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Starplay Apple Shaped Pool Review

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The main advantage of this pool is that it’s cute. It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t really compare to other offerings from this normally great company. If you’ve got smaller dogs, and you’re mainly concerned with having a pleasing aesthetic design for your dog’s pool, this may be a viable option, however.


  • Unique Design- The pool is shaped like an apple, and it’s kind of cute in that respect. It also bends like an apple to allow you to empty it, since it lacks a proper drain.
  • High-Quality Plastic- This pool is made of the same material as a truck bed liner, so it should hold up to most dogs’ paws and jumps.
  • Fun Sized- This pool only holds 38 of water, so it’ll store easy and allow you to keep it out of the way in the parts of the year where you won’t need it.

Worth it for the Aesthetic

Unfortunately, this pool doesn’t really do anything special and it’s quite small. For those of us with smaller dogs and an affectation for cute things, it may be worth the price of entry, though. It’s also small enough to be easily stored, but if you have a medium or large dog, steer clear of this dog pool.

Unfortunately, while the material is high-quality, it’s also rather thin. The fact that it flexes “like an apple” so you can drain it should give you some indication of just how thin the material is.

All of that aside, the unique aesthetic of it makes it a great fixture in the yard and the material isn’t going to be chewed through easily by any but the most determined dog. It’s solid enough for smaller dogs, and since it’s only about 26” at its longest point, larger dogs are more likely to use it as an oversized water dish than as a pool.

It’s not really a bad dog pool, but with the number of higher-quality options available, the only real draw it has is the paw-like design. For a tenth of the cost you could easily buy a kiddy pool that may only last for a season or two, won’t be as pretty, but will definitely be much lighter on your budget and suitable for a wider variety of canines.

Small dogs will love it, though, especially if they’re exposed to the summer heat. Some people have even discussed landscaping around it, in order to make it a fixture in their yard which certainly isn’t a bad idea since the material is UV-resistant and the white color should keep it from warping too much as time goes on.

Anyone with a dog much bigger than fifteen pounds or so, or who care more about pragmatism than cuteness will probably be steering clear of this particular pool.


If you’re looking for a cute pool for a small dog or two, you could do a lot worse than this one. It’s particularly well suited for mildly destructive small dogs like terriers, who will be able to chew on it and try to dig a hole in the bottom to no avail. If the aesthetic of your pool is your primary consideration, and you only have one or two small dogs, you might want to take a closer look at this dog pool, but for anyone else there are much better options available.

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