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9 Ways to Get Your Dog More Exercise

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adorable white shepherd dog ready to train in the gymAll pet lovers want the very best for their companions. That’s why they rarely hold back when getting a good diet, paying for a vet, and even getting the best sleeping location for their beloved pet. While these activities cost money, there is something else you can do to better your dog’s life that won’t cost you a cent; exercise. Today, we will look into why any dog will benefit from regular exercise and what type of workout you should subject your canine to.

Why Your Dog Needs Frequent Workout

Physical activity does more to a dog than just helping it burn extra calories. Regular workout will:

  • Stimulate the dog mentally making it more alert and lively
  • Reduce fat build up in the body hence lowering chances of being obese
  • Strengthen the dog’s muscles making it stronger and more functional
  • Improve the dog’s self-confidence by making it more accustomed to regular outdoor activity
  • Teach the canine good temperaments by exposing it to more real-life activities

Dogs will get restless or ever downcast if they’re not let to run around often. It is in their nature to scratch, fetch, chase, and hunt. The workout is the only way we can give our beloved pets a chance to connect with their natural self.

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

Dog so cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed fat body overweight from obesity and fatness check waist scale by soft tape measure or tapelineThere is no fixed rule on how often you should exercise your canine. Dogs are playful, and playing is the basis of working out. You should purpose to play with yours for as much as you can daily. Small dogs, puppies, and elder dogs will tire quickly while beefier and healthier breeds will need more time to stay active.

If possible, ensure that your dog runs around for a cumulative half an hour to three hours each day. Bare minimums are depending on other factors, but we believe the more active you are, the happier you will all be.

How Often Should Puppies Under Six Months Workout?

Younglings under six months spend most of their time snoozing and playing. Workout, in this age bracket, is all about chasing something and goofing around. Since they don’t need much space, you should let them free so that they can play as much as they want. Set them loose for at least 20 minutes in a day and provide them a means to play. Don’t push them once they grow tired or disinterested.

How Much and What Type of Exercise Do Senior Dogs Need?

Thirty minutes a day is ideal for your senior dog. However, if your dog has health complications, it would be best to speak to your vet to determine the daily exercise requirements. For a senior dog with health complications, 30 minutes may be too much for them to bear.

You should be cautious about the weather when your senior dog is exercising outside. Do not allow long exercising periods in humid or hot weather. Run or walk at a slow pace because it is most likely that your dog will try to keep up with you.

Indoor exercises can also work. Ensure that you have an environment that offers your dog the physical and mental stimulation that it needs. Taking your canine up and down the stairs will help loosen its joints and muscles. You can also buy some dog ramps to encourage movement around your home.

Exercise Needs for a Healthy Adult Dog

Person runs along with small white and black dogHealthy adult dogs are at the prime of their life. They are normally active, excitable, and willing to explore. Limiting their freedom will make them docile, obese, and generally weaker. Your dog’s breed will determine how much exercise it needs. Excitable breeds like Australian Shepherds or Russell Terriers need more exercise while docile breeds like pugs and bulldogs will want to sleep as much as they can.

  • Active, healthy dogs will need at least an hour of exercise in a day
  • Docile breeds can make do with 30 minutes
  • All dogs will stay docile during hot, humid hours of the day. That doesn’t mean they have worked out enough

A cumulative one hour of intense activity is enough to keep any healthy adult dog fit. After this, you can let them gather more by setting them loose to run around or interact with kids and other animals to keep their moods high.

Nine Best Workout Ideas for Your Dog

Knowing how much exercise your dog needs is one thing – giving it to him, or her is another. If you are running out of ideas, you can check out this roundup of the top workout routines you can implement to keep your favorite canine fit. Not all workouts apply to your dog. Use discretion and always match intensity and type to your dog’s comfort.

Hire a Reliable Dog Walker

Professional Dog Walker Exercising Dogs In ParkOne of the best exercises for your dog is walking. The walking time may vary based on the breed, age, or underlying health condition of the dog.

If you are busy or you do not feel like going for a walk, get a reliable dog walker to assist. Your dog is precious, and you should only trust a competent person to be a dog walker. When hiring, get a responsible person who is excellent with dogs and knows why workout is vital for dogs. Ensure that you brief the person about the amount of walk time that your dog needs each day.

You can come up with an appropriate schedule that works for both of you so that your dog goes for a walk every day. The plan may give details regarding dog pick up time, the best times to go for a walk and the duration for each walk.

Visit a Dog Park

A dog park is an excellent place for your dog. Most parks are enclosed, and this allows your dog to run around and have fun with friends. Walking on a leash is excellent for dogs; however, a high-energy run is essential for addressing the exercise needs of your dog.

Running around, socializing, and exercising with other dogs is beneficial to your dog because it reduces some of the dog’s behavioral problems.

If you want your dog to run around and get more exercise, find a large park that is less crowded. This allows it to be free and have more fun without worrying about bullies. Some dogs have perfected the art of bullying others, and an overcrowded park may give the bullies the perfect avenue.

Too Busy? A Dog Daycare Will Help

Many people with an 8 to 5 job leave their dogs locked up in the house until they come back in the evening. This solitary confinement is not good for your dog. If you won’t be home for long on repeated days and you can’t take your dog with you, always consider getting someone to take care of it.

Hiring just one person for this is expensive. The best alternative is a dog daycare that pools the services. Daycare not only puts your dog next to people but also finds it other canines it can play with. It is a good way to give it the exercise it needs while developing its social skills and boosting mood.

Install a Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is exercising equipment for dogs that will lure your dog into chasing a fast-moving enticement. These poles are fantastic for both play and exercise because it allows your dog to engage in a high-speed chase game, allowing it to experience the maximum prey movement of the toy.

Once installed, it will be a good way to teach dog coordination and impulse control. It is an exciting toy that will keep your dog engaged and on the move without forcing you to play with it actively.

Get Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are suitable for the mental stimulation of your dog. Your dog is likely to become stressed, anxious, and bored without the toy.

Most dogs like to be busy. Therefore, the toy will give your dog a reason to be active and happily move around.

Other than mental stimulation, this toy is perfect for encouraging your dog to play by itself. You cannot substitute the daily dog walks with a toy, but the toy gives your dog a reason to move and ensures that it does not become a couch potato.

Try Urban Mushing

Urban mushing is any sport that puts your dog in a harness so that it can pull you along as a pack of dogs would to a sled. In this case, you will be using a bicycle, as it is easier to set up and use in most parts of the world. This form of workout has its own risk for you and your dog. This exercise needs a lot of training, but it could be fun once you perfect it. Only try it if:

  • You have someone who can teach you how to in person
  • You have the proper safety equipment
  • Your dog is strong healthy and a big strong breed

Most dog owners opt to avoid urban mushing unless they have a history for it and have a dog breed that’s naturally good at it.

Spare Time to Play Fetch With a Ball or Any Other Exciting Toy

Border collie dog catching frisbee in jump in summerFetch is a game that most people play with their dogs. It is, however, beneficial than you may think.

The most significant benefit of the game is that it allows your dog to exercise. Your dog has an opportunity of running around and burning off excess energy.

You do not need to run around with the dog. All you need to do is to throw a ball or a toy, and the dog will run to fetch it. Therefore, if you are tired or even disabled, you can still ensure that your dog gets the exercise it needs.

Playing Frisbees

A good old Frisbees disc could be all you need to play with your dog without straining yourself. This will mostly work for dogs above one-year-old that are fit and healthy. The game involves a lot of running and jumping for the dog. You can use it to reinforce focus and bonding by giving the dog a treat each time he or she catches and brings back the disc.

The only catch is you need vast open space to enjoy the game safely.

Take Your Dog Swimming

Dog wearing orange life vest swims in the poolSince no dog will start making precise laps around the pool, chances are your swim will end up in fun, splashing around and joyful playing. This is also good for your pet’s moods and well-being.

  • Get a ball and turn your pool session into a game
  • Splash about and give the dog a reason to chase you around
  • Ensure that the water is warm enough to avoid discouraging him or her

Water is supportive, making it a good workout for dogs with joints or limb problems. Just remember not to be too pushy, especially if your canine dislikes swimming.

Bottom Line

Exercising helps your dog to remain healthy and reduce some behavioral issues. Find an exercise that will be best for your dog and ensure your dog does the activity consistently. If you do not have the time to exercise with your dog, find a dog walker or doggy daycare to help with this if you do not have the time to take care of it on your own.

Either way, remember to dedicate time to playing and bonding with your canine. Workout not only keeps the dog fit but also gives you a chance to recognize you as the pack leader. The constant interaction you have when playing will create an unbreakable bond that you will live to cherish.

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