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Pet Edge Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool Review

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If you’re looking for a high-quality dog pool that you can fold up and put away when the warm season is over, you’re definitely looking at the right one. This product from Pet Edge is simply amazing, and it’s sure to last for quite some time. Even better, you can fold it up and put it away when it’s no longer in use, making storage easy and convenient.


  • Easy Storage- Since it folds up, this pool is easy to store when not in use. You’ll find that it doesn’t really take up much room at all when you collapse it down.
  • High-quality PVC- The side panels and bottom are made of tough PVC, which is sure to be able to resist both the water and some light to moderate chewing.
  • Enormous- The pool is 11.8” deep, and an impressive 63” in diameter, so it’s sure to be able to fit any single dog and more likely to hold an entire gaggle of smaller canines.
  • Easy to Use Drain- The drain at the bottom is easy to use, so you won’t have to bail out water or get a couple friends to help you flip it out onto the lawn.

Keep Your Dogs Cool at a Bargain Price

When you’re looking at dog pools, the first thing you should always ask yourself is if they’re structurally sound. After all, a dog pool with a leak isn’t much of a pool at all, and it’ll not only lead to disappointment for you and your mutt, but also be a complete waste of money.

Fortunately, this dog pool from Pet Edge meets that requirement in spades, despite being lightweight and foldable. You’ll quickly find that it holds together quite well, and while it might not be suitable for truly enormous canines despite its size. If you’re careful about the size of the dogs you stick in it, you’re sure to have a long lasting pool.

Having a drain is also a massive bonus, especially for a larger pool. Most people wouldn’t be able to just flip something this size to drain it, and that would entail you having to bail out the water carefully. Unfortunately, you can’t stick a hose to this drain, so if you’re being water conscious you may still end up having to use a bucket to get it to your garden.

Some people have reported minor leaking problems with this pool, but it doesn’t seem to be that common and a bit of silicon should be able to make sure that it maintains its water storage capabilities even when it’s been repeatedly folded and unfolded.

The high-quality PVC construction of this pool means that it should be able to withstand some small amount of gnawing, although heavy chewers are obviously going to need something with a different construction material. The bottom should also be able to withstand some light digging action, but if your dog is highly-destructive this isn’t the pool you’ll want to make an investment in.


This is one of the best folding dog pools on the market. As long as you have a medium sized or smaller dog that isn’t prone to tearing things apart, you should be good to go. The return policy seems to be pretty good as well, so if you get one of the rare ones that doesn’t hold up right, you might be able to get it replaced although even someone with non-existent DIY skills should be able to patch it up permanently within minutes. If you need something that’ll save on space and keep your dog cool in a hotter climate, though, take a closer look at this great pool.

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