MidWest Exercise Pen – Review

MidWest Exercise PenThe MidWest Exercise Pen is a simple, no frills playpen for large dogs. While it may not be the most attractive product on the market, it’s well designed and secure enough for almost any canine. You’ll find that it holds up well no matter what and can be a boon for keeping your large dog confined without having to resort to a kennel.

Playpen Highlights

  • Huge Area- The panels can be unfolded to provide up to sixteen square feet of area for your dog to play in, giving your dog plenty of room to run and roll.
  • Ground Anchoring System- The playpen comes with stakes so that you can keep your pen anchored and secure against even a heavier dog’s boisterousness. Great for when you want to semi-permanently put it somewhere in your yard.
  • Double Latched Door- The door has double latches, which should keep things secure even from the craftiest of canines while you’re not paying direct attention to them.
  • Easy Setup- Just unfold the playpen and you’re good to go. No tools required.
  • Roof Accessory Available- If your dog is a strong jumper, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a roof available for this dog playpen. It’s made entirely of the same, strong wire material as the rest of the cage and adds an additional level of security.

Great for Large Dogs

MidWest Exercise PenIt can be hard to find a playpen for larger dogs, particularly of the more athletic-type. Some dog breeds are hard to contain with even fences let alone the lesser height you often receive with a playpen. The MidWest exercise pen will be able to withstand all but the most determined assaults from large dogs, and with the roof, even the bounciest dog can be left to play without worrying about them getting out.

Security is a special concern for larger dogs, as they are getting out can cause some people to panic and they can do quite a bit of damage if not properly socialized. With this playpen, you can virtually eliminate those concerns while keeping your dog happy with a good bit of space to frolic in.

The coating on this pen makes it quite weather-resistant as well as durable, and it probably works best as a semi-permanent addition to one part of your yard. It also folds up for easy storage if you need to take it down for some reason, making it quite handy if you’re only using it for part of the year.

Product Conclusion

If you have a large dog, this is one of the best playpens you’ll be able to find. Its aesthetic is strictly utilitarian, but the durability and stoutness of it will make you a believer in short order. It’s easy to assemble, and once it’s properly anchored you’ll have a stout, large play area for your dog to be confined in, add on the roof and you can rest assured that even the craftiest, most athletic canine will remain where they need to be. If you have a large dog, and you’re looking for a playpen, we invite you to take a closer look at this great option.

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