Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen – Review

Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen Large Metal Wire Folding Exercise Yard FenceIf you’re looking for an outdoor enclosure for puppies or smaller dogs, this wire playpen from Oxgord might just be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s not exactly tough enough for larger dogs, but it makes a fantastic outdoor enclosure for animals which won’t be able to bowl it over.

Playpen Highlights

  • Coated Metal Construction- While it’s not really meant for particularly large and burly dogs, this playpen is still made of high-quality steel with a weather-resistant coating that will keep it functioning well for a long time to come.
  • Large Area- The octagon created by this playpen when assembled is a full sixty-four inches across, giving plenty of space to larger dogs.
  • Ground Anchors- The playpen comes with ground anchors to help keep your playpen in place wherever you may put it.
  • Easily Stored- The entire wire playpen easily folds down to allow for flat storage in the most convenient manner possible.
  • Easy Assembly- The playpen is quite easy to assemble, requiring no tools. You’ll have it up in a jiff.

A Great Backyard Solution

This playpen makes a great backdoor solution for smaller dogs and puppies. Keep in mind it’s not reinforced to the standards you’ll need for larger pets, but it’s perfectly suitable for those small canines which have wormed their ways into our hearts.

Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen Large Metal Wire Folding Exercise Yard FenceThe main draw here is the price, for what you get this playpen is cheap. It’s not bad quality, after all, you’ll just have to be careful what type of dog you decide to stick in it. As long as your dog is smaller and not much of a jumper, you’re both going to be happy with this playpen.

You can purchase a taller height, but this might not be advisable for a heavier dog since they’ll be able to push off higher on the pen and might cause it to tip over if it’s not properly secured. It also doesn’t add any extra area to the footprint, it’ll just be taller and a bit more unstable.

It’s easily stored, and sure to last a long time, though. The coating will help to keep damage from gnawing to levels that are only cosmetic, and it’ll keep well if you leave it set up year round in your yard. That alone makes it worth taking a look at for those who want a playpen for their small dogs or puppies.

Product Conclusion

It’s not the biggest, or the burliest pen around but it’s great for small dogs and puppies if you want an outdoor enclosure to keep them in. The price makes it a minimal investment for the amount of value you’ll get, and if you think it’ll suit your needs it’s definitely worth a try.


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