The Best Plastic Playpen

IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen RoofNot enough can be said about this playpen, apart from the fact that it’s not suitable for large dogs it comes highly recommended for puppies and small dogs. It’ll resist boisterous animals and gnawing, the plastic is high-quality, and the steel hinges ensure that the wear on the door will be pretty minimal.

It’s good for indoors or outdoors, and due to its lightweight materials, you’ll be able to easily move it wherever it may be needed for the day. It comes in both four and eight-panel variations as well, so you can pick the size and shape that will suit your needs with minimal fuss.

IRIS Plastic Pet PlaypenThe hinges and latches are made of steel, which will help to last longer than if they were made of the same material as the rest of the pen and keep your dog secure. The mesh roof will keep things shaded and cool for your dog if you use it outdoors, and also prevent your dog from jumping out which can be a problem when you have small but athletic dogs.

That said, it’s definitely not suitable for dogs with any kind of appreciable mass. The same plastic that allows you to easily move the pen will be no obstacle for a larger dog, and they may also be able to chew it to shreds. For smaller dogs, however, it’s a dream come true.

Product Conclusion

If you have small dogs or puppies, this pen has everything you could want contained in one simple, easily constructed package. You can disassemble it to use as a barrier as well, which makes it handy for keeping dogs out of areas and not just in the playpen itself. If you have small dogs around, take a close look at this pen and you’re sure to be surprised at just how durable and well thought-out the whole thing is.

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